Board Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2009



I. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by President Bryant at 10:00 a.m. Board members present were Director McNeil, Director Bridges, Director Dombrowski, Director Nalpea, Director Perkins, and Director Bryant. Absent, Director Heiden. The Pledge of Allegiance led by President Bryant, followed by prayer, led by Director McNeil.


II. Additions to the Agenda: Director Perkins adds 6 month budget review. No other additions.


III. Approval of the 2008 annual meeting minutes. (1) Director McNeil moves to accept the 2008 annual meeting minutes with a correction to her vote counts from 175 to 185, support by Director Bridges, motion carried.


IV. Income Statement: None given.


V. President’s Report: President Bryant commends the membership on the great turnout for the annual meeting. Thanks the teller committee and Carol Majewski for the great job. Assessment collections will be a high priority, will be turned over to collections, liens placed and amenities will be revoked until paid.


VI. Supervisors Report: Dawn reports on the upgrade of electrical on Elm run/Mockingbird/Walnut; service interruption minimal; some tree cutting/trimming on easements, any work done on private property will be discussed with the home owner.


VII. Committee reports; Bob Pelfrey reports on security; Deb Gerish reports on activities; Campground, none given; EPC reported by Jim Neal. Director Nalepa is appointed liaison for the finance committee at this time.


VIII. Comments from the floor available at the clubhouse office. (2) Director Perkins moves to go into closed session, second by Director Bridges, carried. Results of closed session will be reported to the membership at the next meeting.


IX. Old business: (3) Director Marty Perkins moves to approve a request by Jim Neal to remove the restriction and inspection on his barn, support by Director McNeil, motion carried.


1. Director Perkins moves to accept letters of intent from members interested in filling Director Heidens one year term, letters must be submitted before September 4, 2009, second by Director Bridges. Call of the roll results in Director Perkins, aye, Director McNeil, aye; Director Napela, aye; Director Dombrowski, nay; Director Bridges, nay; Director Bryant, aye. Motion carried.


2. Director Bridges moves to accept new camping fee schedule, second by Director Dombrowski, all in favor, motion carried.


3. Director Nalepa moves to accept the new delinquent assessment proposals, submitted to the board, with amendments, support by Director Perkins, motion carried.


4. Director Perkins moves to accept the request by Mr. Rhea for the plow that goes with the pickup he purchased, support by Director Bridges, roll call results: Director McNeil, aye; Director Perkins, aye; Director Bridges, aye; Director Dombrowski, aye; Director Nalepa, aye; Director Bryant, nay, motion carried.


5. Pool hours; Director Nalepa moves to table pool hours, support by Director McNeil, all in favor, tabled.


6. Director Perkins moves to accept the bid on aerators for Timber, Holiday and White Birch Lake, support by Director McNeil, all in favor, carried.


7. Director Nalepa moves to proceed with bids and purchase of storage fence, support by Director Dombrowski, motion carried.


8. Director Perkins moves to reinstate the comment/suggestion box, support by Director Dombrowski, carried.


9. Director McNeil moves to return funds in Whale account to Mrs. Whale per her request, support by Director Perkins, motion carried.


10. Director Perkins moves to accept the September 2009 garage sale, support by Director McNeil, carried.


11. Director Perkins moves to have the association open a credit card to conduct business, second by Director McNeil, carried.


12. Director Perkins moves for appeal meeting to be scheduled following September 12, 2009 meeting, with amendment that the member be notified and meeting will be closed session, support by Director Bridges, carried.


13. Director Perkins moves to table Carol Majewski’s recommendations as to our election procedures, second by Director Bridges, carried.


14. Director Perkins moves to set the 6 month budget review to meet on Friday, September 11, at 7:30 p.m., second by Director Nalepa, carried.


II. Comments from the floor available at the office.


III. Adjournment: Director Perkins moves to adjourn at 12:55, second by Director Nalepa.


Submitted by,

Elaine Carrasco



Minutes of 8/8/09 Corrections


IV. Change “Income Statement” to “Treasurer’s Report”


VII Committee Reports – Finance Committee will remain, a signup sheet will be posted with the others.


VIII. Closed session indicated that “No, the board nor the supervisor or treasurer may waive assessment fees”


Add # 10 (X) New Business


2.5 Director Nalepa moves to mail invoices to members that have pastdue balances under $374, to send a 90 day notice of lien placement via certified mail for members that have balances between $376 $750 and a 90 day notice of collection referral for members that have balances greater than $750. She further motioned that members may contact the board and request a repayment plan (to include assessments that may become due during the repayment plan period) not to exceed 12 months or 24 months if balance exceeds $2,400. Motion carried.


2.6 Director Nalepa moves to accept member “JT” repayment plan of $125 mo (sept 2009 – Nov, 2011). Motion carried.


2.7 Director Nalepa moves to waive First right of refusal for member RV who is selling their lot. Motion



2.8 Director Nalepa reviews letter from member RS regarding storage of camper, current 2007 policy of “member in good standing” . Offer payment plan for back due assessments.


2.9 Director Nalepa moves to accept payment member “MS” repayment plan of $350 mo; and to accept payments for collection agency balance and forward to them. Motion carried.


2.10 Director Nalepa moves to accept payment plan as outlined in letter for member “WD” Motion carried.


#7 Director Nalepa moves to obtain bids for campground storage fence to determine cost for budgetary purposes. Motion was rescinded, referred to future campground committee for recommendations, Kevin Dombrowski was named liaison to the campground committee.


#8 Kevin Dombrowski was named as comment box recipient


#11 Credit card motion was tabled


#13 Acceptance of Carol Majewski’s recommendations was sent to the nomination committee for inclusion to their recommendations