June 9, 2007



President Al Isaac called the meeting to order at 9:02am. Board members present were President Al Isaac, 1st Vice President Marvin Frayer, 2nd Vice President Greg Hernden, Director Don Papesh, Director Sharon Bridges, Director Bob Adair and Director Brian Kozlowski. Also present were Manager Gail White, Treasurer Priscilla Moore and Secretary Todd Graham. President Al Isaac opened the meeting with The Pledge of Allegiance. Director Brian Kozlowski followed with prayer.



Director Brian Kozlowski moved to approve the minutes for the May 12, 2007 board meeting, 2nd by Director Sharon Bridges. All in favor, motion carried.


Director Brian Kozlowski moved to approve the minutes for the May 19, 2007 special meeting regarding Matt Lucas contiguous lot status, 2nd by 1st Vice President Marvin Frayer. All in favor, motion carried.


Director Brian Kozlowski moved to approve the minutes for the May 26, 2007 special meeting regarding by-laws, 2nd by Director Don Papesh. All in favor, motion carried.



For the month of April 2007 Treasurer Priscilla Moore reported income of $42,055.24 and expenses of $41,794.16. Cash on Hand at April 30, 2007 was $253,883.33. 1st Vice President Marvin Frayer moved to accept the Treasurers report, 2nd by Director Bob Adair. All in favor, motion carried.



President Al Isaac reported:


Thanks Lincoln Township for their quick response and for being very professional when answering the emergency call when Jerry Bridges had his accident. Lots of work is underway at the entrance. Updated landscaping is being done. Special thanks to Ray and Alicyn Johnson and Greg and Linda Hernden for all their hard work. Those working on the project have requested that the committee be renamed to White Birch Lakes Gardening Club instead of Entrance Committee – so granted. Jerry and Sharon Bridges asked Al to convey how much they appreciated all the people of WBL stopping by and calling and expressing their concern after the accident. Additions to agenda will be addressed after public comment time beginning with this meeting.



Director Brian Kozlowski reports he received a letter from Mike Turner regarding they way statements are printed for members when paying assessments and the confusion over an amount being in the over-due box when in fact the member may not be over-due.



Manager Gail White reported:


The electrical at the campground is complete. Northland Electric had to purchase more supplies and spend more time but he did not charge us the extra so we should give him our gratitude. Special thanks to Lenor Hayer for the new treadmill for the clubhouse. Spoke to Consumers Power about campground electrical use and asked them about putting meters at each campsite and was told it would be very costly since they can not use our wiring system. Consumers Power is putting two additional feeds into WBL. One off Jefferson and the other to enhance what we have which will cut back on power surges. Once approved these two new leads will take two to three months to install. Began investigating putting a washer and dryer at the campground. Health department said we need to go through the State Campground Office for approval and then the Health Department can let us know if we need a larger drain field to handle it. Received a complaint on Timber Lake regarding algae build up so met with Rustin Pond and Lake and they determined it was not an algae problem but pollen built up on the water which goes away on its own. Tom Crook emailed regarding the new sign for WBL and asked that the Board keep the time open longer to allow submitting proposals by professional sign companies instead of just individuals. Copies of the proposed brochure to be handed out at the music festivals in Farwell have been given to the Board for consideration. This brochure has been designed primarily by Jan Isaac with help from Gail White and Todd Graham. Asks the Board to review and provide any edits and/or suggestions before she conducts research on printing costs. Dick Brandt asked Gail to report that there were 43 homes that participated in the Annual Yard/Garage Sale Day. Thanks to Chick Witchell for placing balloons at each location and special thanks to all those who helped control traffic. Our audit has been going very well and there will be a representative from the audit firm at the annual meeting to address questions from members.


Director Brian Kozlowski brings up concern over a member going to our auditor’s office to ask questions directly instead of going through the Board or WBL Office as should be done. Director Kozlowski asks President Al Isaac to have Manager Gail White make sure the auditor knows that all questions should come from the WBL office and not from any member walking in to avoid additional fees against the Association.


Director Brian Kozlowski moves to add Northland Electric to the list of payables in the amount of $14,252.30 and approve the payables, 2nd by 1st Vice President Marvin Frayer. All in favor, motion carried.



Report by Bob Pelfery. One attempted break in on Elm, police report filed. One lost child who was found without incident. Memorial Day Weekend went very well with very few complaints. Gate is working fairly decent. Members please do not tail get through the gate or “piggy-back” as the gate may close on your vehicle if you do not enter a code each time you come in.




