Board Meeting Minutes


Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of October 13, 2001



President Gail White called the meeting to order at 9 AM. Present were I" Vice

President Tom Dorcey, 2nd Vice President Todd Graham, Directors Linda Brabant,

Marv Richardson, Don Kuester and Bob Adair and Manager Tim Fall.



Tom Dorcey moved to approve the September minutes. Seconded by Marv Richardson. Motion carried.



For the month of September, Treasurer reported income of $I9,120.52 and expenses of $34,187.24. Cash Balance at end of September was $105,172.94. Todd Graham moved to accept the Treasurer's Report. Seconded by Marv Richardson. Motion carried.



Payables were revised to eliminate estimated purchase requisition costs. These costs

will be discussed at a future date. Linda Brabant moved to approve payment of bills. Seconded by Todd Graham. Motion carried.



A committee meeting was held last week to discuss the draft copy of the Restrictions. Regarding the members' comments to the proposed Amendment to Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, all members of the Board had copies of the emails, letters and other correspondence. Every request was addressed. Secondary lot status was removed because of negative feedback. Storage units were addressed. Present

restrictions do allow temporary storage units on the property during the season if

removed at the end of the camping season. Lincoln Township does not allow permanent sheds. Therefore, the request for sheds was not added to the restrictions. The size of new homes was increased to a minimum of 1000 square feet of living space. Other changes were placement of certain items, and to clarify the language. Voting will be on the individual changes - not the package as a whole. Approved changes will be incorporated into the revised restrictions. As to questions re addenda to be included with the new restrictions, they run with the land forever and cannot be changed.

The President commends the Board for their objectivity and independent thinking in reviewing the member's comments.






All Directors have received their Liaison Assignments. Linda Brabant, Restrictions Committee, and Robert Adair, Activities Committee. Responsibilities of Liaison is not to chair the committee but to bring the desires and wants of the committees to the Board. The Manager states that he has had several members volunteer to serve on the

committees. There is still a great need for an Activities Committee Chairman. The president suggested perhaps the possibility of co-chairmen as the Activities Committee is a big job.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE - Chick Witchell reported approval for blacktop drive for Lot 1122, Campsite and tree removal for Lot 839, a new garage on Lot 267, a garage at Lot 498, and a residence at Lot 682. Request for Lot 1299 is being reviewed. Reminder for campers: Camping units must be off lots by October 31 and only items to be left on campsite are picnic tables and woodpiles if covered by neutral colored tarps. Campsites will be inspected soon for compliance with restrictions.

FUTURE PLANNING COMMITTEE - Joe Romine suggested that volunteers be assigned to ad hoc committees to work on one of several future projects ie: boat storage, lakes, beach areas, adding fish to the lakes, improvements to existing facilities and new recreational amenities etc.



The Adairs have donated a lot of time re-staining the wood, repairing and generally cleaning up at the entrance. Manager states he is reluctant to replace decaying dried birch logs as it takes cutting down many birch trees to get the right size and shape to fit the frames. Other options are being considered. The lamppost should be here and replaced this coming month. New cards were put in the gate system Friday afternoon. After a thorough testing of the system the gate will be activated on Monday. Some of the problem exists because of bad phone lines which may continue until such time as Ameritech installs new fiber optic lines.






Winsley Walker, Lot 1268, requested that a culvert be installed at the comer of Spruce Hill and Hemlock to eliminate a flooding problem. Joe Romine suggested a stop sign be removed at the comer of Elm and White Birch to eliminate a problem getting starting on slippery winter roads. Mike Dalka, Lot 467, stated there is a similar problem at the comer of Beech and Elm. Ed Poterek, Lot 398, commented about the lack of delivery of weekly Buyer's Guide. Joe Romine, Lot 542, suggested changes to Draft #6 of the Amendment to Restrictions. See changes incorporated under New Business. Ed Poterek suggested that some guidelines be established for markers or signs to ease in the identification of occupied lots where there is no residence. A discussion followed as to appropriate signing. Mike Dalka continues to state his objection to the inclusion of Camping Restrictions in the draft Amendment to Restrictions.



Changes to Amended Restrictions Draft #6 as suggested by Joe Romine -Page 7, Item I, should eliminate unless approved by the ECC and list exceptions to the No Access to any lot to provide for access to Lot Nos.237 through 243 and 361 through 365 accessible only from Old State Road. Motion approved. Page 8, Item C, 1, last sentence to read The Environmental Control Committee may require that such plot plans shall be prepared by either a registered land surveyor, engineer or architect. Page 5, Item C5, Cul De Sacs - Requirements for White Birch Cul De Sacs, not being circular, will be addressed under Set Back Requirements. Item C5 is therefore removed. Page 6, Section V, Item D, second sentence after the word truck insert (8000 GVW or greater). Section V, Item H, Restrictions on Camping to be left intact. Section XI- last sentence, scratch out hand and the rear of.  Manager has been instructed to order the drainage problem at Spruce Hill and Hemlock be corrected.



Discuss changes regarding location of stop signs at corner of White Birch and Eln and at comer of Beech and Elm Other items to be discussed are (1) the repair or possible replacement of posts in the pockets at the front entrance and (2) a possible sign requirement to ease identification of occupied lots.



Motion to adjourn was made by Todd Graham. Seconded by Linda Brabant. Motion



Respectfully submitted


Priscilla Moore