December 13, 2008 Meeting Minutes




††††††††††† President Steve Bryant called the meeting to order at 12:02 p.m. Board members present were President Steve Bryant, 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, 2nd Vice PresidentBrian Kozlowski,DirectorAl Isaac, Director Sharon Bridges,Director Brian Heiden and Director Linda McNeil.Also present were General Manager Gail White and Secretary Elaine Carrasco.

  • Invocation led by Al Isaac
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by President Steve Bryant


(1)2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski makes a Point of Order to the 1st Vice President Marty Perkins. Long standing past practice in precedent that in order for a member to be a part of this Board and have a vote, they have to be current in assessments on all properties that they own. I was informed earlier this week and I investigated it and I found that currently our President is in arrears for the last two payments to the association for assessments. It is unclear exactly as to how much money is owed, somewhere between 14 and 15 hundred dollars, not sure exactly. Some of the records are not as accurate as they could have been. I ask the 1st Vice President to address this issue.

1st Vice President Marty Perkins: Standard practice is that you are not a member not in good standing until you are a year behind. I recognize that until June 1st the President is not behind.

2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski: So according to the 1st Vice Chair there is no arrearage for a year? 1st Vice President Marty Perkins: That is what I am saying. 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski: Based upon whatÖ 1st Vice President Marty Perkins: Based upon a members list, a list dated November 15th. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski, I donít understand the correlation here. 1st Vice President Marty Perkins: I received a members list of the dealings of payments of this association dated November 15th, I broke it down, to describe exactly how everybody has paid. This list is to let us know how we are sitting.2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski: So you created this list? 1st Vice President Marty Perkins: I did not create this list this is a list from the office of this association. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski: So my understanding is that based on your assessment of how people pay, nobody is in arrears until they are one year behind? 1st Vice President Perkins: That has been the policy of this association. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski: I beg to differ with you, that has not been the policyÖ1st Vice President Perkins: What is your point of order?2nd Vice President Kozlowski: The point of order is we are violating the bylaws and the C&Rís by having a board of director that does not comply with the standards established within the bylaws for membership of this board. It is not what other memberís do it is what is required to sit on this board. President Steve Bryant: The board is different then the general membership? 2nd Vice President Kozlowski: Yes it is.President Bryant: I will give the treasurer a credit card to run right now if it so pleases you. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski: No, that is not the point here. 1st Vice President Perkins: I went through this list and your name was also on here as being behind in quarterly payments. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski: Really, what lot number was that? 1st Vice President Perkins: I would have to look it up. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski: Lot#687, #688 and #689 are the lots I own. 1st Vice President Perkins: When was the last payment due? OK, #689 Kathleen Kozlowski, says you owe $99. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski, ask the secretary, I paid that. Director Isaac, if the point of order has been ruled on can we continue? 2nd Vice President Kozlowski: I would like to clear up the matter that I made the point of order on about the arrearages. President Bryant: Is this all being done so we canít get down to business. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski: No, if that were the case we would have started at 10 oíclock this morning. I was just wondering if you were going to allow him to make another false accusation without following through on it. 1st Vice President Perkins: I said as of November 15th. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski: so as of November 15th I was not in arrears, is that correct? 2nd Vice President Perkins: That is correct, my mistake Brian.



††††††††††† 1st Vice President Marty Perkins adds to the agenda to go into closed session after the income statement, the treasurerís report.Much discussion as to whether or not a closed session is necessary.(2) 1st Vice President Marty Perkins motions to go into executive session to deal with employee and budget cuts. Call of the vote: Director McNeil aye; Director Bridges, nay; 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, aye; 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski, nay; Director Heiden, aye; Director Al Isaac, nay; President Steve Bryant, aye. Motions carried.



††††††††††† (3)Motion to approve the minutes by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, second

by Director Linda McNeil. All in favor, motion carried.



††††††††††† The treasurer reports income for the month of November at $7,031.01, expenses of $36,464.01, and cash on hand on November 30th at $96,882.56.



††††††††††† (4) 1st Vice President Marty Perkins motions to accept the 2008-2009 budget cuts as follows:

††††††††††† 1. Eliminate Bus Stop attendant, utilize volunteers. Saving $600.00

††††††††††† 2. Cut this yearís bonus. Savings $4,375.00.

