Board Meeting Minutes


Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of December 8, 2001



President Gail White called the meeting to order at 9 AM.  Present were 1st Vice President Tom Dorcey, 2nd Vice President Todd Graham, Directors Marv Richardson, Don Kuester, Bob Adair and Manager Tim Fall.



Marv Richardson moved to approve the November minutes.  Seconded by Don Kuester.  Motion carried.



For the month of November the Treasurer reported income of $11,987.33 and expenses of $25,733.49.  Cash Balance at the end of November was $74,644.97.  Tom Dorcey moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Seconded by Marv Richardson.  Motion carried.



Payables were reviewed and discussed.  Don Kuester moved to approve payment of bills. Seconded by Marv Richardson.  Motion carried.



In response to comments and because of an ongoing discussion regarding the positive and negative impact of residential and non-residential owners within the White Birch community, a study has been done analyzing the cost to homeowners should there be no non-residential ownership.  A preliminary study based on present residential numbers indicates a substantial increase of approximately $240.00 in the annual assessment dues to maintain the current level of service.  This information is provided in response to previous comments.



A letter has been received from Joslins, Lots 167,168,169, stating their opposition to allowing burning in White Birch.



FUTURE PLANNING COMMITTEE – Tim Fall reported that there have been 5 or 6 persons come forward to volunteer to work the future planning.  The first meeting of the group is scheduled for January 12th following the Board of Directors Meeting.  Other volunteers that would like to serve on the future planning committee please call the WBL office.

Fred Witchell states the Committee is getting pretty well organized and after the January 2002 meeting they will begin working on the year’s projects.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL COMMITTEE – Chick Witchell reported approval of tree removal at 1300-1301to clean up the site, a new driveway at Lot 512, and approval of contiguous status at Lots 682-683 and Lots 939-940 where new homes exist or are being built.  Presently there are 4 camping units left on lots and letters will be sent to the owners advising those units will be removed.  Many letters citing violations have been sent to lot owners. Response has been good and owners are willing to cooperate.



Manager Tim Fall reported that there have been many phone calls in response to the ECC violation letters and also many calls from lot owners reporting violations which need to be addressed.  He expresses appreciation for members policing themselves. Members should be aware that the violations are issued in response to protecting the rights of campers as spelled out in the court order permitting camping in White Birch.

Tim read, in part, an email sent from a lot owner protesting the increase in the cost of annual assessment dues over the last 9 years.  The owner’s view was that there has been no justification for the increase.  Tim explained several factors affecting the increase:   Item 1 - dues have been increased only as set forth in the 10 year plan and questions should have been addressed to the Board at the time the plan was reviewed;  Item 2 – 3 years ago the Assoc. was $135,000 in debt, the clubhouse was in need of a new roof and other repairs; 3. - we own a road grader whose engine is in dire need of replacement, there was not an adequate vehicle for sanding and grading the roads and the list continues.  The Association was not stable financially and each year the Association was going further behind.  The Assoc. was not only borrowing money to exist, nor was there any provision of monies to maintain existing properties.  Dues have been increased not only to create financial stability but to provide budgeted funds for replacement of outdated and nearly unusable property and equipment.  He commends the Board for their sensitivity regarding the financial responsibility of keeping the Association viable. 



The proposed budget for the next fiscal year has been circulated to all members.  Line item Capital Equipment is modified to read Capital Improvements. Following an informative discussion of budget items, Tom Dorcey moved that the Proposed Budget be approved.  Seconded by Marv Richardson.  Motion carried.  Also reviewed is a copy of a cover letter to be sent to the members with the proposed amended Covenants and Restrictions.  After much discussion a motion was made by Marv Richardson  to incorporate additions and corrections and send the letter with the package in January.  Seconded by Don Kuester.  Motion carried.  Marv Richardson asked about the status of the no passing sign on Old State Road discussed at an earlier meeting.  Don Kuester submitted a resolution adopting a “No Passing Zone” which has been approved by the board.  Bob Adair inquired about the status of the stop signs at White Birch Lane and Elm.  No decision has been made at this time.



Chuck Hastings, Lot 78, voiced strong objections to placing a stop sign on southbound Elm at the corner of White Birch Lane.  He suggests a yield sign.   Further discussion provided suggestions to improve slippery corners throughout White Birch.   Fred Witchell, Lot 648, suggested the Guest Pedestal at the entrance be changed to Information and to provide more explicit directions for visitors.  Anne Hobart, Lot 454, complimented Doug Lake for the maintenance of the winter roads.  She asked who should be contacted when a member sees burning violations.  It was suggested you call the Fire Dept.  Ed Poterek, Lot 398, complimented the Manager for furnishing his informative report on the finances and fiscal condition of the Association.



President Gail White stated the importance of filling the vacant Board position.  This request is to be added to the January Agenda.  Any suggestions should be forwarded to the Manager and to the Board of Directors for review prior to the January meeting.  Bob Adair requested that the future Agendas be changed to place Approval of Payables after the Manager’s Report.  Todd Graham stated that Regulations Regarding Accessory  Buildings, when approved, did not allow for an implementation grace period.  He made the motion that the effective date be February 1, 2002.  Seconded by Marv Richardson.  Motion carried.



Motion made by Tom Dorcey to adjourn.  Seconded by Marv Richardson.  Motion carried.