Board Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2000



Gail White,President, called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.Present were Pat Zakalowski, 1st Vice President, Jay Farr, 2nd Vice President, Directors Roy Miller, Don Kuester, Doug Bradley and Manager Tim Fall.Director Linda Brabant was excused.



Doug Bradley moved to accept September minutes as corrected.Seconded by Jay Farr.All in favor.Carried.



Manager Fall reported income for September of $22,410.96.Total operating expenses were $20,355.23.Net income for the month of September was $2,055.73.Balance of cash on hand was $108,300.62.He called attention to line item budgets for road maintenance and payroll which may exceed budget for the current year.Overruns in road maintenance attributed to extra deliveries of brine and extra sand for winter stockpile.Payroll may exceed budget depending upon whether pool hours will be expanded.Pat Zakalowski moved to accept the treasurerís report.Seconded by Don Kuester.Carried.††



Jay Farr moved to approve payables.Seconded by Pat Zakalowski.Motion carried.






Correspondence in managerís office to be forwarded to appropriate committees.Jay Farr stated there were concerns from some members relating to the monthly variances and perceived increases of overall payroll costs.†† Manager Fall explained reasons relating to monthly fluctuations are due to numbers of bi-weekly payrolls in a month plus payroll taxes paid quarterly and seasonal scheduling of employees.Overall payroll costs remain within the approved budget. Any further fiscal concerns willbe provided to members who visit the manager at his office.




Jay Farr reported that Martin Moore has once again accepted the position as the campground chairman.†† Volunteers needed.

Issues for discussion- A Pavilion at the campground

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† A caretaker during camping season

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† More camping spaces and storage spaces


Anne Hobart reported they expect to get answers to legal questions today.They are almost through after which they will reprint, rework and make provisions to send new covenants and restrictions out for vote.




Pat Zakalowski reported that there was a good response to the garage sales held on October 7.Chick Witchell reported that the sale of cider and donuts went well. A date for the annual birthday dinner at the Embers will be announced after November 1.Volunteers for the activities committee are still needed.


Chick Witchell reported that lot improvements for September and October will be published in the Birch Bark.They will be checking at the campground for orderly storage of picnic tables and wood piles.Another garage, residence and 4 other new garages are going up.Contiguous status requests for lots 476-77, 367-68 and 1367-68.


Joni Farr reportedconcerns for replacement of the roof on the clubhouse.Concluded that Board needs to take some action to get it into the budget for next year.Fred Witchellresearched the potential for building storage units at the maintenance building.The cost of building and estimated revenues were presented in a memo to the Board of Directors.Requests for Bids to be advertised in the White Birch Bark.



Manager Tim Fall expressed his appreciation for the support of the White Birch Board and many

of the members of White Birch.Also to the many volunteers who have contributed so many hours to further the operations of White Birch.

Gate Operations-Presently there are about 400 to 500 uses of the gate in a 24 hour period.Generated reports are utilized to watch for errors and indications of people who are having trouble entering codes.Letters will go out Monday to members who have not receivedcorrections of codes issued in excess of 65000.Temporary code 44444 will be turned off after weekend of October 14.Campground Storage-Storage opens up this weekend. Boilers-Anticipate paperwork from state will be received re installation of boilers. Leak in Pool-Thanks to Doug Lake for his many areas of expertise, the pool leak has been fixed.Lake aerators are expected to be back in operation this week. Deer Blinds-Several new deer blinds have been discovered this year.Law Enforcement has been called and problem is being monitored.New Truck- Specifications to be developed and Request for Bids to be advertised in White Birch Bark.


A meeting has been scheduled in November to examine the possibility of school bus stops in White Birch.


The possibility of periodic sheriff patrols in White Birch is being investigated.


Reminder from President White to encourage people to purchase 911 signs.



Fred Witchell, Lot 648, suggests that Board Members set out written guidelines and goals for various committees.



For next month Don Kuester suggests that theBoard come up with a committee to sets out goals and guidelines as per Fred Witchellís suggestion. Discuss further research for the proposed storage facility as presented by the Future Planning Committee and the possible implementation.



Motion to adjourn by Pat Zakalowski, seconded by Doug Bradley.Motion carried.