Activities Committee – Report by Pat Graham. A special thanks to all those who provided bake goods for the bus stop sale during the Annual Garage Sale Day. $308.28 profit was made and designated for new playground equipment.


By-Laws Committee – No report given.


Campground Committee – Report by Fred Witchell. New electrical is all up and running. Beginning work on updates to playground area in campground this week. Asks that members please not haul trash to receptacle in campground since that costs the Association additional fees. Trash receptacle at campground is intended for campground use only. President Al Isaac directs Jan Isaac to place a notice in the Birch Bark regarding trash disposal at the campground and the fact that large items such as refrigerators, stoves, etc. (no tires) can be picked up free of charge when set out on the last trash pick up of each month. Al also directs Todd Graham to post the same on the Web Site.


Communications Committee – Report by Jan Isaac. The May Birch Bark was in the hands of the Directors May 29 and mailed to the members May 31.  I would like to thank the following people that helped get it mailed-Rich Helm, Marv Frayer, Andy Oaks, Jerry and Sharon Bridges, and Gerry and Dottie Massey.  The May Birch Bark was 12 pages and included By-Laws amendment recommendations.            


Web Site Report by Todd Graham. Updated by-laws posted for membership to review. All property owned by WBLRA is now listed under the real estate section of the Web Site. Voting page for the sign contest will be available by Monday June 18, 2007.

Conservation / Future Planning Committee – Report by Joe Romine. Having meetings after Board meetings have not been working well since Board meetings are going long so a new meeting schedule will be announced shortly.

Election Committee – No report given.


Nominating Committee – Report by Director Brian Kozlowski. Letters from five candidates have been received and all are members in good standing and have verified they are on the tax rolls as paying the property taxes. The five candidates are:

Robert Adair
Sharon Bridges
Pat Graham
Marvin Frayer
Brian Heiden

Asks that approval of the candidates, format for absentee ballot and format for annual meeting ballot be placed on the agenda for today’s meeting. The executive session listed should be deleted as that matter has been resolved. Director Kozlowski addresses letter received from Mike Turner in regards to determining which individuals are members in good standing and eligible to vote. Concern was over that when a member pays quarterly the invoice shows that the member is “delinquent” when making quarterly payments until paid in full and does this affect the members standing and voting eligibility? No one has come forth saying they were denied the ability to vote because of this. Director Kozlowski also pays quarterly and has not had any problems. Members are determined in good standing by verifying that the necessary assessments have been paid by the date approved. Manager Gail White explains that our accounting software just places any unpaid assessments in the overdue section of an invoice. President Al Isaac asks Mike Turner if this answers his questions and Mr. Turner states yes but he had an additional question over the number of eligible voters at the last election. Mr. Turner had a problem with the office receiving his assessment check last year when he included it with other documents. Treasurer Priscilla Moore explains that was her fault and the problem was corrected.


Garden Club – No report given.


Environmental Protection Committee – Report by Chick Witchell. Two campsites with septic systems installed, four tree removal permits, one front porch with roof permit. Sent letter for tent left on lot. A total of five letters sent regarding multiple campers on lots. We do have storage available for members who may need it for their campers instead of leaving multiple units on lots.


Seedling and Sapling Committees – No report given.


Hospitality – Report by Pat Graham. Delivered three baskets to ill members and two baskets to members having twins. Sharon Bridges, Gina Frayer and Judy Richardson have been a great help – a special thank you to them for their efforts. Pat wants to impress upon people how great members have felt when receiving these baskets. Requests the Board to donate coffee cups to be included with new member packets and requests approval to purchase additional items for new member welcome packets.



Jimmie Neal - Lot #1094, Pertaining to this piggy backing through the gate. What I understand is that you are saying if you are hauling a trailer through it could close on you. How long is the delay? Manager Gail White explains that the gate does not close until after the beam is broken by a vehicle and it has completed going through the gate. The problem is when another vehicle tries to tailgate and the system picks up the space between the vehicles it may close on the second vehicle. Mr. Neal is also concerned about how the gate may react when a member is towing a second vehicle. Manager Gail White explains that there shouldn’t be a problem when hauling another vehicle since you have the hitch to keep the gate from viewing the vehicles as separate. Mr. Neal is concerned there may be a problem when he tows his car behind his motor home.

