Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of September 9, 2006




President Al Isaac called the meeting to order at 9:00am. Board members present were President Al Isaac, 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer, Director Greg Hernden and Director Brian Kozlowski. 1st Vice President Ken Passage was absent. Also present were Manager Gail White and Treasurer Priscilla Moore. The meeting was opened with The Pledge of Allegiance, prayer by Director Brian Kozlowski and 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer asked to observe a Moment of Silence for our troops lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.



Motion was made by 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer to move appointments to fill the two vacant Board Seats from Unfinished Business to follow item III (approval of agenda). Motion seconded by Director Greg Hernden. Motion carried. Director Brian Kozlowski added a proposed change to the By-Laws under New Business. Motion to approve agenda by 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer, seconded by Director Greg Hernden. Motion carried.



Director Brian Kozlowski moved to seat Sharon Bridges to the Board of Directors. Seconded by Director Greg Hernden. Motion carried. Director Greg Hernden moved to seat Don Papesh to the Board of Directors. Seconded by 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer. Motion carried. Appointed Directors Sharon Bridges and Don Papesh took their seats. Director Brian Kozlowski suggested an “Oath of Office” be composed to be used at future Board appointments.



Director Brian Kozlowski moved to accept the minutes of the Board meeting of August 2006. Seconded by Greg Hernden. Motion carried.



Director Brian Kozlowski moved to have the Treasurers report for the month of July moved up to Treasurers Report on the agenda instead of being under Unfinished Business. Seconded by 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer. Motion carried.



Motion made by Director Brian Kozlowski to accept the Treasurers report for the month of July. Seconded by Director Greg Hernden. Motion carried.


For the month of August 2006 Treasurer Priscilla Moore reported income of $18,357.75 and expenses of $24,740.27.  Cash on Hand at August 31, 2006 was $209,815.30.  Motion made by 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer to accept the Treasurers report. Seconded by Director Don Papesh. Motion carried.



Questions from the August Board meeting were addressed: 


Volunteers at bus stop were deemed not feasible by prior board due to the cost of the increased liability insurance being more than the wages of the person covering the bus stop.  This will be reinvestigated annually. 


Security has been meeting with liaison Director Brian Kozlowski.  Director Kozlowski presented that there will be new safety rules pertaining to vehicles from bicycles to automobiles dealing with issues of speeding, running stop signs, not wearing helmets and the mechanisms to put in place to enforce the rules.  There will be new rules regarding safety on our lakes and by this time next year there will be a new publication regarding the rules. 


The sheriff’s department made a presentation to the Security team and congratulated Tom Forman, Fred Witchell, Bob Pelfery, and Bruce Rouston as statistics from the sheriff’s department show crime in White Birch is down 90% over the last two years. 


All wages are available at the office. Job openings have been posted.


A request has been submitted to our audit firm, McMahan and Thompson to submit the final audit before paying the remaining 50% due them. 


Financials will be published in the “Birch Bark”. 


White Birch employees did not get a raise. 


Benefit packages were looked at last year and we could do no better than what we currently have.  This will be reviewed annually. 


The board has taken applications for vacancies on the board the last 3 times that there were vacancies, applications were accepted, applicants were interviewed and new members seated by board. 


The camera at the front gate is pointed at the exit gate. 


There has been no residency requirement in our By-Laws for any position of employment with White Birch Lakes.


Liens are placed on properties in arrears without regard to there being a residence or not.



Manager Gail White shared a letter from Tina Hop from McMahan, Thompson auditing firm regarding a presentation to the New Board. This would cost $100 per hour including travel time.  Comments from Director Don Papesh regarding possibility of visiting their firm in Midland to forego paying for another consultation as she made that available during her comments at the Annual Membership Meeting 2006.  The minutes of the meeting will be checked to see if that was the case. 



Manager Gail White presented that research on the front gate is ongoing.  Calls have been made to other firms, quotes to be received soon.  A call was made to the Clare Hospital and their system is just as troublesome and they pay 3 times as much for their repairs.  The possibility of a sturdier gate with a DC Controller to handle power surges is being considered.  The lakes were treated in August. That makes 3 treatments this summer to control weeds.  The roads were brined.  5 lots were taken back due to arrears in assessments and 1 lot was sold.  The lots were turned back rather than go to foreclosure.  We have nothing to do with tax sales.  Any property that goes through a tax sale, we lose the back assessments.  There isn’t one price for the properties.  The price is based on lot location, whether it has electric and other factors.  Properties that are taken back for assessments are listed by Reiss Real Estate and published on their Web Site as well as White Birch Web Site. Attorney David Dreyer handles our foreclosures. Clare County Sheriff Jeff Goyt has been contacted regarding patrols in White Birch and the department and officers feel very welcome in our community. The house on White Birch Lane with the unsightly yard has gone back to the finance company; in the mean time, Kathleen Kozlowski has mowed the yard.  Thank you to Kathleen.   The Timber Lake drop-off has been marked. Let the office know if you move to ensure delivery of the “Birch Bark”.  The emergency exit gate can be finished if that is the board’s decision.  The county has given permission to install a culvert and stone and Head of Maintenance Doug Lake has volunteered to make a gate out of the pipe we already have.


Motion to pay payables by 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer with the exception of McMahan, Thompson audit. Seconded by Director Brian Kozlowski. Motion carried.



Manager Gail White read a report from Head of Security Tom Forman. The report stated that the Labor Day weekend was busy with dog complaints and ATV complaints. Working with Director Brian Kozlowski on new rules for safety. Parents need to tell their children to watch their speed on ATV’s. Met with Clare County Sheriffs Department and they informed us that crime in White Birch is down 90% so our system must be working.




