Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of November 9, 2002


CALL TO ORDER President Todd Graham called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  Present were 1st  Vice President Tom Dorcey, 2nd Vice President Marv Richardson, Directors Bob Adair, Chuck Bailey, Larry Franklin and Scott Hayer and Manager Tim Fall.  The meeting opened with a salute to the flag and a prayer.



Marv Richardson moved to approve the October minutes as written.  Seconded by Bob Adair.  Motion carried.


TREASURER'S REPORT For the month of October the Treasurer reported income of  $26,309.60 and expenses of $38,709.50.  Cash on Hand at October 31, 2002 was $100,620.84.  Bob Adair moved to accept the Treasurer's Report.  Seconded by Marv Richardson.  Motion carried. 


PRESIDENT'S REPORT Updated and finalized Covenants and Restrictions have been uploaded to the website.  Another update is the members' ability to log on and update their own personal information.


COMMITTEE REPORTS Fred Witchell updated the information concerning the lakes and the camping units.  The campground is full of camping units and there is concern that, of the 33 units still on their lots only 2 have reserved space for winter storage.  The remaining units will be moved out of White Birch.  He suggested that a split rail fence be built at Timber Lake defining the property lines of White Birch Lakes in and around the boat rack.  He asked for the opinions of the Directors.  Concerning the area around Holiday Lake, he asked for suggestions to permanently preserve the property lines marked by a recent survey.   He would also like to see some way of indicating where White Birch property ends at the path to the party store.


Ron Tagg, Environmental Chairman, advised there had been approval of 2 new homes, 2 contiguous lots, a carport, 2 locations of tree removal and a driveway.  He had received complaints that party direction signs have not been properly removed after the parties are over. Barb Adair, Co-chairman of Activities Committee, remarked that a new 2003 activities calendar is posted in the lobby. She suggests an activities calendar be made as part of the newsletter.  She added that a potluck dinner with a guest speaker is being considered.


There will be a Future Planning Committee meeting today following the BOD meeting.


MANAGER'S REPORT Tim called attention to the fact that contiguous lot applications are coming in faster than anticipated and that the affect on income will have to be considered during the planning of next year's budget.  He commends the current Board members for their dedication, cooperation, more input and more sense of team especially in light of the fact that the positions are non paid volunteers.  It appears that Consumers Energy has finally conceded that the problems at the front gate are due to the fluctuations in power.  They have indicated that the wiring is inadequate and will be upgraded soon. Camping units still on lots are being monitored and action will be taken after the 2 week extension has expired.  About 90% of the sand and salt has been delivered for the coming winter.  The survey at Holiday Lake is completed and legal opinion has been sought as to how to contact the adjacent property owners regarding the unauthorized use of the property.  Liens are completed for past due association dues and statements are being prepared for current year delinquent accounts. 


ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Payables were reviewed and discussed.  The Future Development Fund Balance is $2,000.00 and will be designated in the November Income Statement.  Marv Richardson moved to pay the payables.  Seconded by Tom Dorcey.  Motion carried.


COMMENTS FROM THE FLOOR Jack Jenkin, Lot 104, asked if there would be wells used at Holiday Day to raise the water level as was done at Teal Lake.  Also he felt that the lake treatment was inadequate. Ron Tagg, Lot 246, questioned the need for signs advising people they are leaving White Birch property. Fred Witchell, Lot 648, suggested that persons on security be identified with a vest or other identification so there would not be a question as to the authority of doing their jobs. Don Kuester, Lot 656, commented regarding possibility of more detailed income accounts. Barb Adair, Lot 60, asked if there was need for concern of overtapping the water aquifers while pumping water into the lakes coupled with the increased demand for new building.



Possibility of building a fence at Timber Lake Boat Ramp was discussed as a springtime project.  Discussion followed as to marking lot lines around Holiday Lake and how this would be accomplished.  Board deferred responsibility to Manager to handle the projects.



Bob Adair made the motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Chuck Bailey.  Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted

Priscilla Moore