Board Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2009



I. Call to Order: President Bryant called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. Board members present, President Bryant Director McNeil, Director Bridges, Director Nalepa, Director Perkins, Director Briggs, Director Dombrowski and Secretary, Elaine Carrasco.

a. Invocation: Director McNeil led the membership in prayer.

b. President Bryant led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.


II. Additions to the Agenda: Director Perkins adds to go into closed session before adjournment. Director Nalepa adds to the agenda: Credit Card Application, old business. Lake Allocation for study fund, old business. An exception to the payment policy, old business. Storage policy, old business. Finance committee appointment, new business. Warranty Deeds, new business, pool hours, new business. Director Bridges adds to old business, dumpsters. Director McNeil adds employee performance reviews, new business.


II. Approval of the minutes: Director Perkins moves to accept the minutes with corrections, seconded by Director Bridges, all in favor, carried.


III. Income StatementTreasurerís Report: Treasurer Elaine Carrasco reports income for the month of October at $23,515.00, total expenses at $27,822.04 and cash balance on both restricted and nonrestricted accounts at $193,141.22. Director Perkins moves to accept the income statement, second by Director Nalepa, carried.


V. Presidentís Report: President Bryant reports that we purchased a much needed new loading ramp for salt and sand, this was accomplished with a phone vote from the Directors. Also accomplished this month, the installment of a new ceiling in the maintenance building. He thanks Dave Conley for providing his BobCat. He also thanks Dan Holzer and Harry Thompson for their help. He thanks Deb Gerrish, Helen Thompson, Linda Conley and Dawn Holzer for providing a delicious lunch for the volunteers. He reports that although current yearís assessments collections are down 11.36% from last year, we had anticipated a 10% decrease in our budget, delinquent assessments are up dramatically, we have collected as of October 31st, $64,563.69, a substantial increase from years past. Also, I wanted to report that in 2008 and even 2007, at this time of year we were consistently withdrawing $25,000.00 a month from the Money Gold account, that has ceased. Total income is up $39,565.40 over last year at this time, due to collection efforts by Director Nalepa and the office personnel. We have some talent that we are utilizing on this Board, Director Nalepa is certainly one of those individuals, and the other is Director Briggs, having 30 years experience in road building. All board members have state certified recommendations as to road size, gravel requirements, etc. We need to crown our roads with the gravel, pull from the ditches, so as not to waste what we have. Be patient with us while we put the roads back into shape. It will be rough for a while, but it will get better. Weekend campers must come to the office and pay for camping in the campground, in the unlikely event that you are plugged in and do not pay, it will be invoiced to your account. Please make it easier for office personnel and register before camping.


VI. Supervisorís Report, none given.


Payables Approval: Director Perkins moves to accept the payables, second by Director McNeil, all in favor, carried.


VII. Committee Reports: Fred reports that storage is going good; a few old campers need yet to be removed. Playground equipment needs to be put away. Talks about the dumpsters in the campground. Bylaws Committee: None given. Activities Committee: Kathy Lutz reports on the Halloween Event. We need volunteers for input on future events. Remember the Blood Drive on Dec 5th from 9am to 2pm. You can call for reservations. We are talking about a CPR class in the future. Fall decorations at the entrance will be replaced with Christmas after Thanksgiving. Decorating the clubhouse for Christmas will be done on Dec 11th, 12 noon. We are looking into replacing the Nativity Scene. December 19th between 3:30 and 4:30 for our Christmas event, Santa will be here at the clubhouse and pot luck will follow at 5 pm, ham and rolls will be provided by the activities committee. Food drive, please contribute. Raffle tickets are still on sale for the handmade quilt rack and lapwarmer. Water aerobics on Monday and Tuesday between 10 and 11 a.m. We will have a hat and mitten tree in the clubhouse for the Farwell Schools. EPC: Mary Perkins reports 3 tree removal requests, 2 contiguous lot requests, 1 shed and 1 attached garage request. The committee met last Friday, we are investigating past board decisions. We will develop a fine schedule after we complete our findings. Director Dombrowski asks about blight complaints. All camping permits for members camping on their lots will expire tomorrow.


VIII. Comments on Agenda Items: Comments available at the clubhouse.


IX. Old business:


1. Shuffleboard: Director Perkins moves to rescind his previous motion to purchase shuffleboard for the clubhouse, second by Linda McNeil, all in favor, motion carried.


