AUGUST 9, 2008



Board President Steve Bryant calls the meeting to order at 10.04 a.m. Board members present: President Steve Bryant, 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski, Director Al Isaac, Director Brian Heiden and Director Linda McNeil. Also present were Manager Gail White, Treasurer Priscilla Moore, and Secretary Elaine Carrasco.

  • Invocation led by Director Al Isaac
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by President Steve Bryant.


1ST Vice President Marty Perkins adds to the agenda, Webmaster, Great Lakes and Committees. Director Linda McNeil adds Board Packets and Director Al Isaac adds Budget Review.


Director Linda McNeil moves to accept the June 14, 2008 minutes with one correction. Brian Heiden title to be changed from Board Member to Director.

Director Sharon Bridges seconds.  All in favor, motion carried.


Treasurer Priscilla reports income for the month of July as $23.056.83. Total expenses as

$42,584.45 and total cash on hand as of July 31, 2008, $187,041.11.  Motion by Director Al Isaac to approve the cash statement, second by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, all in favor, motion carried.


President Steve Bryant first of all thanks the membership for their support in the election. The three new Board Chairs President Steve Bryant, 1st Vice President Marty Perkins and Director Linda McNeil want to be sure the by-laws, covenants and restrictions are followed and expresses that the members have the “right to know “ what is going on with our finances now and in the future.  All disciplinary action and social security numbers are of employees will be held confidential.  You, the people, elected 7 board members and it is my intent that all board members will be informed and have all the information and materials available to them to do the job you entrusted to them. Steve names the executive committee as Himself, 1st Vice President Marty Perkins and Director Al Isaac. Steve states that the committee will only make decisions in emergency situations and shall report the contents to all members of the board. Issues in the financial record keeping that need corrected, separate access codes are needed for the three people with access to financial records to identify who is entering or changing, this is not sound business practice and not fair to the employees who share that responsibility.  The membership list is inaccurate and needs to be updated, so if you’re not receiving mailings please notify the manager or the treasurer with your address.  Seven people were elected to the Board by the people, for the people and all will have all information provided to them in order to make sound decisions. Having lived here for 33 years and seeing many changes, I have to say I still love this place, I love the amenities package and the natural surroundings, and it beauty, it’s the way the original developer intended it is the way  I would like to keep it as a recreational community.  One more thing to add to that, I think it is everyone’s desire on this board to create harmony, in order to do that we have to instill trust in one another.


Gail congratulates the new board members on their election. Up to this point we have been keeping up on the mowing. Road brining will be completed by the end of the month. The campground is almost completed; we added a railing in front of the shower house. The campground is full this weekend due to an annual family reunion. Gail reminds members and board members that I welcome any and all questions,  I am always available to you and I will give you all the back-up you need.  You just need to ask me.


1st Vice President Marty Perkins moves to approve the payables, a second by Linda McNeil. All in favor, motion carried. Director Sharon Bridges likes the way the payables were broken down.  Director Linda McNeil inquires about the office camera, what it is used for. Gail explains it is for recording meetings, not all meetings are recorded.


Chick Witchell reports the EPC meets every two weeks. We inform members on the website and in the Birch Bark as to when we meet so as to give members enough time to submit their paperwork. The next meeting is August 21st.  Chick reports two driveways, two campsites, three tree removal permits, misc., one patio and one assessory building, Lot #275 driveway on Elm being fixed. Paperwork was turned in for an illegal shed, finally after two months. Mr. Racine refuses to turn any paper on his garage; we have been working on this problem for over a month.  We are going to contact the owners, his parents, because Ryan is leaving the state. We have had many complaints from the neighbors.  Steve asks how Ryan was able to get a permit from the township without submitting one from White Birch first.  Chick said she didn’t know why, they just did.


Fred Witchell reports on campground and storage. Campgrounds have been slim this year. We are way behind this year on winter storage, not many storage cards have been returned as of this date.  Fred reminds the board that storage takes 120 hours of volunteer work; if anyone volunteers they should know the hours involved. Fred has sent out fifteen letters to abandoned trailer owners in storage. The board fills the letters should be sent registered.  Fred explains that the trailer still in the campground has paid his storage fees but due to health issues he hasn’t been up to use it this year.

Bobby Pelfrey asks that people slow down and obey the stop signs in the association. Eveyone knows that the speed limit is 25 mph, slow down!!!  Have courtesy for other people in the association.


Jim Neal #1094 asks, pertaining to people being behind on fees and assessments in the campground, shouldn’t they have to pay in advance? You don’t park your rig in storage unless it is paid for. After a certain date, they should be removed.

Tom Smith #318 comments that the flag at the gate doesn’t have a light; it should be flown by itself, boldly and asks if anyone is taking it down nightly.

Ken Passage #163 comments on the large expenditure listed under communications in the financial report.

