Board Meeting Minutes



†Board† Meeting Minutes of December 9, 2000 as approved.



Gail White, President, called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.† Present were Pat Zakalowski, 1st

Vice President, Jay Farr, 2nd Vice President, Directors Linda Brabant, Roy Miller and Doug Bradley and Manager Tim Fall.† Director Don Kuester was excused.



Pat Zakalowski moved to accept November minutes.† Seconded by Linda Brabant.† Motion carried..



Treasurer reported income for the month of November of $11,419.93 and operating expenses of $33,045.95.† Cash balance at November 30, 2000 was $76,430.21.† Projected fiscal year end balance looks favorable.† Roy Miller moved to accept the Treasurerís Report.† Seconded by Doug Bradley.† Motion carried.



Linda Brabant moved to approve payment of payables.† Seconded by Pat Zakalowski.† Motion carried.



President commented on the status of putting guidelines together for committee members.† Past guidelines have been researched and are now in the process of being updated.



A copy of a letter from Dennis Zimmerman, Township Supervisor, has been circulated giving authorization to Clare County Sheriffís Dept to increase sheriff patrols in White Birch.




Pat Zakalowski reported a good turnout for the November birthday dinner at the Emberís† Restaurant at Mt Pleasant.† A reminder of the Christmas Party at 7:00 PM this evening and the donation of† gifts for needy local children and mittens and hats for children lacking one or both at the Farwell Schools playgrounds.† Fran Lombardo suggested having a 50-50 ticket sale and donating the proceeds to the needy.


Jay Farr circulated a letter from Martin Moore accepting the position of Campground Committee Chairman.†


Anne Hobart reported that a draft copy of the Declaration of Restrictions in its entirety has been circulated to the committee members for review.† So that the committee members will have sufficient time for review there will not be a board meeting in December.† The meetings will resume after the board meetings beginning in January 2001.


Tim Fall reported for Chick Witchell that a copy of the revised ATV and ORV rules is included in the documents for todayís meeting.† Copies are also available at the clubhouse.† Applications for new residences are received for lots 568 and 711-712.† On November 27th there was a check made on lots for trailer violations.† Another† check is scheduled for week of December†† Owners of unlicensed vehicles parked or stored outside will be asked to update the license or move those vehicles in order to be in compliance with a township ordinance.† An addendum addressing this problem was approved at the environmental meeting on November 30.


Joni Farr reported a good meeting last month.† A lot of thoughts on the† storage building,† the hours spent maintaining the road condition at the entrance and the possibility of resurfacing and the status of the purchase of the bike rack. Also discussed were ideas for recreational things at the campground, the possibility of utilizing space behind the maintenance building and a skating area.



Report of the meeting with Farwell Schools and Physical Plant Committee.† They have requested White Birch present some types of criteria such as numbers of students, miles of roads, scheduled stops and pertinent information to the School Board.† The manager is requesting input from anyone who has thoughts concerning school bus service within the Association.

The campground showers have been turned off, the water has been drained and temperature has been turned down for the winter.† Electric is off to most of the outside pedestals.† Anyone going to camp needs to advise White Birch in advance to have electricity turned on.† Boiler installation is complete and has been approved by the state inspector.† Leaky zone has been corrected.† Shelves will be installed in the maintenance room as time allows.† Salt and sand for winter road maintenance are in place.† Feedback from truck quotes is coming in.† They will be looking at one in Midland and others from counties.† Meeting with Lincoln Township Supervisor and the Drain Commissioner re the Bertha Lake spillage.† Lincoln Township has given endorsement to the Sheriff Patrol in White Birch.† A new directory of residences will be mailed out.† White Birch Bark will contain a survey re the storage building.



Fred Witchell stated that the Township is now becoming aware of the high percentage of the White Birch voters represented† in District 2.† Also impressive is the tax base represented by White Birch members.† Mike Dalka stated his comments re the possibility of a storage building as did Anna Cole. Joe Romine suggested that school bus criteria should address, at the least, the distance the student has to walk to get to a bus stop.† Ann Hobart advised that there is state criteria re how far a student walks and it would be beneficial to find out what state criteria exists.† Mo Lombardo asked White Birch to request better winter road maintenance north of Adams Road on Old State Road.†††



Review of the attached copies of the PROPOSED budget.† Be ready for a special meeting to make changes prior to the next board meeting at which time the budget is required to be adopted.†† How the proposed or approved budget will be presented to the membership. Approval was granted to attach a copy of the PROPOSED budget in the White Birch Bark.† A discussion of the possibility of a fine for not giving the first right of refusal.†



†Motion to adjourn by Roy Miller.† Seconded by Pat Zakalowski.† Motion carried.