Board Meeting Minutes

Unapproved October 10, 2009


I. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by President Bryant at 10:03 a.m. Board members present were President Steve Bryant, Director Linda McNeil, Director Kevin Dombrowski, Director Bob Briggs and Director Dorothy Nalepa. Also present, Secretary/Treasurer Elaine Carrasco and Office Supervisor, Dawn Holzer. Absent due to illness, Director Perkins, also absent Director Bridges.


A. Invocation led by Director McNeil.


B. Pledge of Allegiance led by President Bryant.


II. Additions to the Agenda: Director Nalepa adds under “New Business”, Board of Directors Workshop, Communications to and from Members, Approval of extended payment plans, Appointment of Committee Liaisons and Novi Camper Show. Under “Old Business” Director Dombrowski adds Meeting Etiquette, Escrow Account and under “New Business” he adds campground porta-potty. President Bryant adds under “New Business” campground dumpsters.


III. Approval of the Minutes: Director Nalepa moves to approve September Meeting Minutes with a minor correction, second by Director McNeil, all ayes, carried.


IV. Treasurers Report: Treasurer, Elaine Carrasco reports income for the month of September totaled $26,694.41, total expenses $26,206.64. Cash by fund unrestricted, $153,932.41, restricted totaling $45,090.78. Director McNeil moves to accept the Treasurer’s report, support by Director Dombrowski, all in favor, carried.


V. President’s Report: A complete report is printed in this issue of the Birch Bark.


VI. Supervisor’s Report: Dawn report’s that Doug requests not to blow leaves onto the roads.


VII. Committee Reports: Campground-Fred Witchell reports that the deadline for campers to be removed from lots is 10/31/2009. Fred reports that the shut down of the water in the campground will depend on the weather. Power to campground will be shut down December 2, 2009. Fred explains storage procedure and the allowance of small items stored with your camper. Security report: Bob Pelfrey reports that someone used 911 improperly. By-laws: Ken Passage reports that the first meeting will be October 20, 2009, 10 a.m. at the clubhouse. Wasn’t clear on the liaison, who will it be? Activities: Debbie Gerrish reports on the bake sale, we made $105.50 on bake sale; she really appreciates everyone’s efforts. Halloween party at the clubhouse Oct. 24 from 1 to 4 pm. Week of Oct. 12 to 17 the water aerobics cancelled. November may be a pot luck and game evening, watch for that. Food collection in November possible. Blood Drive Dec 5. from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Debbie talks about the quilt rack and lap warmer raffle. She thanks Herbert Breen and Georgia for their donations of these beautiful crafts. Tickets are available for the raffle on these at the clubhouse. EPC: Jim Neal reports there were five applications for tree removal, two for contiguous lots and one for a driveway. EPC approvals are good for one year. Financial Committee: Dorothy Nalepa reports that the committee has not been established yet. Director Nalepa moves to accept the payables at this time, 2nd by Director Briggs, motion carried.


VIII. Comments from the floor: available at the clubhouse.


IX. Old Business: Election Recommendations from Carol Majewski: Director McNeil motions to accept the recommendation from Carol Majewski, support by Director Nalepa. All in favor, motion carried. Campground Fence: Director Nalepa moves to accept Director Dombrowski’s proposal to include $3,800.00 in next year’s budget for a campground fence, support from Director Mc Neil. All in favor, carried. Director Nalepa moves to review Dawn’s data and set the pool hours based on the Nov 07 & Nov 08 data with the adjustment of Sundays hours to 1 to 5 p.m. Support by Director Dombrowski, modified to follow the pool hours we had in place for the last two years. Director Nalepa withdraws her motion. Shuffle Board for Clubhouse: tabled until November’s Meeting. Holiday Lake Update: Letters will be sent out. Board Meeting Etiquette: Director Dombrowski moves that any board member who conducts or who acts in conduct unbecoming be ask to step down, immediately, from that meeting, second by Director McNeil. All in favor, motion carried. Escrow Account: Director Dombrowski moves that it be resolved by next month, seconded by Director McNeil. All ayes, with an abstain by Director Nalepa. EPC: Director Nalepa moves to table until workshop which is on the agenda. 2nd by Director Mc Neil, tabled Camper Storage Policy: Director Nalepa moves to table until the workshop, support by Director Mc Neil, carried. Director Nalepa moves that the supervisor contact the BOD’s to find the first available date where the majority of the board members are available for a workshop, to include WBL owned lots, the lawsuit, policy and procedures and advertisement and any other topics they wish to discuss, 2nd by Director Dombrowski, modified to set a date of November 7, 2009 at 10 a.m. All in favor, carried. Director Nalepa moves that when Board Members receive communication from membership that the information is shared with all board members before any individual responds, second by Director Dombrowski. Rescinds motion. Director Nalepa moves that when Board Members receive individually addressed communication we ask the member to direct it to the Board of Directors, falls to the floor. Director Nalepa moves to write off the uncollectable accounts in the amount of $24,774.08, second by Director McNeil, all in favor, carried. Director Nalepa moves to accept all agreements (payment plans) and if broken enforce our policy, second by Director McNeil. All in favor, carried. Director Nalepa moves those members with balances of $796.00 or greater and have a current lien are updated or have a new one placed. Second by Director McNeil, amended to state that if a member has a balance of assessments of two years or greater we place a lien on their property at the county and release paying members liens promptly. All in favor, carried. Liaisons appointments taken off the Agenda. Director Nalepa motions that we purchase a booth at a cost of $900.00 at the Novi Expo Camper Show the dates of February 10 to February 14, 2010. Support by Director McNeil. Director Dombrowski aye, Director McNeil aye, Director Nelepa aye, Director Briggs, nay, Director Bryant, nay. Motion carried. Director Dombrowski moves for a porta potty at the campground throughout the winter with a cost of no more then $100.00, second by Director Nalepa, motion carried. Director McNeil moves to remove dumpsters from the campground for the winter, support by Director Nalepa, motion carried.


Comments from the floor: Available at the clubhouse.


Adjournment: Director McNeil moves to adjourn, seconded by Director Nalepa, all in favor, motion carried.


Adjourned at 12:57 p.m.

Elaine Carrasco