Board Meeting Minutes


June 14, 2008



President Brian Kozlowski called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m. Director Al Isaac leads the association with prayer, followed with the Pledge of Allegiance led by President Brian Kozlowski. Board members present were President Brian Kozlowski, 1st Vice President Sharon Bridges, 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer, Director Patricia Graham, Director Al Isaac, Director Darren Bondy, board member Brian Heiden was not in attendance.Also present were Manager Gail White, Secretary Elaine Carrasco and Treasurer Priscilla Moore.



Motion made by 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer to approve the May meeting minutes.A second was made by Director Al Isaac, motion carried.



Treasurer Priscilla Moore reports income for the month of May at $40,648.47. Total expenses at $48,178.00 with a cash balance at the end of May of $198,289.57.

Motion to approve Treasurerís report by 1st Vice President Sharon Bridges, second by Director Patricia Graham, motion carried.



President Brian Kozlowski reports that the concerns Louise Bryant had at the last meeting have been resolved and the lessons will continue and lessons will be provided for the children. If members are aware of anyone needed this service registration forms are available at the office and will be forwarded to Louise.

As we are coming up on an election and our annual meeting he would ask each and every member to be patience with the information they receive by the candidates. Some people get upset when they get a mailing at their home. You have to understand that the candidates are merely trying to get their ideas out to you. You need to weight the information for yourself, we all have our own view on handling the association and how we should handle our finances and thatís ok, just be patience, and donít get angry with anyone.

The tradition or protocol for any board of directors who are not up for election is that they do not actively endorse any candidates. I would hope any Board member would do what was best for the membership, unfortunately one of our Directors has chosen to actively participate in the election procedure of the Board and while I would not at all challenge his right to support the member or individual, as a Director it is inappropriate.

We tabled at the last meeting our proposal for improvements after much concern from associate members, director Isaac has done a considerable amount of research on ways to cut our energy costs.We are all charged with maintaining our amenities, which are becoming more expensive, we are looking at alternatives to cut our costs. Energy saving windows is an alternative we have been looking at.

We encourage you if you have ideas to submit them to our office.



Manager Gail White reports having our first major holiday of the 2008 was a success, other then a few minor incidents, all went well.She asks that if you see any destructive behavior, please report it.

Gail reports additional vandalism.As some of the members have asked to have a barrier on the beaches, so we did. These were at Holiday and Timber Lakes.Someone decided to pull up all the 4x4ís and stole those, the chain link and the beach signs.††† It was reported to the Sherriffís dept, as will all incidents. At a cost of $400.00 dollars to the association.



A motion to approve the payables by Director Patricia Graham, 2nd by Director Al Isaac, motion carried.



Fred Witchell reports that a stone was pushed by a vehicle into the dump pump-out.



No old business to address at this time.



Motion to have Wienlander-Fitzhugh as our auditor for the Fiscal year ending February 28th, 2008 made by 1st Vice President Sharon Bridges, seconded by 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer, all in favor, motion carried.



Comments from the floor available at the clubhouse.



These minutes posted in the June issue of the birch bark and are also available at the clubhouse.



Motion to adjourn by 2nd Vice President Marvin Frayer, seconded by Director Darren Bondy, all in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Carrasco