Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes Of

November 13, 2004




The meeting was called to order by President Marv Richardson.  Present were 1st Vice President Brian Kozlowski, 2nd Vice President Scott Hayer, Directors, Marv Frayer, Al Isaac, Marty Perkins, Don Papesh, Manager Gail White, Treasurer Priscilla Moore, Secretary Donna Forman.  The meeting opened with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence in observance of veterans day.



Marv Richardson called for additions to agenda and since there were no additions, a motion was made by Marv Frayer and seconded by Don Papesh to accept the agenda.  Motion carried unanimously.



Marty Perkins  moved to approve the October minutes as written.  Seconded by Al Isaac.  Motion carried unanimously.



The treasurer reported that total income for the month of October was $28,219.46, expenses were $43,746.78  and the ending cash balance at October 31, was $200,135.00.  Scott Hayer moved to accept the treasurers report.  Seconded by Don Papesh.  A question was brought up by Al Isaac about the discrepancy between spending for the campground and money taken in, an explanation was given by Manager Gail White, she stated that we had done additional work at the campground this year.  Income is posted to campground, in previous years it hasn’t shown up, in this years budget we are trying to get a more accurate look, it was broken out so that at the end of this year we can take a look and say this is how much it actually cost to run the campground and give us a handle on whether we need to make adjustments on fees charged.  After some discussion on this topic a vote was taken, the motion carried unanimously to accept the treasurer’s report.



President stated that he did not have a report but he did have a presentation that he would like to give.  Bob Adair was asked to come forward.  The President stated that over the past couple of years, the Board had decided to recognize special people who had given a lot of their free time & service.  Bob was elected twice to the Board and served for three years, he was given a plaque of appreciation by President Marv Richardson.



Gail White reported that there was no correspondence to report for the month.



Manager reported that someone had called the DEQ about our salt storage, upon investigation she found that there were some things that we should change, she dealt with DEQ and on our new building with their directions we were to have an impermeable liner.  We purchased a real thick liner almost like a pool liner, they said that would be adequate, so we put it down on the floor of the new building so that we would be in compliance.  Next year we might have to go with a black top.  The Manager also stated that she is starting a budget procedure, she would like to come up with a “wish list” of things that we would like to see accomplished.  We could get some tentative prices so that when we put together the budget and select which project we would like to see done next year and it would already be a budgeted item.  The Manager stated that she had received a call from someone about soliciting that was going on, it was for a satellite dish company, she was unaware how they got in through the gates.  It brought up the question, do we allow soliciting in White Birch,  she checked and could find nothing in writing that says it is not allowed.  She would like some direction from the Board, should a sign be posted at the front gate stating that soliciting is not allowed.  President Marv Richardson stated that it was an issue to be discussed at the workshop.



Don Papesh made a motion to pay the bills.  Seconded by Marv Frayer.   Motion carried unanimously.



ACTIVITIES – Manager stated that there is a need to find someone to chair the committee. Chick Witchell is working on plans for the Christmas Party.

CAMPGROUND - Gary Cheadle reported that in the storage area there are 112 sites, 8 of which are still unspoken for, the campground has 77 sites, 7 are still open.  Priscilla is currently working on the invoices for the campground.  Invoices for the storage area have been made out and have been mailed.  There are still 4 units on their lots, there is still spaces for them.  The projected revenue from the storage is estimated to be about $5000.00.   

ENTRANCE – Manager reported that cement has been poured.  Bids were obtained from three different sources for material, the work will be done by volunteers.  The committee is discussing various ways to make the entrance look better, these will become a part of the “wish list”.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COMMITTEE - Chick Witchell reported that activity for the month of October consisted of request for 1 shed 8x10, 1 tree removal, 3 contiguous lot, the residence has gone on lot #294 bringing our total residence to 292 with 1 pending on Cedar Court.  There are 4 campers left on lots, they have been sent letters stating that they have until Nov. 20, if not removed they will be charged another years assessment.  Security will be checking the lots for articles left on them and the general condition of the lots.  Chick stated that Mary Perkins will be joining the EPC as a new member.  A question was brought up about the basement on Wolf, the Manager stated that it is still in litigation and there is nothing we can do.  President Marv Richardson commented that the committee and several Board members have met twice to review accessory building policy, he is very pleased that it seems to be progressing, the committee is reaching agreements on how the covenant should be interpreted regarding that issue.  A question was brought up about the issue of blight, the Manager stated that the judge has issued an injunctive order against the individual. 