2. Boats (common properties): Director Nalepa moves to have the boats in storage identified with labels and to drop the $10.00 charge, second by Director Perkins. Director Perkins moves to table the boat issue until the investigation is completed, 2nd by Director McNeil. Vote results Director Nalepa, aye; Director Bridges nay; Director McNeil, nay; Director Perkins, aye; Director Bryant, aye, Director Briggs, aye, Director Dombrowski, abstain. Motion carried.


3. Electrical Escrow: Director Dombrowski moves that the parties involved in the escrow issue be allowed to speak or respond, if present at this meeting, second by Director Perkins, all in favor, carried. The investigation report uncovered that there were no monies ďmissingĒ from the electrical escrow account. Mistakes were made in the use of this account by the Board President at the time. All report documents are available in the office at the clubhouse for membership viewing. Director Perkins moves to accept the electrical escrow account report, except for the last paragraph, stating his own opinion and to have the results published on the web and in the Birch Bark (minutes), amended to strike Gail Whites name from the documents and replace with Board, 2nd by Director Nalepa. Roll call results in; Director Nalepa aye, Director McNeil, aye, Director Bridges aye, Director Perkins aye, Director Bryant nay, Director Briggs nay, Director Dombrowski, abstain. Carried


4. Credit Card: Director Nalepa moves to rescind her previous motion to apply for a credit card, second by Director Bridges. All in favor, carried.


5. Lake Allocation Study Fund: Director Nalepa motions to rescind her previous motion to allocate $250 for lake study, second by Director Perkins carried, all in favor.


6. Director Dombrowski moves to accept the camper policy, as is, second by Director Perkins, all in favor, carried.


7. Director Nalepa motion to accept one memberís payment plan as an exception to the current payment policy, second by Director McNeil, all in favor, carried.


8. Director Bridges moves to place a dumpster at the clubhouse for members visiting on the weekends who cannot put their garbage at the road when they leave, second by Director McNeil, amended to lease, for $32 annually another plastic trash container for trash disposal, at the clubhouse, available to the members on Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm. Result of vote: Director Nalepa, aye; Director McNeil, aye; Director Bridges, aye; Director Perkins, aye; Director Bryant, nay, Director Briggs, abstain, Director Dombrowski, abstain, carried.


X. New Business:


1. Director McNeil moves to accept the Lot Prices (White Birch Lake owned) submitted by our realtor White Birch Realty, second by Director Briggs, all in favor, carried.


2. Director Perkins moves to extend White Birch Realtyís contract, second by Director Briggs, ruled improper motion.


3. Director Perkins moves to extend the maintenance position through the winter, second by Director Bridges, results in; Director McNeil, nay; Director Nalepa, nay; Director Bryant, nay; Director Director Briggs, aye; Director Dombrowski, nay; Director Bridges, aye; Director Perkins, aye; motion failed.


4. WBRLA Identification Stickers; Director Perkins moves to table this issue until the workshop session, second by Director Dombrowski, all in favor, carried.


5. Director Nalepa moves to accept warranty deeds in lieu of quit claim deeds on reclaimed properties, second by Director Perkins, all in favor, carried.


6. Jane Bell deed #959; Director Briggs moves to contact Bellís lawyer and request a warranty deed, second by Director Bridges, all in favor, carried.


7. Financial Committee Appointments: Director Nalepa moves to appoint the


8. finance committee from the members that were signed up, second by Director McNeil. All in favor, carried. President Bryant appoints Director Nalepa as liaison for the financial committee.


9. Pools Hours: Director Nalepa moves to close the pool for the months of January and February 2010, second by Director McNeil, all nays, except Director Nalepa, aye, motion failed.


10. Director McNeil moves to put the pool hours on the workshop agenda, second by Director Briggs, no vote done.


11. Director McNeil moves to begin the practice of employee reviews on all employees, second by Director Briggs, all in favor, carried.


X. Closed Session: Legal issues.


1. Director Briggs moves to ratify results of the closed session, second by Director McNeil, all in favor, carried.


XI. Adjournment:


1. Director Perkins moves to adjourn, second by Director McNeil, all in favor, meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.


Submitted by,

Elaine Carrasco