††††††††††† 3. Eliminate health insurance to Head of Maintenance. Increase pay $800.00 per month. Cost=approx. $1600.00/Savings=$1900.00 Next year approx. Cost=$9,600.00/Savings $11,400.00†††††††

††††††††††† 4.(a) Eliminate the full-time Management position. Full cost savings of $25,000.00 will be realized during the last eight months of the 2009-2010 fiscal year and every year thereafter.

††††††††††† (b) Hire a part-time General Supervisor at salary of $19k for 28 hour work week. (two week vacation, no other benefits) in March or April.

††††††††††† (c.) For the executive committee to interview applicants and bring the best 3 prospects for the General Supervisor back to the board to vote upon hiring.

5. Shut the pool down from January 2, 2009 until March 1st.

I called Water Whirl Pool & Spas for advice, Lower the water temperature to 45 degrees. Shock pool with chlorine to start.

††††††††††† 6. Place second Maintenance Employee on call for snow removal in the winter months, plus allow (2) eight hour days per week for the next 11-weeks to clean the Clubhouse and assist Head of Maintenance.

††††††††††† 7. Clubhouse closed 2 days a (Thursday and Friday). Clubhouse Attendant to answer phones on Secretary/ Treasurer days off. Close the clubhouse at 5pm and open at 9am. Special function to be monitored by a board Member. Seconded by Director Brian Heiden.


††††††††††† 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski at this time makes a point of order that this motion is improper and that we already voted on eliminating the management position, we voted it down. In order to vote on it again we would have to rescind the previous motion and that would have to be by 2/3rd vote. President Bryant; it would have to be rescinded if it was actually approved. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski; a motion is an action regardless of what the outcome is. You have to make a motion to rescind the previous motion in order to do this. This is a thinly disguised method of doing the same thing. 1st Vice President Marty Perkins; my discussion to that is the motion beforewas to eliminate a person, this motion is to eliminate a job. Director Brian Heiden; we have already rehashed this, we talked about it, itís different, we made the decision in the office already, so we need to move forward. The discussion was made, you have already given the call as President, letís move forward. Director Al Isaac; I will make one comment this is, we are elected to be on this board and many times we wonder why we do it. There are very difficult decisions, all the time based upon the association We have been hired to represent the members of the association and we need to look not into the past, but look to the future and I know we have talked on the futures committee many times of the things we would like to do in this association and there was a variety of things we would like to do. Currently we canít do any of those we exist on the assessments we currently have of $375.00. You get what you pay for, if you donít want assessments to go up there are only two options, either you greatly reduce your budget to makecash available to do some of the things the membership would like to see or else you raise the assessments. There is only one pot of money and it can only be used one time. As a board member it is difficult, you have to think about the general membership, the parks, roads our amenities, so I just want the membership to know my feelings on this is that our current situation is a subsistent situation, we will never make improvements. Two ways to make improvements are to raise more capital or to find capital within the existing budget. That is the situation we are faced with. Director Sharon Bridge; While I agree in part with the budget cuts, I donít agree totally with them. I have not been a part ofany of this information that was presented today. I have not had an opportunity to discuss it with the board as a whole, in a workshop. It looks like an agenda that is being put through, I believe that we are affecting peopleís lives, I think there are other things we can do with this, so we donít have to adopt it in whole.

††††††††††† (5) A motion by 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski to amend the motion on the floor to eliminate items 3 and 4, a second to amend by Director Bridges. Call of the vote: Director McNeil; nay; Director Bridges, aye; 1st Vice President Perkins, nay; 2nd Vice President Kozlowski, aye; Director Heiden, nay; Director Isaac, aye; President Steve Bryant, nay; motion to amend fails.

††††††††††† 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski once again states his point of order that you are circumventing our bylaws by making this motion and calling it something else.

††††††††††† The secretary reads the original motion by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins.

Call of the roll results. Director McNeil, aye; Director Bridges with comments previously noted, nay; 1st Vice President Perkins, aye; 2nd Vice President Kozlowski, noting this is a violation of our bylaws, nay; Director Brian Heiden, noting that I donít believe it is a violation of our bylaws, aye; Director Al Isaac, aye; President Steve Bryant, aye; Motion carried.