Chuck Lutz #225 suggests a specific forum for questions member may have.


Falls to the floor.


·        1st Vice President Marty Perkins moves for ratification of the bank resolution from the phone vote taken July 21, 2008, seconded by Linda McNeil, motion carried.

·        Lot sales owned by the association.  1st Vice President Marty Perkins makes a motion that all lots listed with Reiss be put up for sale along with  #363 #364 and #361. Director Linda McNeil seconds with a comment. Motion rescinded.

·        Director Brian Heiden motions to get three bids for the association for the purpose of soliciting properties, seconded by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins. All in favor, motion carried.

·        Executive committee: President Steve Bryant appointed himself, 1st Vice President Marty Perkins and Director Al Isaac as the executive committee.

·        1st Vice President Marty Perkins makes a motion to ratify that the executive committee partake in business of the membership in between regular meetings but not to make any decisions without the ratification of the whole board, seconded by Director Brian Heiden. All in favor, motion carried.

·        Carlton Company:  Motion by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins to relieve Carlton Company from the business of the association, second by Director Brian Heiden for purpose of discussion. After much discussion 1st Vice President Marty Perkins withdraws his motion to relieve The Carlton Company from White Birch Business. Motion by Director Brian Heiden to get three bids from collection agencies, seconded by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins. Motion carries.

·        Propane Bids: Director Brian Kozlowski motions that we accept the proposal from Zeihm Propane, seconded by Director Al Isaac for purpose of discussion. After much discussion, motion carries.

·        Labor Day Picnic:  A motion for a members Labor Day Picnic on Saturday August 30, 2008 at 2 p.m. at a cost to the association of  $200.00  made by Director Brian Heiden, seconded by Director Linda McNeil, motion carries.

·        Lincoln Township to conduct  WBLRA elections: 1st Vice President Marty Perkins rescinds motion to have Carol Majewski, Lincoln Township Clerk conduct  WBRLA’s election. They are a third party and cannot conduct our election. 1st Vice President Marty Perkins moves to table motion for Carol Majewski to oversee WBLRA’s election, seconded by Director Sharon Bridges, motion carried. Director Brian Kozlowski moves to meet with Carol Majewski to discuss WBRLA’s election procedures, seconded by Director Linda McNeil, motion carried.

Future Board Meeting Dates: Director Brian Hieden moves to change the September and October meeting dates, seconded by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, all in favor, motion carried. The September 13th meeting is now moved up a week to September 6th, 2008 and the October 11th meeting moved up a week to October 4, 2008.

·        Webmaster: 1st Vice President Marty Perkins moves to have Terry Obrecht as the WBRLA webmaster, seconded by Director Al Isaac, motion carried.

·        Great Lakes Internet: Motion by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins to drop Great Lakes Internet, seconded by Director McNeil. After much discussion a motion by Director Brian Kozlowski, to table dropping Great Lakes Internet Hosting Service, seconded by Director Sharon Bridges. Motion by Director Brian Heiden to get three bids, seconded by Director Sharon Bridges. Motion carried.

·        Committees:

·        EPC Appointments:

1.      Dennis Karlson  (co-chair)

2.      Jim Neal (co-chair)

3.      Mary Perkins

4.      Dan Holzer

5.      Mike Woodcock

  • Communications appointments:                                                
      1. Mary Perkins (chair)
      2. Tom Smith
      3. Kathy Lutz
      4. Pat Graham
      5. Director Brian Heiden (Liasion)
  • Just Community and Activities appointments:
      1. Debby Gerish
      2. Chris Van Pelt
      3. Tammy Mitchell
      4. Kevin Dombrowski
      5. Pat Nalepa
      6. Kathy Lutz
      7. Director Linda McNeil (Liasion)
  • By-Laws Committee Appointments:
      1. Ken Passage (chair)
      2. Carol Neal
      3. Chuck Lutz
      4. Judy Gute
      5. Marsha Thomas
      6. Jerry Bridges
      7. Mike Graham
      8. 1st Vice President Marty Perkins ( Liasion)
  • Budget Advisory Committee Appointments:

1.      Dennis Karlson

2.      Dorothy Napela

3.      Arnie Van Overbeke

4.      Mary Perkins 

Motion by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins to confirm committee picks, seconded by Director Brian Heiden, motion carried.

  • Board Packets: Motion by Director Linda McNeil to deliver board packets to board members by the Thursday before the meeting, seconded by 1st Vice President, motion carried.
  • Budget Review: A motion by Director Al Isaac for a complete budget review at 9 a.m. on  October 4, 2008 seconded by Director Brian Kozlowski, motion carried.


Comments from the floor are available at the clubhouse.


Motion to adjourn by 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, seconded by Director Sharon Bridges, all in favor, motion carried.

Meeting Adjourned at 2:06 PM.


Respectfully Yours,

Elaine Carrasco