Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of December 14, 2002



President Todd Graham called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  Present were 1st  Vice President Tom Dorcey, 2nd Vice President Marv Richardson, Directors Bob Adair, Chuck Bailey, Larry Franklin and Scott Hayer and Manager Tim Fall.  The meeting opened with a salute to the flag and a prayer.



Tom Dorcey moved to approve the November minutes as written.  Seconded by Marv Richardson.  Motion carried



For the month of November the Treasurer reported income of  $18,378.79 and expenses of $33,936.27.  Cash on Hand at November 30, 2002 was $83,063.36.  Marv Richardson moved to accept the Treasurer's Report.  Seconded by Larry Franklin.  Motion carried.



The President reported that he had conducted a partial phone poll to discuss the possibility of adding new office space. 

Since the poll was not completed, it will be discussed at the January Board Meeting.  An update on the web site - after publishing the Birch Bark on the website the number of registered members has increased from 99 to 144.



The Manager expresses appreciation for all the Christmas cards.



The President announced that the Future Planning Commission Chairman, Bob Vonderheid, has decided to resign because of other increased responsibilities.  Appointment of a new Chairman will be addressed at a future date.



Ron Tagg, Lot 246, reported that approvals included 1 contiguous lot status, 1 shed approval, l garage and tree removal at 4 residences.  He advised that he is submitting his resignation as Chairman but that he will stay on until a new Chairman is appointed.  He commented that with the increase in growth and the small committee of helpers available, it is difficult to keep up with the required responsibilities of the committee.  He offered suggestions concerning the possibility of re-assigning some of the responsibilities.



Fred Witchell reported that camper storage areas are completely filled.  As for the level of the lakes they have dropped more than had been anticipated due to the low water level.  Holiday Lake is especially low.



The Manager announced that his resignation is effective January 31, 2003 as he is taking an executive pastor's position with a local church.  He stated his appreciation to the Association and to the Board of Directors for their ongoing communications with him during his tenure at White Birch.

We are still struggling with Consumers Energy to get the voltage problem and a new supply into the entrance. Over the past year we have discussed Holiday Lake property lines as well as property lines north of White Birch Lake.  We now have initial paper work that will be discussed in the near future.  It appears that we can offer adjacent property owners a license agreement that would allow them to pay annual dues with a restricted use of the lake.  We need to protect the lake from adverse possession since some of the non-owners proceeded to use the lake without restriction.  It appears that this option gives us: 1) contributions to our support in the association like stocking the lakes while they would have access to non of the amenities other than the lake and 2) that annual license totally eliminates the possibility of adverse possession.  Non-purchase of a license would eliminate any use of the lake.  We need to get the fiscal 2003-2004 proposed budget into the hands of the members so that the budget can be reviewed and revised if necessary before approval in January. Marv Richardson moved that with regret the Board accept Tim Fall's resignation and that a copy of his resignation be placed on file in the White Birch office.  Seconded by Bob Adair.  Motion carried.



Payables were reviewed.  Marv Richardson moved to pay the payables.  Seconded by Bob Adair.  Motion carried.  The manager noted there was no propane heating bill because of the installation of a donated coal stove, a very generous donation, at the maintenance building.



Marv Richardson has developed a letter to the Clare County Board of Commissioners regarding a 'No Passing' sign and a passing lane along with an attached petition for signatures.  However due to sign changes the letter and petition will be rewritten.



Joe Romine, Lot 542, suggested that sites be tagged so that at a glance anyone can tell if there has been approval for any development or construction.  He also suggested that all construction require a certified plot plan and that there should be no construction until that plan is approved.

Fred Witchell, Lot 648, asked if there was a budget set aside for campground.  He was advised there is an amount budgeted for campground.

Ron Tagg, Lot 246, stated that he felt that members should vote on any proposed major expenses.



Bob Adair made a motion that the proposed 2003-2004 fiscal year budget be published in the Birch Bark for the members review.   Seconded by Tom Dorcey.  Motion carried. 

Marv Richardson moved that a search committee be created to recruit applicants for the manager's position.  Tom Dorcey seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Tom Dorcey made a motion to create a 7 member search committee, 3 board members and 4 non board members.  Seconded by Marv Richardson.  Motion carried with one no vote.  Merle Harmon, Lot 29, stressed the importance of appointing to the committee only those members who have expertise in the hiring processes.  Tom Dorcey made a motion that today the president appoint 3 boards members to be on the search committee.  Motion was seconded and carried.  The president appointed Bob Adair, Scott Hayer and Marv Richardson to spearhead the committee.  Much discussion followed.



Tom Dorcey made the motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Bob Adair.  Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted

Priscilla Moore