Proposed Board Meeting Minutes

Unapproved Ė September 2009


I. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by President Bryant at 10:04. Board members present were President Steve Bryant, 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, Director Linda McNeil, Director Dorothy Nalepa and Director Kevin Dombrowski, Director Sharon Bridges was absent due to a death in the family. Also present, Secretary/ Treasurer Elaine Carrasco and Office Supervisor Dawn Holzer.

A. Invocation led by Director McNeil.


B. Pledge of Allegiance led by President Bryant.


At this time President Bryant announces the results of the vote for the vacant board position

and announces that Robert Briggs will hold the seat. Director Briggs is asked to join the board.


II. Additions to Agenda:


A. Director Perkins adds Committee Appointments. (new business)


B. Director Nalepa adds Campground Restrooms and Lots for Sale. (new business)


C. Director Dombrowski adds, Letter from Member. (new business)


III. Approval of Minutes: Director Napela moves to approve the August 8, 2009 minutes with corrections, support by Director Perkins, all in favor, carried.


IV. Treasurerís Report: The Treasurer reports income for August at $27,987.13, expenses at $47,485.54. Total cash on hand $204,318.18, of which $44,060.07 are restricted funds. She also mentions that from now on bad debt expense on noncollectable assessments will be foot noted in the monthly statement. Director Perkins moves to accept the Treasurerís report, 2nd by Director McNeil, motion carried.


V. Presidentís Report: President Bryant comments on the budget review meeting. He is happy to announce that we are doing well, we are up in collections of assessments and way down in expenses. We are in good shape. Considering the economy is in the shape it is in, we are doing very well. Please continue to pay your assessments. Thanks the volunteers and the response from membership we have received has been very good and I thank you all for that.


VI. Supervisorís Report: Dawn reminds us of the garage sale, 9/19/09 and 9/20/09. Thanks the members for the donations we have received and for the garden cleanup. Pool had leaks and is now repaired. Thanks Doug and Rick for their hard work.


VII. Committee Reports: Carol Neal reports for the EPC The committee approved a handicap

ramp, tree removal, driveway. Campground report by Fred Witchell, announces meeting following the regular board meeting. Bobby Pelfrey reports for security, ATV pamphlets handed out, an accident, lost adult, teens driving carelessly, sheriff called. Activities committee report by Dawn Holzer, picnic was a success, garage sale, and raffle. Financial report by Director Nalepa, meeting will commence after committee is appointed. Communications report by Mary Perkins, she will not be doing the Birch Bark. It will be done by Mary Griswold.


VIII. Comments from the floor: Available at the Clubhouse office.

IX. Old Business:


A. Director Perkins moves to table the election recommendations from Carol Majewski until the

election committee conveys, second by Director Nalepa, motion carried.


B. Director Dombrowski moves to table the fence around the storage area; he would like to do more

research, 2nd by Director Nalepa, all in favor, tabled.


C. Results of the closed session at last meeting. Motion by Director Perkins that assessments, past or

present are not to be forgiven by any board member or office personnel, 2nd by Director Nalepa, all

in favor, carried.


D. Director Perkins moves to table the Holiday Lake update, support by Director Nalepa, carried.


E. Director Perkins moves to approve the fall/winter pool hours with amendments, support by Director Nalepa. All ayes, except a nay by Director Dombrowski, motion carried.


F. Director McNeil moves that the new pools hours become effective October 1, 2009, support by Director Perkins, all ayes, an abstain by Director Dombrowski.


X. New Business:


A. Director Perkins moves to spend a portion of the spa fund moneys on a table top

shuffleboard not to exceed $600.00 amended to include buying new pool table equipment, not to

exceed the funds in the spa fund, motion carried, all ayes with exception of Director McNeil voting



B. Director Nalepa moves that the board not review individual requests for the payment plan, but to follow the plan as proposed. Amended that the Board of Directors be made aware of, for their review, any new plan agreements received, support by Director Perkins, all in favor, carried.