††††††††††† (6) Motion by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins to pay the bills, seconded by Director Linda McNeil, all in favor,motion carried.



††††††††††† First bank; has been resolved, the question was,1st Vice President Marty Perkins explains what was the history on the $100,000.00 line of credit and how it had been used. When we went to find out the details, being that we were the holders of the association, we werenít able to get the information because other people were on it. That is why it was put on the agenda. It was all changed with our names on it, so we did find out what the $100,000.00 line of credit was for. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski; That is not the question put to me, the question was why we made a draw on that loan of $584. President Bryant; The answer to that question was it was renewal of the line of credit. 2nd Vice President Kozlowski; No it wasnít, we refinanced at a lower interest rate.



††††††††††† Blade truck repairs discussed, heaters for trucks discussed instead of heating the maintenance building24/7. (7) A motion by 1st Vice President for the executive committee to meet with Doug to make the proper decisions and get ratified back with the board at the next meeting, seconded by Director Al Isaac. All in favor,repairs tabled.

††††††††††† White truck; (8) A motion for discussion reasons to fix the truck for under $1000.00. Seconded by Director McNeil. Deciding that the budget at this time is too tight to pay for the repairs. (9) Motion to table white truck by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, seconded by Director Isaac. All in favor, motion carried.


††††††††††† Developmentfund:(10) 1st Vice President Marty Perkins motions to ratify the development fund being put into its own bank account which was actually a motion in 2006 and failed to do. It is in a 7 days certificate of deposit, a second by Director Heiden. All in favor, motion carried. President Bryant; The development fund is supposed to be funds that are restricted, not to be spent, so we have some reserve. It was in our general fund, giving a false impression of the amount of money in the account. Director Isaac: I can give you some history of that fund it was started at the request of the Chairman of the Futures committee, when Tim Falls hired as manager, it was supposed to be used by the board with the direction of the Futures Committee for a project type of expenditure and not for general expenditure, for improvements, docks things like that, that was the original intent. President Bryant; we will have to spend some of this or make additional major cuts in addition to what we have already today. Call the vote; All in favor, motion carried.


††††††††††† Employee compensation/Employee health care was covered in the budget cuts.

(11) A motion made by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins that any employee working on a holiday be paid time and a half, seconded by Director Linda McNeil. All in favor, motion carried. This was tabled.


††††††††††† Restitution for the gate. Director Sharon Bridges feels that the person who hit the gate should be followed up on and be responsible for the costs. (12) A motion by Director Sharon Bridges to investigate the gate damage, seconded by 1st Vice President. All in favor, motion carried.



††††††††††† Director Al Isaac reports for EPC, Dennis Karlson could not be here today and he reports four campers still on lots and we had had so far 39 and Ĺ inches of the white stuff so far.

††††††††††† Director Sharon Bridges reports for the campground committee. As of December 1st the campground was closed.The power and gas was shut off and the water drained. Anyone wanting to camp must have the power turned on and that happens through the clubhouse. Five second notice registered letters have been sent out for abandoned and disrepair, campers have been removed for salvage. He drove the roads, campers have been removed. Our roads are better then the roads outside, thanks to the maintenance crew.

††††††††††† Activities committee Debbie Gerish reports we need to finish decorating the little tree outside. Also the tree lights at the gate house need to be turned on. Debbie thanks everyone who participated, and we have a SuperBowl Party coming up and we are planning a football square, chili cook off, we will have more information shortly. We have a mitten tree, and food pantry, and toys for tots. Our Christmas Party is today at 5 PM everyone is invited, Santa will be here at6 p.m. The clubhouse will supply a ham and everyone will bring a dish to pass.

Security, Bobby Pelfrey, I would like the people to slow down in here. Somebody lost control and went through Bill and Elaineís front yard and nearly took out there porch.



††††††††††† Comments from the floor are available at the office.


ADJOURNMENT: (13) 1st Vice President Marty Perkins motions to adjourn, seconded by Director Brian Heiden, all in favor, motion carried. Adjournment at 3:01 pm.

To the membership: At times, due to various conditions, what I can get from the tapes may not be complete and I apologize for this, I type what I am able to decipher.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elaine Carrasco