Board Meeting Minutes


Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of September 8, 2001



President Gail White called the meeting to order.†† Present were 2nd Vice President Todd Graham, DirectorsMarv Richardson and Bob Adair and Manager Tim Fall.Tom Dorcey, Linda Brabant and Don Kuester were excused



Marv Richardson moved to accept the August minutes.Seconded by Todd Graham.Motion carried.



For the month of August, Treasurer reported income of $16,110.35 and expenses of $31,014.28.Cash Balance at end of August was $120,239.66.Marv Richardson moved to accept the Treasurerís Report.†† Seconded by Bob Adair.Motion carried.



Bob Adair moved to approve payment of bills.Seconded by Todd Graham.Motion carried.






None addressed to the Board for public comment.A short discussion followed addressing the problem of unleashed dogs and cats roving about the Association.



ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE Ė Chick Witchell reported 2 requests for Driveway/Culverts, 2 requests for Tree Removals (To comply with the 100ícanping rule) 2 Garage Requests at Lots 538 and 494, 2 Contiguous Lot Status Requests for Lots 582-581 and 401-400 and new Residences at Lots 704, 405, 921 and 993.Reminders for campers: Only items to be left on campsite are picnic tables and woodpiles if covered by green or brown tarps.All camping units must be off lots by October 31.If not removed within a probationary period, there will be a fine of one yearís assessment.

Tim Fall reported a suggestion was made to change the title of the Campground Committee to a title reflecting family recreation, as that is the emphasis of present projects.


Fortunately there are several people who have volunteered for various committees.However, there is still a need for volunteers for all WBL Committees.Anyone interested in volunteering for any committee, please contact the Manager.



The missing lamppost at the entrance will be replaced and the costs borne by Arctic Express Freight Co., whose driver had the misfortune to back into the post.Labor Day weekend passed with only a few minor incidents and traffic at the clubhouse was lighter than in past years. The roof contractor has been contacted for specific dates to begin roof replacement. The well driller will begin to survey the location for the electric service at Teal Lake.Craig Wilson, who was injured in the ORV accident, has been moved to a hospital closer to home to continue recuperation. Fred Witchell has looked at costs to build a 3-tier boat storage rack to be implemented at White Birch Lake initially.A steel post will be mounted in concrete about 6Ē ahead of the pedestal at the guardhouse to prevent driverís rearview mirrors from smashing the box around the keypad.When completed a new shroud will be installed.







Phil Stopke, Lots 1319-20, stated that he has serious reservations regarding the present covenants and restrictions as they apply to campers whereby campers are not allowed to have storage sheds in which to put away items, which lead to lot clutter.His suggestion is to allow environmentally safe storage units built to certain specifications and to charge the Environmental Committee to find a suitable location for placement on each lot.Secondly he feels it is inequitable for homeowners to be granted contiguous lot status.He further requests that the Board consider if the new proposals are fair and equitable for all members.He was advised that ultimately it is the members who will approve or disapprove any new covenants and restrictions. Further discussion by Joe Romine, Lot 542, and Mike Dalka, Lot 467, indicates that there are differing opinions of the interpretation of camping regulations.Mike also recommended that members who have dogs attach tags showing dog and owners names so that should they stray they can be identified.

Billie Roffe, Lot 651, inquired about the date for the community yard sale.The annual garage sale will be held Sat, Oct 6.





Motion to adjourn made by Marv Richardson.Seconded by Todd Graham.Motion carried.