Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of

Aug 14, 2004


The meeting was called to order by President Marv Richardson. Present were 1st Vice President Brian Kozlowski, 2nd vice President Scott Hayer, Directors, Marv Frayer, Al Issac, Marty Perkins and Manager Gail White and Secretary-Treasurer Priscilla Moore. The meeting opened with a salute to the flag and a prayer by Bryan Koslowski.



Marv Frayer moved to approve the June minutes as written. Seconded by Brian Kozlowski. Motion carried unanimously.



The treasurer reported that income for the month of July was $32,594.60, expenses were $46,459.46 and the ending cash

balance at July 31, 2004 was $244,346.86. Marv Frayer made a motion to accept the Treasurer report. Seconded by Al

Issac. Motion carried unanimously.



President stated he was pleased with the annual meeting as it was less controversial than in past years.



Bob Adair has submitted a letter of resignation as a member of the Board.

The Board has a mission statement submitted by Futures Committee. The Committee is looking for approval of the statement.

There is a letter from James and Karen Ballew, owners of Lots 795 and 796 requesting contiguous lot status. This request is referred to the EP Committee. We have 2 requests for modifications and appeals, one is for a poll structure or another additional building and another is for a fence. These will be considered at a work session after the Board members have had on-site inspections.



The Manager read a thank you note from Anne Hobart in appreciation for her Award Certificate and flowers given her in recognition for her work on the bylaws.

We have a new flag pole and new flags. You need to pass through the office to look at our new counter top which is absolutely gorgeous. It was built by Marty Perkins in his garage and when installed it fit perfectly. All bank accounts are now in interest bearing accounts. First Bank is training us for a Money Management Program. This is a trial program which enables us to access our accounts on line. We have 2 months to decide if we want to purchase the program. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - - Marv Frayer made a motion to pay the bills. Seconded by Scott I-layer. Motion carried unanimously.



ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COMMITTEE - Chairperson Chick Witchell reported approval for 2 decks to be enclosed. I campsite, 2 tree removals, I driveway, 1 kennel and 1 garage. Residences have been pre-approved at lots 20 and 918. Presently we have 288 residences with 3 more pending this fall. The Committee is working on updating their policy manual.

FUTURES COMMITTEE - Matt Lucas reported for Chairperson Tom Crook Members of the Committee at present are C. Costantino, T. Crook, K. House, D. Kuester, Patti Leis, Matt Lucas, Joe Romine and Fred Stephenson. Board Liaison has not yet been named. We would like approval of or recommendations for our mission statement. We request a listing in the Birch Bark for additional Committee members. We would like input from summer people and campers. Next meeting has not been determined yet as our schedule has been somewhat flexible. Generally the meetings have been held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

ACTIVITIES - In the absence of Chairperson Shirley Brandt, the Manager reported that the last activity was the annual meeting.

CAMPGROUND - Fred Witchell reminded all that storage spaces are being assigned and if you want reserved space reservations should be made immediately. In the campground we have 82 winter storage sites of which 47 are already reserved, in the winter storage area we have 113 sites available and 51 have already been reserved. This week we removed 5 old abandoned campers and next week we will be removing additional trailers if storage fees have not been paid. These campers will be impounded, the police will notif5 the owners and if there is no response the campers will be disposed of.

SECURITY - Fred Witchell reported that Security had a good month. We had a report of a homeless male in the area. Still have a problem with some ATV drivers disregarding the speed limit and approved routes. Reports of a speeding jeep - violator was identified and lot owner was notified as to penalties. Reports of 2 dogs running loose and property owners were notified. We had no beak-ins compared to 20 last year at this time. Another lot owner has a website and he would like to chat with primarily the campers. He would like to get input from them and act as liaison between them and the Board. Should you be interested in the website contact Fred Witchell for more information. We will be having additional security for the next holiday weekend.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE - Brian Kozlowski reported that he was very happy with Bill Czarnowski’s work with the ballot counting and that we should be thinking about having him again.

SAPLINGS - Joe Romine stated that the Saplings took first place in the July 4th parade. We are looking for new members and after this meeting we will be making bird feeders.


The President announced that he meet with several of the chairpersons last Thursday and there was a very awesome dialog between the chairpersons talking about what each committee is doing. One of the things talked about was getting the kids involved in things like photography. The possibility of getting some disposable cameras and taking the kids out for pictures and posting the pictures. A lot of neat ideas coming out of the discussion.


ENTRANCE COMMITTEE - Phyllis Willoughby stated the Committee has plans which she would like to show. The plan will be done in increments throughout future years. Our first priority is getting the school bus stop moved. There have to be building permits and Miss Dig, parking spaces, a structure for the children to wait for the bus, We need to relocate the paper boxes and signs at the entrance so that nothing will obstruct the flow of traffic. There will be a pull around where the guest member box is so that doesn’t obstruct traffic, new gate posts and removal of the flower boxes around the guardhouse. We hope to make the structure so it will complement our natural look. We will need to contact the school to see if the drivers can pull around the area rather than backing up creating traffic congestion. We will go over the plans with anyone interested. We would appreciate your thought and suggestions.