FUTURES - Tom Crook stated that under the issue of safety and security, the fire awareness sign is out for bids, getting some designs, since there are some members within our community involved in this type of work maybe some of them could submit their ideas for this project.  Some discussion was given on the ongoing topic of Dark Skies, the committee would like to promote an awareness campaign (not a mandate).  Matt Lucas agreed to come up with an article for the White Birch Bark explaining a little about the program and the benefits from using it.  Under the topic of recreation, one of the activities discussed was freezing over the tennis court for ice skating.  Under the topic of organizational growth, Great Lakes Computer came in and did a survey there were some issues with height and elevations and they decided not to proceed with this project.  There is another provider coming in to give us a second opinion.  The next committee meeting is Tuesday, December 7th from 6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.

NOMINATING - Marty Perkins stated there was no activity.

SEEDLINGS/SAPLINGS – Joe Romine reported on the Halloween Party, it was a fantastic party with most of the credit going to Tina & Scott Hayer and Todd Graham who converted the clubhouse into a scary haunted house.  The wicked witch of the north made an appearance scaring several little kids (and some adults).  It was estimated that there was over 30 kids at the party.  He is optimistic that the Christmas Party will be as successful with rumors of a visit from Santa Claus. 

SECURITY - Fred Witchell reported that it was kind of a quiet month, there was one gate damage which occurred when two trucks came in to pick up the trailers that new houses are hauled in on, both trucks went through and the second truck took our gate out.  We found out who it was and the company was called and it was taken care of.  There were two accidents, one on Laurel and the other on Mockingbird, they involved some young people who lost control going around corners, one individual did not have a license and was using his friends car.  There were two calls of gun fire on Spruce Hill where there is adjoining private land, in years past they have used this area to sight in their guns, but because of the close proximity of the homes in this area, they have been told they can no longer do this.  Fred warned not to be surprised if you see DNR in White Birch during deer hunting season.  Two trailers were found left open, security notified the owners and took care of locking them.  The Manager wanted to clarify that discharging of fire arms is not allowed in White Birch and that the shooting is going on in the privately owned property which backs up to the property on Spruce Hill.



President reminded everyone to state their name and lot # and allow Brian Kozlowski to check the records for membership status.  Gary Cheadle, lot #1010 commented that in the future, we are going to have to get with the DNR regarding thinning out the deer herd to help prevent over population and diseased animals.  Ann Hobart, lot #454, stated that she felt this is what the group who went to Michigan State were working on.  Al Isaac responded that the information they received was more on habitat rather than on population control, but it is a topic which can be researched.  Tom Crook, lot #517,  wanted to know if the issue of the deer population was something the Board was taking care of or should the Futures Committee look into it.  President Marv Richardson suggested that maybe the group who went to Michigan State for the forestry management could get with the Futures Committee and jointly work on this topic.  Carolyn Neal, lot #1094, brought up an issue with liability regarding the school bus on White Birch property.  Marilyn Lesperance, lot #331 commented on the topic of the “wish list”  she feels that the membership should vote on projects to be done rather than leaving it up to the Board.



Bus Stop – There are bids from three different sources for building materials, a motion was made by Don Papesh to accept the bid from UBC.  Seconded by Marv Frayer.  The amount of the bid is $4501.16.  Motion carried unanimously.



Setting Assessments for upcoming budget year – Al Isaac made a motion that there not be an increase in assessments.  Seconded by Marty Perkins.  Scott Hayer asked how many years it had been since we have not had to increase our assessments to maintain the budget.  Priscilla said three years.  Motion carried unanimously.

Business Card Reference Board – Marty Perkins stated that when the idea was presented to the Board, it was his understanding that there was not going to be a charge of any kind, it was his impression that it would be a way of sharing with fellow members contractors who had done specific work and if they were good, referring them on to others by means of the reference center.  His concern is that it has become a private business.  After hearing several comments, both pro and con, President Marv Richardson decided to add this to the agenda for the work session and bring the individuals responsible for presenting the reference board to find out the intentions before making  a decision on the issue.



Al Isaac made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Marv Frayer.  Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 10:20a.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Donna Forman