OCTOBER 4, 2008†††





†††† Board President Steve Bryant called the meeting to order at 10:01 a.m.Board members present: President Steve Bryant, 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski, Director Sharon Bridges, Director Al Isaac and Director Linda McNeil. Also present, Manager Gail White, Treasurer Priscilla Moore and Secretary Elaine Carrasco.Absent was 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, due to being hospitalized. Also absent, Director Brian Heiden.


        Invocation led by Director Al Isaac.

        Pledge of Allegiance led by President Steve Bryant.



†††† No additions to the agenda.



†††† (1) Motion to approve the September 6th minutes with a typo error correction by 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski, with a second by Director Sharon Bridges, all in favor, motion carries.



†††† Treasurer Priscilla Moore reports income for September at $18,690.19, expenses at $35546.35 and cash balance at the months end at $156,327.50. (2) Motion to approve treasurerís report by Director Sharon Bridges, a second by Director Al Isaac, motion carried.



†††† President Steve Bryant reports we had a brief budget meeting this morning, because of the timeline in which the quarter ended and the date of this meeting, Priscilla was unable to get the reports completed until late. Not a great deal of time to go over it. We have a budget committee established who will look into our budget, to some extent. Steve says we will get back to you with a report on our findings.


†††† The colors are changing; the cold has come, letís look forward to having some fun in the fall.



†††† Manager Gail White reports they did sentence the two who broke into the trailers in the storage area. One year in the county jail, 3 years probation, and $560.00 in court cost to the perpetrators and restitution is being held open at no less then $36.685.95.


†††† Gail would like to bring out what happened with the lot issue from the last meeting involving a board member thinking she was selling a lot without permission, this issue was dismissed after the executive session in September.

†††† About the defibrillator, Kevin Dombrowski contacted Gail and told her that the figures she had given at the September meeting were the lowest he could find, if the board is willing she will order the parts needed at a cost to the general fund of less than $50.

†††† Director Linda McNeil asks if she received this in writing from Kevin, Gail states they all received e-mails.Director McNeil and Director Bridges state they did not receive this e-mail.

†††† Gail asks for permission to block off illegal access to White Birch property.



†††† 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski inquires about a $1088 bill from the lawyer. President Steve Bryant explains that he and 1st Vice President Marty Perkins met with the lawyer for legal opinions and that he would share those with the other board members later in the meeting.

(3) A motion to pay the bills by Director Linda McNeil, seconded by Director Al Isaac, all in favor, motion carried.



†††† EPC Jim Neal reports applications included three tree removals, three garages, and one house addition. Director Al Isaac asks if the EPC has a liaison, finding out there was not, he volunteers and is appointed by President Steve Bryant liaison to EPC. Director Linda McNeil reports trees in her yard were infested with ambrosia beetles; they attack soft woods and will not attack maples and oaks. There is no precautions that can be taken, and this may happen else where.


†††† By Laws Committee reports they are working hard on the by-laws and making progress, asks if the board is considering a review committee for the C&Rís. He suggests we get that started.Think about it and decide whether or not they want one.All membership is invited to attend meetings and meeting times and dates are posted on the web site.


†††† Safety committee reports loose dogs, some trailers have been vandalized on their lots.These people crawl underneath the trailers and are cutting sections of copper off.People need to slow down and obey the stop signs.Lock was cut off at the emergency gate.One child was lost, we got him home safely.No hunting on pipeline or riding of ORVís on energy property, this was a pamphlet included with you bill.


†††† Director Al Isaac mentions that future consideration should be made to put a sticker in memberís windshields for identification purposes. Bobby Pelfrey agrees we need to be able to identify members and visitors need to obtain a pass while they are here. Director Sharon Bridges states we need to have a workshop before the meeting to finalize the agenda a week before the monthly meeting.



†††† These comments are available at the clubhouse.


        Collection Agencies. (4)Motion to continue with The Carlton Company by 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski, seconded by Director Al Isaac, all ayes, except Director Linda McNeil with a nay. Motion carries. Director Al Isaac suggests policy be put in place at the next workshop for the collection of association fees.

        Real Estate companies bids: (5) A motion by 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski to go with the lowest bidder as our real estate, Reiss Real Estate.President Steve Bryant because of his involvement in real estate withdraws and passes the gavel to 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski.2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski then withdraws his motion because of having been passed the gavel.(6) Director Sharon Bridges motions to go with lowest bidder as our realtor, Reiss. A second for purpose of discussion by Director Al Isaac. Motion Fails. (7) Director Al Isaac motions for White Birch Realty as our realtor, seconded by Director Linda McNeil. (8) A motion is made by director Linda McNeil to rescind the previous failure of the motion for White Birch as our realtor in favor were 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski, Director Linda McNeil and Director Al Isaac, opposed, Director Sharon Bridges feeling itís a conflict of interest, motion carries.

        Time Clock: (9) 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski moves to rescind the previous motion for a time clock, seconded by Director Sharon Bridges, all ayes, but for Director Linda McNeil with a nay, motion carries.

        Radio Issue: (10) Director Linda McNeil motions for an executive session on the radio issue, with a second by Director Al Isaac, motions carried. (11) Director Al Isaac motions to consider radios as payment on accounts; Russ Abney agrees this would constitute payment in full of his accounts with nothing else owing. Director Sharon Bridges seconds the motion, all in favor, motion carried.

        Update on defibrillator: (12) Director Sharon Bridges motions to update the defibrillator, a second by Director Linda McNeil, motion carried.



†††† EPC proposal: 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski moves to table the EPC proposal, seconded by Director Sharon Bridges, motion carried.


(13) 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski moves to go into executive session after the comments from the floor, seconded by Director Al Isaac, motion carried.



†††† Comments from the floor are available at the clubhouse.


The board moves to executive session on a previous motion.



†††† 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski moves to adjourn, seconded by Director Al Isaac, all in favor, motion carries. Meeting adjourned at 1:56 P.M.