OCTOBER 8, 2005



Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. Directors present: Marty Perkins, Ken Passage, Al Isaac, Scott Hayer, Dave Conley and Marv Frayer.  Absent: Dan Holzer.


Pledge and prayer were given.


Additions to agenda:  Bonding of members, Budget Review, Audit, Mileage.

Motion by Dave Conley supported by Ken Passage to approve agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Al Isaac supported by Scott Hayer to approve minutes. Marty Perkins had a situation he wanted changed to state that it was said Priscilla will not be coming back and if she feels well enough she will help train. Motion carried.


TREASURER’S REPORT given by Priscilla Moore.  End of August  total income $6,045.70 total expenses $31,471.70 cash balance.$206,563.43.  End of September total income $26,052.92 total expenses $7,897.63.  cash balance $200.456.61.

Motion by Ken Passage supported by Dave Conley to accept report.  Motion carried.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT.  Committees are all launched.  Conservation committee have a lot aspirations.  A lot is expected of this committee.  We have a lot of volunteerism. Communications committee is new and President feels we are well on the way and that it was put together well.  Futuristic Committee is slow, we are willing to allow people to continue to sign up for this committee.  We are still getting suggestions for the tennis courts.  We are going to put this off until spring.


CORRESPONDENCE  (Copies of correspondence is available in the office) A letter was read from Monica Mayer with comments about the Snowbird information form put in the Birch Bark

Letter was read from Tina Hayer.  She made reference to the information posted on the unofficial web site maintained by Theresa Obrecht.  She felt that the information was not accurate and that the board should review the site and requested it be put on the agenda.  Mr. Perkins commented he did not feel that we govern that website.  Scott Hayer commented that the main concern is that if Ms. Obrecht is managing her website with inaccurate information, then how will she handle the official website.  Mr. Perkins told the board that if they felt any information was not right to write a letter.  Scott Hayer commented about the questions and answers on the unofficial website are directed to Ken Passage, who is a board member.  If we are putting official business on this website, then shouldn’t we have the ability to regulate. 

Letter from Gary Farnum  encouraging working together.

Letter from Jim Wilson requesting Chick Witchell be replaced.  He also asks for additional items for campers.

Letter from Marv Richardson in reference to a recount of ballots.


MANAGERS REPORT  Manager reported on repairs to gate.  Bonding for the Board and Employees is in the amount of $10,000.00.  We have sent out bids for Real Estate due at our November meeting.  Audit bid requests were sent out.  No proposals were received.  The only company heard from was Weinlander Fitzhugh and they requested a meeting with the board to clarify exactly what the board wants, he felt we were asking for a costly item and would like to meet with the board before he gives a price .  He cannot meet on a Saturday. He would come to a special meeting, if called.  Manager also brought up the fact that the state has increased the reimbursement of gas mileage to employees. This has always been the guideline we have used.


Motion by Marv Frayer supported by Dave Conley to pay bills. Motion carried.



Seedlings  Tina Hayer:  Hay ride tonight at 6:00 with cider and doughnuts.  Halloween party is the 30th.

Conservation  Mike Turner had first meeting.  Next meeting is Oct. 24, 6:00.  Discussed things that could be improved upon.  Issues with lakes are being looked into.

Activities Toni Passage  not a lot to report.  October is covered by Tina.  December is being done by Chick Witchell.  Will be trying to put together a pool tournament.

Campground Fred Witchell.  Storage areas are full.  Areas are ready for trailors. Had incident in storage area of broken windows Deputies are investigating.

Entrance Theresa Turner decorating for halloween

EPC Chick Witchell gave report. Things are slowing down.

Communications Theresa Obrecht.  Members are reviewing Birch Bark and Website to make recommendations.

Elections Anne Hobart  first meeting is scheduled for Monday October 17.