Bus Stop - The Board has reviewed the Committee’s recommendation. Al Issac stated that in view of the recent comments he would suggest that the Board not make a decision should there be other viable options. Marty Perkins suggested that it would be advisable to wait until the Manager meets with the school to determine exactly where the buses will run before a decision is made. Al Issac volunteered to contact the school to set up a meeting. Bryan Kozlowski made a motion to table the Bus Stop issue and refer it back to the Committee for further study. Seconded by Marty Perkins. Motion withdrawn. Scott Hayer moved to set a special meeting to specifically review updates on the bus stop. Seconded by Al Issac. Motion carried unanimously.

It has been suggested that school personnel attend this meeting and that the meeting date, time and location be posted. Letter of Intent to Purchase Radio Equipment - Bryan Koslowski made a motion that we send a letter of intent to purchase the communication systems at a purchase price not to exceed $10,000 giving the Executive Committee the authority to negotiate. Motion amended to read to enter into an intent to purchase a communications system not to exceed the estimates and to refer this to the Executive Committee for further action. Motion carried unanimously.

Propane - Marty Perkins made a motion to accept the Stanley Fuel propane bid. Seconded by Brian Koslowski. A pre-buy plan from Ferrell Gas was given at $1.1 69. This was quoted for a long term contract but that price does not cover the period of the contract. The pre-buy plan from Stanley is $1.21 9 for the coming year. This price has been extended to the Association Members. Motion carried unanimously.



Vacated Director’s Position - We will post and notify the membership that we have a vacancy and we are accepting letters of interest. This will be posted in the newsletter. Letters must be received by 5PM on Wednesday September 8. These will be reviewed at the next work session on Thursday, September 9 at 7 PM.

With the resignation of Director Bob Adair the position of Nominating Chairman is now open. Marty Perkins volunteered to take the Chairmanship.

Future Planning Committee Mission Statement - Marv Frayer made a motion to accept the mission statement. Seconded by Scott Hayer. . Motion carried unanimously.

The President stated that mission statements are statements of what the Committee is about, where the Committee is going and what they are attempting to do. In my experience of doing mission statements and goal setting for organizations, it really needs to come from the top down, If we are expecting committees to do it, committee statements and goals need to reflect how they are going to help the organization or board mission statement come to life. Everything has to point to the goals and the mission of the organization. The Board should consider taking some time to develop a mission statement which would help the committees develop their mission statements.


The President stated that he had asked different Board Members to serve as liaison for the various Committees. Al Issac has been appointed as Liaison to the Futures Committee and Marty Perkins has volunteered to do the Nominating Committee. Marv Frayer has volunteered as liaison for the Campground and Security Committees.


Campground Electricity - The Manager received an estimate from a qualified electrician to do the campground wiring for $1,250. That entails running conduit wire from the bath facility under the parking area ands drive to the pavilion, installing a sub-panel, wiring lighting and outlets using weather tight components. The only thing not included is the trenching machine rental. Marv Frayer made a motion that we accept this bid, Seconded by Marty Perkins. Scott Flayer requested that the Manager request a breakdown of labor and materials. After much discussion the motion passed unanimously.


Extension of Contract with Reiss Realty - Marty Perkins made a motion to continue the agreement with Reiss Realty. Seconded by Scott Hayer. Motion passed 3-2.


New Policy and Procedure - The President’s recommendation is that no Committee can develop policies without the Board


Approval before it becomes part of the rules. Just a reminder that the Committees need to bring new policies to the Board.

It is incumbent upon the Board that the Committees are given direction.


Marty Perkins made a motion to establish a special meeting Tuesday, August 17. 2004 at 7 PM for the purpose of hearing EPC appeals. Seconded by Brian Kozlowski. Motion carried unanimously.


Appointment of Committee Chairs - Activities Chairman, Shirley Brandt; Entrance Committee, Phyllis Willoughby and

Greg Hernden; Campground, Gary Cheadle; EPC, Chick Witchell; Futures, Tom Crook; Security, Fred Witchell; Saplings

-Seedlings, Tina Flayer. Marv Frayer made a motion to accept the above listed persons as Chairpersons for the

Committees. Seconded by Brian Kozlowski. Motion passed 4-1.


Scott Hayer gave a slide presentation of selected areas where attempts have been made to discourage ATV trails. The procedure was to have filled areas with stumps. Some of the barricades were determined to be very unsightly. Therefore, discussion followed as to how best to correct the problem. Brian Koslowski made a motion to direct Tommie Bauer to decease with the dumping until further notice. Seconded by Marv Frayer. Motion carried unanimously.



Al Issac made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Brian Kozlowski. Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at



Respectfully Submitted



Priscilla Moore