Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes Of

October 9, 2004



The meeting was called to order by President Marv Richardson. Present were 1st Vice President Brian Kozlowski, 2nd Vice President Scott Hayer, Directors, Marv Frayer, Al Isaac, Marty Perkins, Don Papesh, Manager Gail White, Treasurer Priscilla Moore, Secretary Donna Forman. The meeting opened with a salute to the flag and a prayer by Brian Kozlowski.



Marv Richardson called for additions to agenda and stated that he had one item to add;

a.       Kozlowski appeal for pole barn (Unfinished Business)

Motion by Brian Kozlowski, seconded by Al Isaac to accept the agenda. Motion carried unanimously.



Marv Frayer moved to approve the September minutes as written. Seconded by Don Papesh. Motion carried unanimously.



The treasurer reported that total income for the month of September was $22,099.20, expenses were $48,977.32 overage of expenses over income $26,878.12 and the ending cash balance at September 30, was $214,880.96. Brian Kozlowski made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report. Seconded by Marv Frayer. Motion carried unanimously.



President stated that he had just been informed that Frank Cooley had passed away while on a hunting trip to Alaska. He offered our thoughts and prayers to the family.



Gail White reported that there was no correspondence to report for the month.



Manager reported that the painting was completed at the clubhouse, a lot of hard work but it looks great. Joe Romine has agreed to accept donations again this year for the Michigan/Ohio football game. The proceeds will be used to replace the red carpet. The lein letters have all gone out, have had pretty good response with owners calling to work out payment plan. A count was done for Gypsy Moths and it was determined that we have no problem this year. There is a plan to provide a reference center board so residents who want to advertise can place their calling cards on it. This will be made available at no cost to the Board. Compliments to Gary Cheadle on the fine job he has done organizing the sites at the campground, makes it much easier in the office when people call regarding storage.



Marv Frayer made a motion to pay the bills. Seconded by Don Papesh. A question was brought up by Marv Frayer regarding trash removal; it seems higher than last month. Priscilla Moore stated that they have started billing in advance, so this month included October also. No further questions. Motion carried unanimously.





ACTIVITIES Manager stated that there is a need to find someone to chair the committee. Shirley Brandt will finish out this year as chairperson, but would like to find someone else for next year.

CAMPGROUND - Gary Cheadle reported that in the storage area there are 111 sites, 7 of which are still unspoken for, the campground has 79 sites, 10 sites are still open; not counting the 6 that are kept open for winter camping. Signs have been put up on storage area gates stating that trailers must be in tow able condition, identified by lot number and fees must be paid. Phone numbers are posted on the storage gate with people who are authorized to open it.

ENTRANCE Manager reported that Tommy Bauer has started excavation on bus stop area.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COMMITTEE - Chick Witchell reported that activity has slowed down, request for 1 shed, 1 tree removal, 1 contiguous lot, and 1 request for new residence on lot #294 bringing our total residence to 291 with 2 pending. There are 4 vehicles left on properties with no license, 3 have been removed and 1 has been licensed. A reminder to campers that all units must be off the lots by Oct. 31. Manager stated that there will be no extentions issued, units can be brought back for a 2 week period during hunting season. Lots must be completely cleared with the exception of a wood pile and picnic table. Marv Richardson offered his thanks to the EPC for their warm reception of the Board members who showed up at their last meeting. The meeting went very well, and the dialogue between the two groups was very beneficial.

FUTURES - Tom Crook submitted final minutes from meeting. Jan Isaac gave a report on the Forestry Training program that was attended by Tom Forman, Doug Lake, Al and Jan Isaac. It was a 30 hour program. Instructors were from MSU, Michigan DNR and the Conservation District. They learned how to measure trees, measure the density of a forest, basic tree identification, technological principals, proper tree planting. Within the next year each of the participants are required to do 30 hours volunteer labor in the community they will be meeting to come up with further suggestions to present to the Board. Jan donated two books as a start to a reference library.