C. Open board seat status, Robert Briggs holds the seat until the next annual meeting.


D. Camper storage policy. Director Nalepa moves that in recognition of the financial climate in Michigan and not to impose additional financial difficulty on our member with costs associated with moving their campers off White Birch property, members be allowed to utilize campground/storage if the storage fee for this year is prepaid, and they are a member in good standing or they have a signed payment plan in place for assessment in arrears per the policy in the August 2009 meeting. Support by Director Perkins, all in favor, carried.


E. Director Nalela moves to allow utility trailers to be stored if space is available, support by Director Dombrowski. Motion rescinded, current policy is now in place.


F. Director Nalepa moves to request the U of M students to evaluate our lakes at a cost of no more then $250.00, for the cost of food and gas for the students project, campground fees also will be waived, if we are chosen for this lake project, amended to include receiving all receipts, seconded by Director Perkins, motion carried.


G. Director Dombrowski moves to have the accounts receivable update read, 2nd by Director Perkins. Director Nalepa reads the update. 218 lots in arrears, 82 are currently in collections, 49 of the 218 do not match the tax roll. 96 have liens on them and/or they are also in collections. We sent out 131 letters giving those members 90 days, indicating they either enter a payment plan or a lien will be place on the property. We have 6 plan agreement plans in place. Director Perkins moves that this type of information in the future be given to the finance committee, second by Director Nalepa, carried.


H. Lien Investigation Clare, removed by Director Nalepa, until financial committee has convened.


I. Quit Claim Deeds. Director Perkins moves that we have White Birch Realty do our quit claim deeds at a cost of $25 per deed, no support, motion falls to the floor. Director Nalepa moves to have quit claims handled by the finance committee, second by Director Perkins, all in favor, carried.


J. Director Nalepa moves to pick either website or clubhouse policy on rental of the clubhouse to reflect our policy, withdrawn.


K. Legal Matters, no motion.


L. Director Nalepa moves that we accept the credit card procedure with an amendment to signature lines on the second page, support by Director McNeil, amends again to have President Bryant sign document and receipts so as not to need extra signatures, amends again to include President Bryant , 1st Vice President , and Treasurer as signatories on card, as per our bylaws with Director Perkins to be

alerted of purchases, rephrased to read that we accept the credit card procedure as outlined on this

document with the following mortifications, that we change the three authorized signers to be the

President, Vice President, and Treasurer, 2nd by Director Perkins, all in favor, motion carried.


M. Director Perkins moves to remove Priscilla Moore from our accounts, second by Director Nalepa, all in favor, motion carried.


N. Director Perkins moves to remove the pay phone at the entrance, second by Director Dombrowski, All in favor, with exception of Director Dombrowski voting nay.


O. Campground Restroom topic, dropped.


P. Director Nalepa moves that we include lot for sale information on the website and in the Birch Bark, amends after the 1st, 2nd, third rights of refusal are given and that the membership be given this information so they have the opportunity to purchase, falls to the floor.


Q. Committee Appointments:


A. President Bryant accepts all appointments on the sheets with exception of the financial committee.


B. Director Nalepa motions to table the financial committee, support by Director Perkins, all in favor,



C. Communications Committee: Mary Griswold, Chair and Marsha Thomas


D. Activities Committee: Debby Gerrish, Chair, Kathy Lutz, Dawn Holzer, Diane Calandro, Helen Thompson.

E. EPC Committee: Jim Neal chair, Mike Woodcock, Mary Perkins, Richard Gute, Mike Graham, Christine Van Pelt, and Harry Thompson. No chair appointed.


F. Campground Committee: Fred Witchell, Chair. Patrick Napela, Dawn Holzer, Christina Van Pelt, Kevin Dombrowski, liaison.


G. Bylaws Committee remains the same until posted, with Ken Passage as chair.


H. Director Perkins moves to confirm appointments, second by Director Nalepa, all in favor, motion



I. Director McNeil moves to have the letter of violations forwarded to the EPC committee, support by

Director Napela. All in favor. Carried


I. Comments from the floor available at the clubhouse.


II. Director Perkins moves to adjourn, seconded by Director McNeil, all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.


Submitted by, Elaine Carrasco

Secretary/ Treasurer