Toni Passage -
Lot # 163, I just wanted to let you guys know there's a tree down across the whole road on Evergreen. It's up near Bridges place a whole big tree and I just wanted to let you guys know that.

Marty Perkins -
Lot# 1095, I have concerns about the Board and following our By-Laws. Consisting of the special meeting you held and the 26th. Seems to me there were some members here and this was an open meeting. Why did this Board deny comments from the floor? It specifically says in our By-Laws that is to be given to our members to express their concerns on what ever is taking place. Another problem I have is the meeting the Board has every week prior to this Board meeting and you don't call it a meeting. Any meeting this Board gets together whether you’re talking activities or what ever still is an open meeting. Now I sat here at one of your work shops and got totally pushed out and that was totally against our By-Laws. Why does this Board feel it does not have to answer to the Association or follow the By-Laws so that we have a say.  To blatantly go out and tell these people that you do not have to give comments from the floor when it is said in our By-Laws that is just despicable. And I want an explanation, why, why do you feel you don't have to give comments from the floor at an open special meeting? See our By-Laws section 11, #3. President Al Isaac explains there will be comments from the floor at all meetings and apologizes for not allowing them at that particular meeting. After that meeting he researched the by-laws and found he was in error.

Jerry Bridges - 
Lot # 158, I'd like to thank everybody for being concerned about me. On of those things that proved to me once more White Birch is more than just a community it's a family of people. My daughter in law showed up at Clare hospital and was overwhelmed with the number of people from White Birch that was already there concerned about my well being. To all those people I would like to say Thank You for your prayers, your concern, I would also like to thank the Hospitality Committee for when they showed
up and I think this is just a great place to be. Thank You

Chick Witchell -
Lot # 648, I know it is a great idea for the washer and dryer I mean for the campers it would be convenient. Haven't we promised for the last 4 years to fix the floor and replace the stools? I think stuff like that should be done before we even think about doing washers and dryers. Washers and dryers would be nice, but I just think we should be doing stuff like fixing the lots and leveling them out, people have to camp on hills. Let’s get some of that stuff done before we get to the fancy stuff. The other thing the pamphlet you passed around on the back it says Trails, we don't have ORV trails. Manager Gail White explains that reference has already been edited out.

Joe Romine -  Lot # 42, I'd like to report the Mothers Day breakfast that was put on was pretty well attended over 70 people, everyone seamed to go away happy. Fathers Day breakfast coming up will be put on by the Red Hatters. I'd like to recommend to the Board to send a letter of commendation; signed by no less than the President, be sent to Tom House of Northland Electric, he saved us a lot of money and did a lot of work there. He was a joy to work with a true White Bircher.

Mary Cox-Perkins -
Lot # 1095, That was me that had questions for the Auditor and it was 2 simple questions. Reaffirmed that NO the first one wasn't an Audit and Yes this one will be. Because of all
the fliers that were sent around here last year at election time by members of this Board saying it was an Audit. I just wanted to make sure we were having one this time. 2 questions and I thought you said anyone could ask any questions they wanted for a whole year at no extra cost. My second question is the income report handed out to the people last month at the meeting is different than the one on line. And what is an eleven thousand, over eleven thousand dollars bad debt expense? We don't loan out money, how can we have bad debts? It's on line. Bad Debt expense 11,000. Treasurer Priscilla Moore explains that represents people who don't pay their assessments and we have to write them off, it’s not actually an expense.

Jimmie Neal -
Lot # 1094, The By-Laws for the election at the annual meeting are they going to be on the ballot as one vote or going to be broken down by each one of the changes? I think the Board needs to take another look at it. You could have the whole thing rejected or just a couple items on it. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Tammy Mitchell -
Lot # 421, Now that the gate is working is there going to be less security driving around during the day? We see security driving way too much.

Marty Perkins -
Lot # 1095, I'd like to volunteer my services for the bathroom floors at the campground floors. If you'd like to form a committee on it or what ever I'll volunteer my services.

Pat Graham - 
Lot # 1302, I would like to make a comment regarding the gates and the security driving around. I am quite grateful that security drives around like they do. We have a lot of people who live by themselves and they are in secluded areas so I appreciate the amount of work that security does.

Celeste Johnston - Lot # 327, Are you going to have anybody from the maintenance trim the trees along the road, because sometimes I have to stop other wise these trees are just going to scratch my car all up. They’re really low and including walking down the road it can be tough I have to duck, even though I can't walk any more I've seen people they have to walk out in the middle of the road.

