Board Meeting Minutes


Approved Board Meeting Minutes of November 11, 2000.



Gail White, President, called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  Present were Pat Zakalowski, 1st Vice President, Jay Farr, 2nd Vice President, Directors Linda Brabant, Roy Miller and Don Kuester and Manager, Tim Fall.  Doug Bradley was excused.



Jay Farr moved to accept October minutes as corrected.  Seconded by Linda Brabant.  All in Favor.  Carried.



Manager Fall reported income for October of $9,456.45.  Total operating expenses were $19,700.84.  Net overage of expense for the month of October was $10,244.84.  Overall for the year finances look good.  November expenses will reflect the purchase of new boilers at a cost of $18,000.   Communications from members indicates a greater than usual past due income collection within the next 60 days.  Exact purchase cost of the new truck is not immediately available and the impact on the budget remains somewhat uncertain.  Pat Zakalowski moved to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Seconded by Don Kuester.  Motion carried.



Linda Brabant moved to approve payables.  Seconded by Pat Zakalowski.  Motion carried.



A copy of email correspondence from lot owner is presented to Board of Directors for review.

Issues will be addressed as to the liability of a private association and its individuals.




Jay Farr introduced Martin Moore who has accepted the chairmanship of the campground committee.  He stated his pleasure at working with Jay.


The committee has made substantial progress.  Ann Hobart reported that first draft has been completed.  As soon as typing is complete the draft will be circulated to the members.  There will not be a meeting of the committee today.


Pat Zakalowski reported that the Embers Dinner is being held on Thursday, November 16.  She is desperate for volunteers to help with activities.


Linda Brabant reported that she wants to get started on nominations in January.  Requests that if you know anyone who might be interested please report the name to her.  Four seats will be coming up in July and it is important to have a good list from which to choose.


Chick Witchell reports that things are beginning to slow down.  4 new garages or pole barn structures and one permanent resident with garage on lot 699 are coming in.  A boardwalk with a dock has been built on Timber Lake.  Permission was granted by Water Control to go across the cattails as long as nothing was disturbed. Three different locations where trees needed to be removed.  Working on restrictions of extra vehicles per lot-will probably go with Lincoln Twp zoning ordinances with possibility of additional rules.  New members for the committee needed.



Joni Farr reported that there had been a meeting scheduled for the 28th of October.  Because of lack of attendance this meeting has been rescheduled to Saturday, December 2, at 10:00 AM at the clubhouse.  For those interested, you are encouraged to attend.  



Universal number has been left at the entrance longer than planned in order to aid those persons who are having problems entering the 5 digit codes.  Intentions are to deactivate the code on Monday prior to deer season.  A post will be put in to close the gap around the gate.  Winter campground storage has gone exceptionally well this year.  Installation of the boilers is not complete as there is a zone leak somewhere under the concrete.  A copy of the specifications for the new truck is being circulated.  A meeting is scheduled this week with Lincoln Township and the drain commissioner concerning overflow from Bertha Lake.  Required approval from Lincoln Twsp for sheriff patrol in White Birch has been received.  Meeting with Sheriff Goyt is scheduled within next few days. Question has come up as to licensed day care in White Birch.   In view of prohibition of businesses in White Birch, research of day care facilities in a residential area of less than 7 people is not considered a business per se in zoning restrictions neither at twsp nor state level.  New year’s proposed budget including 3 past years’ comparison will be forth coming in about 10 days. The Environmental Control is looking into violations of “the first right of refusal” and the possibility of imposing fines should lots be sold without adjacent owners’ notification.  Re: this action, please forward comments to the Manager.



Carold Roffe requested information concerning past discussions on the water issues with Bertha Lake.  Discussions are quite lengthy and are available in the manager’s office.  Another question involves the intensity of the Sheriff’s Patrol.  Basically the Sheriff Dept will respond to the directives given by White Birch.



Pat Zakalowski has prepared forms for the Manager’s annual evaluation.  Review and comments of the Executive Committee will be due after December’s Directors’ meeting. Questionnaires to be sent out to determine interest for proposed storage facility.



Motion to adjourn by Linda Brabant. Seconded by Pat Zakalowski.  Motion carrried.


Respectfully submitted,




Priscilla Moore