White Birch Lakes Recreational Association

Proposed Board Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2009


I. Call to Order: President Bryant called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m. other Board Members present, Director Perkins, Director McNeil, Director Nalepa, Director Dombrowski, Director Briggs, absent due to illness, Director Bridges, also present Elaine Carrasco, Secretary.


a. Invocation: Director McNeil led the membership in prayer.

b. Pledge of Allegiance led by President Steve Bryant.


II. Additions to the Agenda: Director Perkins adds under new business Lots #131 and #137 and the gate. Director McNeil adds under new business, Board Salary and Office Supplies. Director Briggs adds under old business, boats on common grounds and under new business, collection companies. Director Dombrowski adds under old business, White Birch owned “White Truck.”


III. Approval of the Minutes: Director Perkins moves to approve the November Minutes, support by Director Dombrowski, all in favor, motion carried.


IV. Income StatementTreasurer’s Report: Elaine Carrasco reports total income for November at $13,612.98, expenses totaled $18,244.46. Total of both restricted and unrestricted funds was $187,655.37. Director Perkins moves to accept the Treasurer’s Report, 2nd by Director Nalepa, all in favor, carried.

(payables approval) Director Perkins moves to approve the December payables, 2nd by Director McNeil, motion carried.


V. President’s Report: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. In November we had our third quarter financial review and I am pleased to announce that we are right on schedule, right at 73% of our proposed expenditures for this fiscal year. We are also approximately half way to our goal in accumulative reserves, as recommended by our auditors. We are well ahead of where we were two years ago, thanks to the board action that has taken place over the past two years.


VI. Supervisor’s Report: Dawn explains the barrels at the entrance are for salting the entrance not for garbage and that we have received proxy cards for the gate for membership to purchase.


VII. Committee Reports: Director Perkins reports for EPC. We had apps for 2 tree removals, letters sent to lot #137 to have their trailer removed from property and a second certified letter was sent to Lot #131 for removal of their trailer, also. Campground Committee: Fred Witchell requests video taping signs be posted in the campground. Requests that the pavilion picnic tables be refinished and requests new fire rings and a few new picnic tables, and a volleyball. We will be improving campsites in the spring and the first Campground Committee will meet at the clubhouse April 10, 2010 at 9 a.m. Activities Committee: Deb Gerish reports on the blood drive, we served lunch, and we may have another blood drive in the summer. The tree was decorated, donated decorations are appreciated and we have a mitten, scarf and hat tree. Thank you Betty Metz for the numerous handmade donations for the tree, they are beautiful! Water aerobics are still on Monday and Tuesday at 10 a.m. come join us. Superbowl potluck and Chili Cookoff planned for Sunday February 7th; sign up sheet for cookoff and football squares. Deb presents a gift to the board paid for by fund raising activities of this committee. (Three new flags) We could use new activity members. Christmas party at 3:30 on December 19th, potluck at 5 p.m. Ham, rolls and beverages will be provided by WBLRA. Dorothy Nalepa won the beautiful handmade quilt rack crafted by Herbert Breen and the lap quilt handmade by Georgia Romine. Financial Committee: Director Nalepa reports they reviewed the third quarter budget, reviewed the wish list by Dawn and Doug. The plan is to report to the board, with recommendations by the January meeting for the 201011 budgets. ByLaws Committee: Chuck Lutz reports they will be submitting the first 6 pages of recommended changes to the board soon. Security: President Bryant reports on the

neighborhood watch, we will be putting up signs. Members are encouraged to report anything suspicious. He asks for a volunteer to chair the neighborhood watch committee.


VIII. Comments From the Floor: Available at the clubhouse. Director McNeil moves to strike “Mistakes weremade in the use of this account by the Board President at the time” a 2nd by Director Nalepa, roll call results: Director Nalepa, aye, Director McNeil, aye, Director Dombrowski, nay, Director Perkins, nay,

Director Briggs, nay, motion fails. Director Perkins moves to amend that sentence to read the year of 1998, second by Director Dombrowski. Director Perkins rescinds motion. Director Dombrowski moves to strike Board President from the sentence, support by Director Nalepa, and results of the roll call: Director Nalepa, aye, Director McNeil, aye, Director Dombrowski, aye, Director Perkins, nay, Director Bryant, nay and Director Briggs, nay, motion fails.


IX. Old Business: Director Briggs moves that all boats on the ground, or unpaid in storage racks be removed by 5/1/2010. After that date they will be considered abandoned. We will take boats to storage, to be disposed of on 6/1/2010. any boats claimed after 5/1/2010 to be charged $25. After 5/1/2010 we will build a storage rack at Holiday Lake. No more boats are to be left on the ground including boats at Angel Beach. All boats in racks need to belong to members in good standing and current sticker on boat and boat rack storage fees paid. We cannot do extra snow removal for boat removal, support by Director Perkins, all in favor, carried. White Truck: Director Perkins moves to allocate up to $1,500.00 to repair white truck, 2nd by Director McNeil, all in favor, carried. Realtor bids: Director Perkins moves to instruct the supervisor to send written invitations to all area realtors, time sensitive and sealed, not faxed, process to be completed the Friday before the next meeting (January 8th), second by Director Dombrowski, all in favor, carried. Director Dombrowski moves to continue on a monthly basis with White Birch Realty until bids are returned and reviewed, support by Director Nalepa, all in favor, carried.


X. New Business: Director Perkins moves to change meeting to 3rd weekend in February, second by Director Nalepa, all in favor, carried. Director Perkins moves to change Board Meeting times for January, February and March to 11 a.m., 2nd by Director McNeil, all in favor, carried. Legal matters: Director Nalepa moves to go into closed session about legal matters after conducting business, 2nd by Director Dombrowski, all in favor, carried. Director Perkins moves to fine Lot #131 a fee of $375, if this camper has not been moved by December 22, 2009, per established procedure, 2nd by Director Nalepa. A nay by Director Briggs, all else ayes, motion carried. Director Perkins moves to remove popup camper from Lot #137, withdrawn. Director Perkins moves to keep gates open when roads and

weather conditions dictate, 2nd by Director McNeil, Director Briggs, nay, all other ayes, motion carried. Office Supplies: Director McNeil moves to implement a recycling ink cartridge program for White Birch Lakes, support by Director Nalepa, all in favor, carried. Collection Company: Director Briggs moves to get

bids on collection companies in the state of Michigan for back assessments, support by Director Dombrowski, all in favor, carried.

Executive Session: Director Nalepa moves that all board members be informed of all Legal Matters, second by Director Dombrowski, all in favor, carried.


XI. Comments from the Floor: Available at the clubhouse.


XII. Adjournment: Director Perkins moves to adjourn, second by Director

Dombrowski, all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 1:18 P.M.


Submitted by,

Elaine CarrascoSecretary