Board Meeting Minutes


Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of November 10, 2001



President Gail White called the meeting to order at 9 AM.   Present were 1st Vice President Tom Dorcey, 2nd Vice President Todd Graham, Directors Linda Brabant, Marv Richardson, Don Kuester and Manager Tim Fall.  Bob Adair was excused. 



Tom Dorcey moved to approve the September minutes.  Seconded by Marv Richardson. Motion carried.



For the month of October the Treasurer reported income of $14,690.70 and expenses of $31,472.51.  Cash Balance at end of October was $88,391.13.   Linda Brabant moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report.   Seconded by Tom Dorcey.  Motion carried.



Payables were reviewed and discussed.  Don Kuester moved to approve payment of bills.  Seconded by Todd Graham.  Motion carried.



It is with regret that the Board has received a letter from Linda Brabant resigning as a Member of the Board of Directors.  We all wish the best in her new venture in the State of Arizona.  Options for filling the vacancy will be addressed at a later date.






ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL COMMITTEE – Todd Graham, liaison, reported in the absence of Chairman Chick Witchell, that there are 2 new residences at lots 808 and 1299, contiguous lot status is granted to lots 950 and 951and lots 1023 and 1279 were approved for campsites with driveways.  Concerns were voiced because of the danger of accessible propane gas tanks still attached to grills on unattended lots.  Also there is the  reminder that the only items to be left are picnic tables and wood piles covered by earthtone tarps.  Many other items have been left which is in violation of the rules.  The Chairman has requested the Board address the issue of homeowners storing camping units on their lots.

FUTURE PLANNING COMMISSION – The Manager reported that he is quite enthused that several people have offered to get together with the Future Planning Commission with suggestions.



Currently the Electric Escrow Account has available about $60,000.00.  Any new residence under construction in an area which has no electric service can apply for assistance up to $1200.00.  Camping storage has gone really well and we have the most stored campers ever.  Revenue will be used to continue improving the area.  Thanks is given to Gary Cheadle for all his time and effort monitoring the storage.

Electricity is in at Teal Lake and as soon as it is hooked up we will proceed with the well and the aeration.  The past gate problems are due to fluctuations in the power and a bad phone line.  Those problems have been corrected, a new software upgrade has been installed and by the end of next week everything should be back to current status.



Draft #8 of the COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS is presented with all the corrections made at the last meeting.  Tom Dorcey had comments for which a legal opinion will be sought and requested further clarification of voting rights.  The Manager presented a preliminary ballot for review.  Discussion of an acceptable format followed.  All corrections will be incorporated and a complete package including a letter of explanation and a blank ballot will be presented at the next meeting.  Linda Brabant commends the C & R Committee for all their work and time spent working on the Amendment.



Anne Hobart, Lot 454, commended the Board for its timely review of the Amended Restrictions and stated her concurrence with the changes suggested by the Board.  Joe Romine, Lot 542, stated his concern regarding the number of campers allowable on a single lot.  Fran Lombardo, Lot 658, voiced her concerns about chains and ropes across driveways, the possible danger they present to youngsters and a potential liability to the lot owner.  The Manager expresses his appreciation for those persons who report violations.  However, it is his position that any resolution of violations will be kept confidential.



A discussion followed regarding the storing of camping units on homeowner’s lots. 

The Manager presented the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2002-03 and the updated 10 year plan.  The budget information will be presented in the Birch Bark and will be discussed at the next Board Meeting. A further discussion as to whether burning leaves will be permitted will be addressed at a future time. The Board requests that the Manager and the Environmental Control Committee research the issue of stored camping units on homeowner’s lots and develop and present a  recommendation to the Board at the January 2002 meeting.



Motion to adjourn was made by Linda Brabant.  Seconded by Don Kuester.  Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted,


Priscilla Moore