Security Tom Forman made comment on letter from Ms. Mayer When places are broken into we contact people right away as soon as possible. Snow plowing is not being endorsed by White Birch and security is not plowing driveways.  Immunity from break-ins can not be guaranteed, even police will not guarantee immunity.  Security will not be going onto private property unless owners give permission before they leave.  We only go on property if we see or suspect something is wrong.  Asking the board for clarification of the enforcement of Covenants and Restrictions and bylaws for non paying members use of the facilities.  Would like in writing. Marty. Perkins asked if a person not in good standing came in with a person in good standing would they be a guest?  Tom replied that if the member lived in here they would not be considered a guest.  Marty Perkins said it made sense to him. Tom asked if they wanted it total enforced and not allowed to break any of the rules.  Marty. Perkins commented that we have always allowed people not in good standing to come into our meeting but not have the floor.  Tom. Forman commented that it should be changed, it is not allowed.  Scott Hayer commented we either uphold the Covenants and Restrictions or we don’t there is no middle ground. Tom Forman said he is not just talking about meetings but the clubhouse. Mr. Passage commented it should not be up to security to determine who belongs and who doesn’t.  Perhaps a legal decision as to whether a person should be there or not. We have to take action.  Mr. Perkins commented he liked the idea of compiling a list and the board will take action.  Tom asked if they had the list, would they be allowed to ask them to leave.  Didn’t want to ask the whole board each time.  Tom asked if they could demand proof of residency. Mr. Passage said security, management and employees would have a list. Scott Hayer suggested the manager compile a list of members not in good standing.  Motion by Scott Hayer that we compile a list of suspended memberships and give the authority to security to enforce these suspensions as written in our Covenants and Restrictions. Supported by Marv FrayerTom Forman asked for determination of what is a guest.  Scott Hayer commented that a member not in good standing is not a guest. Mary Perkins commented a guest would be someone from the outside. . Motion carried. 



Joe Romain asked for clarification about sheds as in our Covenants and Restrictions.  We would have a change in the C&R, 

Carol Neal asked who gave defense fund her address. It was explained that the information is available to members.

Cheryl Constantino Pancake breakfast was a success.  Bob Adair, his family and volunteers did a great job.  She wanted computers in clubhouse available for everyone’s use.

Jim Neal claimed his road has not been graded and the roads are deteriorated.  Doug Lake commented that we do not go down roads unless they need grading because that would cause further breakdown.  We use the blade truck on many roads when they are not bad.  He suggested that when Mr. Neal has a problem he contact the office. 

Tim Toner asked for comment from board members regarding election.

Pat Graham In regards to roads.  She has never had a problem with her road. Wanted to compliment Doug and suggested that anyone that has a problem call the manager , it has always worked for her.

Sharon Sonnicson suggested we use campers next year to count ballots.

Todd Graham  reminded the board all ready has established policies with everything laid out step by step for past due procedure.  About the directory being put together by Dorothy McArthur, she asked that anyone not wanting their name in the directory to contact her. Regarding Lincoln Township Supervisor talking about what a mess the township is in because the people before him did not enforce the rules and now they are having problems trying to enforce the rules. The township is like what our EPC has done for the last 5 years.  The rules were there and not being enforced and now they are.  Finally about our official website. Is already there and designed to do most of what you think it cannot do.  We have about 275 members registered now with e-mail addresses. The comments that we should do this or do that, most of it is there already.

Brian Kozlowski pleased to get a call about the first meeting of the elections committee. However he asked why there was a chair already when they haven’t even met.

Mary Perkins referred to Roberts Rules in reference to the appointment of committee chairs.  Marty Perkins stated that Roberts Rules states if a committee has been named by other than the chair and that Scott read the wrong part.  He felt the committee should not appoint the chair.  Al Isaac claimed they were missing a very important point.  The board spent 2 meetings discussing this matter intelligently and as a 7 member board we made a decision on those discussions and made a decision based on what was best for the committee and what was best for the association.

Ed Poterek addressed questions to Marv Frayer as to whether he owned a place.



Motion to table the archery range until April supported by Marv Frayer.  Motion carried.



Motion by Al Isaac  that the board have their quarterly budget review at 8:00 a.m. prior to the next regular meeting on November 12, 2005.  Motioned carried.

Marty Perkins presented names he got off of the computer of CPA’s for an audit and asked to have them receive bid letters.  He suggested they do only one year and he will get the copies to the manager to get out in bid form.  Al Isaaac asked that they get the cost from the bidders and what exactly it covers. Scott Hayer suggested they have a meeting to interview auditors.

Motion by Isaac supported by Hayer that Chick Witchell be appointed chair of the EPC committee. Motion carried.

Motion to establish the Election Committee with all persons signed up as members.  Anne Hobart is to be the chair.

Discussion on fencing in the storage area in the campground.

Motion by Ken Passage supported by Scott Hayer to advertise for a secretary to the board to do minutes, approximately 5 hours per month. Motion carried.

Discussion on bonding board and employees.  Scott Hayer suggested background checks on the executive committee and manager.  Marty Perkins felt we don’t need background checks.  Marty Perkins stated we didn’t need a motion. 

Motion by Scott Hayer supported by Marv Frayer to have the manager comply with the State payment for mileage reimbursement.


Motion Marv Frayer supported by Al Isaac to adjourn.  Motion carried.