Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of October 12, 2002



President Todd Graham called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  Present were 2nd Vice President Marv

Richardson, Directors Bob Adair, Chuck Bailey, Larry Franklin and Scott Hayer and Manager Tim Fall. 

Tom Dorcey was excused. The meeting opened with a salute to the flag and a prayer.



Marv Richardson moved to approve the September minutes as written.  Seconded by Bob Adair.  Motion




For the month of September the Treasurer reported income of $17,438.42 and Expenses of $27,557.59. 

Cash on Hand at September 30, 2002 was $113,020.74.  Marv Richardson moved to accept the Treasurer's

Report.  Seconded by Larry Franklin.  Motion carried.



The President commented about his communication with Dennis Zimmerman, Lincoln Township Supervisor, regarding installation of a passing lane on Old State Road at the White Birch entrance.  Mr. Zimmerman felt there would be full Township support.  However this would involve a process of convincing Clare County of the safety hazards which now exist.  In order to stress the need for a passing lane, it is important that members of White Birch send letters of support to the WBL office or sign the petition posted at the clubhouse.



Correspondence was received from Charles Hastings, Lot 78, regarding the abuse of the nature trails by   

ATV's and ORV's.  The issue is being addressed.



Ron Tagg, EPC Chairman, advised there had been approvals for 2 driveways, 2 tree removals, 1 new residence, 1 septic system, 1 kennel and 2 residences waiting for approval.  Ron asked about relocating the restrictions sign at the entrance so that it would be more visible to incoming traffic.  The Committee still needs more members.  If interested please contact the office.


Fred Witchell updated meeting attendees about the status of the new boat ramps both at White Birch Lake and at Timber Lake.  The rack at Holiday Lake will be built next year after the volunteers have leveled and brush cut the area where the rack is to be placed.  The handicap ramp is progressing and it appears that cement will be poured this coming Thursday, weather permitting.  Volunteers are needed and welcome.


Barb Adair, Co-Chairperson Activities Committee, asked for volunteers.  She is contacting tour companies to discuss possible future trips and will be posting trips already available by Haines Tours.


Gary Cheadle reported that the reservations for camper storage are nearly finished.  The campground is fully reserved.  The storage area is nearly full.  Gary and helper Marv Frayer are making plans to enlarge campground sites next year to accommodate both larger size campers and more available spaces.


There will be a Future Planning Meeting directly following the BOD meeting.



There is a notice of the Embers Dinner posted on the bulletin board.  Please sign up if you intend to attend. For those of you not familiar with the dinner, the charge is offset by the years of your age up to 50%.  He commends all the Committees for their help which have been provided to him and the Association.  Our campground storage and storage area have never been so well handled.   There has been some trouble at the front gate.  Some prank calls have been made at the guest directory and 911 nuisance calls at the pay phone.  Please advise the Manager if you see anything suspicious.  Campground storage is full and storage area is nearly full.  If you forgot to request a reservation let us know right away.  Pool use has dropped off substantially therefore pool hours have been reduced.  Pool hours are scheduled in response to demand.  Work is progressing or completed on the boat racks and the handicap ramp is in progress.  Lake treatment is being examined as some areas were not adequately treated.  The remaining year of the contract will be reviewed with the contractor.  Soon a new batch of liens will be filed on properties whose member dues for prior years have not been paid. 



Payables were reviewed.  Marv Richardson asked about the $1000/mo Future Development Fund.  The September Income Statement will be revised to reflect the inclusion of this amount.  Bob Adair moved to approve payment.

Seconded by Marv Richardson.  Motion carried.



Chuck Hastings, Lot 78, said that someone took the door off his mailbox and put it back on backwards.  He noticed there had been damage to 1 or 2 other mailboxes and expressed his concern.  Fred Witchell, Lot 648, answered that he had done some investigating and he thinks that the damage has been done by adults on ATV's and ORV's in the early morning hours.  He also stated that someone had piled 2 boats, one on top of the other, at the boat racks and reminded that the boats are too heavy to stack.  Marv Frayer, Lot 682, thanks Fred Witchell and Jim Shaw for reporting the unattended fire on Mockingbird.  The fire department was notified, responded and corresponded with the responsible party.



Members are reminded of the 10 year financial plan.  Please understand this document is a basic financial plan, a working tool and not a budget document. The plan is to be reviewed and there may be areas which will need to be updated.  This plan has been available to the membership, for several years now, so they have knowledge of the proposed future direction of the Association Budget.

Any comments or suggestions must be submitted to the Manager before the proposed budget process begins in November.   The budget is normally approved in December so that invoicing of the new year's dues can begin in January 2003.   Marv Richardson suggested and volunteered to develop a letter to the Clare County Board, the purpose of which is to gather signatures to request a left turn lane on Old State Rd.  The letter will be posted at the clubhouse and the campground.  A copy will also be published in the Birch Bark.  Please sign at your convenience.  Bob Adair gives thanks to Chuck Hastings for explanation of his concerns regarding the Nature Trail. This example gives the Board the needed information to address the issues.



Marv Richardson made the motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Bob Adair.  Motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,

Priscilla Moore, Secretary/Treasurer