Activities Committee report by Joe Romine: “Goodbye to summer” potluck dinner at the campground September 3rd was a big success with good food and music provided by White Birch talent. 


Campground Committee report by Fred Witchell: Storage sites for campers are still available and will cover those in need of a site.  He is working on posting a map on the website so members can see if they are on the correct site.


Communications Committee report by Jan Isaac: Saturday September 16th at 10:00am is the next committee meeting. Costs of the August “Birch Bark” included paper ($26.66), copier use ($87.07), labels, staples, tape ($11.43) and postage ($355.68) for a total of $480.84, which comes out to 53 cents per copy (912).  When the 3 ads for the month are deducted ($15 each) the cost was approx 48 cents per issue.  Communication Committee report continued by Todd Graham: The “insert real estate” section of the website is under construction and there will be a form to fill out to have your lots posted in the future. There is a possibility of having the old “Birch Barks” available in the future as a download from the website.  The security phone number is scrolling across the front page of the site and the notice to call 911 if you have an emergency.  The Communications Committee regular meeting schedule will be the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:00 A.M. at the clubhouse. 


Election Committee report by Todd Graham: The Election Committees first meeting will be September 16th at 9:00am at the Clubhouse.


Conservation Committee: No report given. 


Entrance Committee report by Kathleen Kozlowski: There will be a meeting to decide on decorations for fall.  Greg Hernden stated that the paint and primer have been purchased for the flagpole.  He will be sanding and painting the flagpole soon.


Environmental Protection Committee report by Chick Witchell: For August and part of September there were 2 tree removals, 1 garage, a covered porch, 2 driveways and a new residence for lot 1350.  A reminder that campers have to be moved by Oct. 31 and the only things to remain are the woodpile and picnic table.  Please use earth-tone tarps on the woodpile.  Our regular monthly meetings are the 3rd Thursday at 6:15 P.M. at the clubhouse.


Future Planning Committee report by Joe Romine: Working on organizing the committee.


Seedlings/Saplings Committee report by Joe Romine: The Halloween Party will be held October 29th at 6:00pm at the clubhouse. 


By-Laws Committee report by Sal Scozzari: Committee is focusing on the section of our By-Laws regarding the Board of Directors and Presidency. Would appreciate a list of concerns from the Board of Directors that should be addressed by the committee.



Gary Cheadle Lot 1010: Member Ron Shunk has been seriously injured in a farming accident.

Anne Hobart Lot 454: Requiring a residency requirement would be “very, very foolish”.

Chick Witchell Lot 648: Please give a hand (applause) to all those involved with the party last weekend.

Joe Romine Lot 542: Saturday September 16th at 10:00am volunteers will meet at the Clubhouse for the Adapt-A-Highway clean up program. Pizza will be served afterwards. The Halloween Party will be on Sunday October 29th at 6:00 at the clubhouse. Board needs to use our manager more to do research on issues, that’s what she’s there for.

Jimmie Neal Lot 1094: Please explain duties of Liaison Officer. President Al Isaac explained they perform as a conduit between the committee and the Board of Directors. Mr. Neal expressed concern over whether the Liaison is a member of the committee or not.

Sal Scozzari Lot 1375: By-Laws committee will review Liaison authority.

Jim Shaw Lot 296: Concerns regarding fence around camper storage area. Where has the income for this project gone? Manager Gail White explained funds raised for this project are in the general fund and can be allocated at any time.

Tammy Mitchell Lot 421: Can we place a sign in the bathrooms requesting members to remained covered when children are present?









Emergency Exit, discussion regarding availability of crushed asphalt and whether the project should be done in increments or in its entirety.  Director Sharon Bridges moved the project be completed in its entirety, seconded by Director Brian Kozlowski.  Motion carried. 


Auditor’s letter, Director Kozlowski requests Manager Gail White to draft a letter to be sent to auditor per the discussion regarding final audit being presented. 


Secretary position, 2 letters were received, a letter of intent from Todd Graham and a letter of inquiry from Kelly Clevenger.  Director Brian Kozlowski moved to appoint Todd Graham to position of Secretary to the Board, seconded by Director Greg Hernden.  Motion carried. 


Hospitality Committee, formation of a new committee- Hospitality Committee to gather information to be given to new members regarding covenants and restrictions, By-laws, local areas of interest, etc. with a sign-up sheet to be posted in the clubhouse.  Motion made by Director Brian Kozlowski, seconded by Director Greg Hernden. Motion carried. 


Historical Committee, formation of a new committee- Historical Committee to collect photos, artifacts and write a booklet to display.  Motion by Director Brian Kozlowski, seconded by Director Greg Hernden.  Motion carried.


EPC Direction, Director Brian Kozlowski moved that the Board tell the EPC not to grant any variances until the rules are codified. Seconded by Director Greg Hernden.  Discussion followed regarding the power of the Board, the duties of the EPC as written in the By-Laws and responsibilities of building inspectors and planning commissions.  The point of order was made by Charles Hastings regarding the power of the Board.  Director Greg Hernden withdraws his second. The motion is tabled. 


Director Sharon Bridges moves to add discussion on EPC duties to workshop session, seconded by Director Don Papesh.  Motion carried.


Seal-coat entrance, motion by Director Don Papesh, seconded by Director Sharon Bridges to authorize Manager Gail White to solicit bids, make the decision on company to seal-coat entrance drive before winter.  Motion carried.


Director Don Papesh moved to add Quarterly Budget Review to workshop. 


Director Brian Kozlowski intends to change the By-Laws by next meeting, although his Notice to amend By-laws state November.



Director Greg Hernden made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Director Sharon Bridges.  Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted


Todd J. Graham