Unapproved Minutes of July 21, 2001 Annual Meeting




President Gail White called the Annual Meeting of the Membership to order at 1:30 PM.  Present were 1st Vice President Pat Zakalowski, 2nd Vice President Jay Farr, Directors Linda Brabant, Don Kuester and Roy Miller and Manager Tim Fall.   


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE was made by the membership. 



Gary Farnham, Lot 637, moved to accept the minutes of last year’s Annual Meeting as written.  Marv Sieger, Lot 1114, seconded the motion.  All in favor.  Motion carried.



For the fiscal year ended February 28, 2001 the Treasurer reported income of $360,233.72 and expenses of $347,202.20.  Net Income for the fiscal year was $13,021.52.  Cash Balance at the end of February 2001 was $25,562.57.  Joe Romine, Lot 542, moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Seconded by Barb Sieger, Lot 1114.  Motion carried.



Committee chairman Linda Brabant stated that currently nominations for the board include Robert Adair, Marvin Richardson, Roy Miller, Jay Farr, Todd Graham and Charles Dorcey.  There being no further nominations from the floor nominations were closed.  Each nominee was given an opportunity to introduce himself to the membership.  Robert Adair introduced himself followed by Marv Richardson, Roy Miller, incumbent, Jay Farr, incumbent, Todd Graham and Charles (Tom) Dorcey.  Questions directed from the floor requested a description of the work related experience of each nominee, their positions regarding 4 wheelers and how the candidates would preserve the positive aspects of the past with the necessary changes of the present and future.  There being no further questions from the floor the voting was completed.



President White stated her appreciation and thanks from the board to the various committees.  She introduced the following chairpersons:

            Chick Witchell, Environmental Committee

            Ann Hobart, Restrictions and Covenants Committee

Fred Witchell, Future Planning Committee

            Martin Moore, Campground Committee (absent)

            Hospitality Committee, Dorothy McArthur

On behalf of the board, thanks are being given to Pat Zakalowski for her years of service and the time she has donated as a board member. Some of the accomplishments during the year have been the purchase of a new truck, repair of the boilers, a bike rack at the gate and the building of the pavilion under the direction and guidance of Moe Lombardo, Lot 658-9.  A special thanks to Moe for his dedication to this special project. 



ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE –Chick Witchell introduced the committee members, Charles Hastings, Lots 75-80, Ron Tagg, Lots 245-6 and Todd Graham, Lots 956-7.  Larry Franklin, Lots 908-909, was unable to attend.  This month new residences will be going in on Lots 160, 768, 655, 582, 43, and 333-4, 3 new drives at campsites and residence additions at Lots 60 and 629 and a new contiguous lot status at 653-654. For the year 10 contiguous lot approvals, 15 campsites and driveways, 13 new garages, 4 septic systems for campsites, 21 sites for tree removals and 9 others for docks and decks, fire pits etc and 23 new homes.  The Committee has also developed fine schedules for violations.  The Chairman gives thanks to all the committee members for all their time spent.


RESTRICTIONS AND COVENANTS COMMITTEE – Ann Hobart named committee members, Larry Franklin, Lots 908-909, Jerry White, Lots 1258, Charles Hastings, Lots 75-80, Joni Farr, Lots 942, 930-31. Jay Farr was board liaison.   The 3rd and final committee draft as revised has been given to the Board and has been circulated in the Birch Bark to the members for comments.  These comments must be submitted in writing.  The restrictions have been updated to show the responsibilities of the Association rather than that of the Developer, to improve the ease of understanding and to place related activities together and thirdly to reflect comments made by the membership, specifically the proposal to have secondary lot status.  Finally the need to have all 7 sections of White Birch to fall under the same restrictions.


FUTURE PLANNING COMMITTEE – Fred Witchell requested that members send in writing any suggestions they would like the committee to consider for future planning.  Fred will work with the youth and their families to develop summertime entertainment for the teenagers.  A member requested that the volunteers who donated their time to build the pavilion come forward and be introduced.  Please see the Birch Bark for the names of the volunteers.  A hearty applause was given to the volunteers.


HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE – Dorothy McArthur stated that all people in this community would be properly greeted.



Mgr Fall gave his thanks for all the volunteers who donated their time and energy to build the pavilion, especially Mo Lombardo who spear headed the project.  Thanks to the Environmental Control Committee members for the great amount of work done to protect the overall rights of the White Birch community.  Further appreciation is given to the Board Members who have given so much time and support.  Capital Improvements, a new item in the budget, of $33,818 is for the replacement of boilers at $18,000, the purchase of a road grader and a slide-in salt spreader, a variety of equipment upgrades, increased fish stocking in lakes, increased amount of gravel for the roads and plans for more upgrades in the future.  Handicapped accessibility is a priority but first there are legal issues that must be resolved.  The final draft of the Covenants and Restrictions has been submitted in the last issue of the Birch Bark for members review.  The Board has decided to put off until October the finalized Covenants and Restrictions that will be presented to the members for vote.  It is imperative that all comments and suggestions be submitted in writing.  Past due assessments collected have exceeded the budget estimates for the first 6 months of this year.


COMMENTS FROM THE FLOOR- Dorothy McArthur, Lot 30-31, announced there is an exercise class for adults Mon. Wed. & Fri. mornings at the swimming pool.  Joe Romine, Lot 542, plans to do a history of longtime White Birch members, have luncheons, photo some old documents, copy some old pictures etc and form a web site.  He suggests that the Chairman of the Environmental Committee be a paid employee and the Manager be given a raise.


ELECTION RESULTS – Linda Brabant announced the new board members are:  Robert Adair, Marvin Richardson, Charles (Tom) Dorcey and Todd Graham.  There were a total of 151 valid ballots, 52 of which were absentee ballots.  Congratulations to the new members.  The ballots for the 2000 election will now be destroyed and ballots for 2001 will be retained for 1 year.



Jerry White, lot 1259, moved to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Pat Zakalowski, Lot 1305.  Motion carried.  The next regular board meeting will be on the 18th of August, the third Saturday of August.  Thereafter meetings will be held on 2nd Saturday of each month.


Respectfully Submitted

Priscilla Moore, Secretary-Treasurer