Mike Turner –
Lot # 86, 87, 88, For those of you who live at the campground or by the campground, yes there was a medi-vac. We heard the accident and around 50 minutes later the helicopter was there.

Marty Perkins - 
Lot # 1095, I'd like to ask the Board if and when the time is going to be put in to our Parks and our Beaches. Considering we bought buoys and everything for Timber Park last year seems to me they're not being put out yet. I'm wondering is this going to happen this year? And I was also curious
about the port-a-jons they were such a great success last year with the people I'm wondering why aren't we
going to do it again. Another thing is the State of
Michigan requires a port a john or some means for people to use in they're State Parks or any park being that we have a gate that excludes us, but don't the members deserve the same consideration as the state of Michigan thinks we should? I mean come on I like taking my
Granddaughters down to the beach and the last thing I want to see is some grown man standing behind a tree going to the bathroom in front of my girls. Whether you like it or not whether they should or they shouldn't, it happens. I just think the people of this Association deserve the courtesy. 2 years volunteers put in to that park to try and bring it back and they did such a great job with it. Al you were there, this year nothings happened, not a thing and it's a real shame to all the volunteers that put so much work in there to just let it go again. Now we just have pipes sticking out of the water on the beach. I thought that last year the Board made a motion to maintain this? Actually isn't it the Boards job it self to maintain our amenities our parks, so far we are not doing anything?




Safety Rules Tabled at Last Months Meeting – Director Don Papesh moves to place these back on the table for discussion, 2nd by 1st Vice President Marvin Frayer. Directors Don Papesh, Sharon Bridges and Marvin Frayer vote yes. Directors Brian Kozlowski, Bob Adair and Greg Hernden vote no. President Al Isaac votes yes to break the tie vote. Director Don Papesh moves to throw out these proposed rules, 2nd by 1st Vice President Marvin Frayer. Vote to throw the proposed rules out; Director Don Papesh and 1st Vice President Marvin Frayer vote yes. Directors Brian Kozlowski, Sharon Bridges, Bob Adair and Greg Hernden vote no. Director Brian Kozlowski moves to table, 2nd by Director Bob Adair. Directors Brian Kozlowski, Bob Adair, Sharon Bridges, Marvin Frayer and Greg Hernden vote yes. Director Don Papesh votes no. Motion carried.




Annual Meeting Agenda – Director Brian Kozlowski states the nominating committee report should be deleted since the committees duties are done with today’s regular board meeting. 1st Vice President Marvin Frayer moves to accept the agenda for the Annual Meeting for July 21, 2007 with Director Kozlowski’s recommended edit, 2nd by Director Bob Adair. All in favor, motion carried.


Set Time for Quarterly Budget Review Meeting – After discussion President Al Isaac sets meeting for Friday June 15, 2007 at 4:00pm at the Clubhouse.


Review Campground Fee Schedule – Manager Gail White recommends that the board take time and research comparisons for fees charged at other camping facilities like state parks. And she recommends the board look at having an additional fee for full service campsites. She also feels making fee changes mid season would be confusing to members. 1st Vice President Marvin Frayer moves to table until the next meeting, 2nd by Director Don Papesh. All in favor, motion carried. Director Brian Kozlowski moves to reconsider the motion since the next meeting is the annual meeting, 2nd by Director Bob Adair. All in favor, motion carried. 1st Vice President Marvin Frayer moves to table this issue until the regular board meeting in August 2007, 2nd by Director Don Papesh. All in favor, motion carried.


Mulch for Playground Area at Campground – Director Don Papesh presents information on rubber mulch to be used. After some concern is expressed over the use of this material President Al Isaac directs this issue to be turned over to the Campground Committee to research and bring a recommendation before the board.


Approval of Candidates and Ballots for Annual Meeting – Director Bob Adair moves to approve the structure of the absentee ballot and annual meeting ballot as well as the candidates, 2nd by 2nd Vice President Greg Hernden. All in favor, motion carried.


President Al Isaac appoints Jimmie Neal, Jerry White, Kevin Dombrowski, Patrick Nalepa and Kathy Lutz to the Teller Committee and requests the boards’ approval. Director Bob Adair moves to approve the teller committee as appointed by President Al Isaac, 2nd by Director Brian Kozlowski. All in favor, motion carried.


Director Bob Adair moves to adjourn, 2nd by 1st Vice President Marvin Frayer. All in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 11:05am.


Respectfully Submitted


Todd J. Graham