June 10, 2006



Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.  All directors present:  Marty Perkins, Ken Passage, Al Isaac, Dave Conley, Marv Frayer, Scott Hayer and Dan Holzer.  


Pledge and prayer were given.


ADDITIONS TO AGENDA:  Additions to New Business:  Al Isaac asked to address a $475 bill to McMahan and Thomson and obtain some clarification for next year’s audit.  Ken Passage requested that the consideration of poll watchers be addressed.  Appointment of Teller Committee and tennis courts were added to Unfinished Business by Marty Perkins and also requested recognition of Joe Romine’s appointment to the Future Committee’s Chair.


Motion to accept Agenda by Dave Conley and seconded by Al Isaac.  Motion carried.


Motion to accept May Minutes by Al Isaac and seconded by Dave Conley.  Motion rescinded.  Motion by Al Isaac seconded by Scott Hayer to table minutes until June meeting carried.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Priscilla Moore stated that for the month of April the total income was $22,549.84 and total expenses were $49,589.48 with a Cash Balance of $238,055.48.  Requested permission to move $27,500.00 from the Development Fund to an interest bearing savings account.  Ken Passage makes a motion to move the funds and was seconded by Dan Holzer.  Motion carried.  Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report by Marv Frayer and supported by Scott Hayer.  Motion carried.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Marty Perkins allowed Dave Conley to speak at this time.  Dave Conley expressed his concern about the last meeting.  Suggested that the meetings should be for agenda business only and the personal attacks during the Correspondence and Comments from the floor should not be allowed.  This time should be limited to present agenda business.  Therefore, any correspondence read should be given to the board prior to being read at a meeting and must be signed and lot number given.  Also pointed out that Robert’s Rules give specific details on the conduct and disciplinary actions at meetings.  Further asked that these improper actions stop from both sides and stated that everyone should join him in calling these actions out of order. 


CORRESPONDENCE:  (Letters available at office) A letter from Walter and Sharon Sonnichsen commended all of the work done at Timber Lake and the volunteers responsible.


MANAGER’S REPORT:   Fred Stevenson has volunteered to patch the tennis courts and paint them and the nets will be put back up in order to see how often the courts are used and whether the board should choose to resurface to courts.  Also stated that Timber Lake has had problems with people and ATVs and requested that the park be closed at 10:00 p.m..  The lakes have been treated.  Security is on full time for the summer season.  The Health Department has required a permit for the Seedlings and Saplings and for the Father’s Day breakfast and suggested that the Activities Committee may need a permit for the annual luncheon as well.  An anonymous volunteer has offered to purchase permits for the Seedlings and Saplings.  Northland Electric came out and looked at the electrical problems at the campground.  Most severe repairs have already been made and he gave an estimate to complete the concerned areas.  Gail further explained the problems that were found and stated the urgency of the situation and requested a special meeting with Tom House, the owner of Northland Electric.


(PAYABLES APPROVAL):  Motion made to pay the payables by Marv Frayer and seconded by Dave Conley.  Discussion about the brine cost.  Marty Perkins explained the breakdown of the additional McMahan and Thomson bill which included additional training services for $300 requested by the office, $175.00 for the software and $620.00 that was for the initial training on implementing the new software and suggestions made by the firm.  Motion to pay payables carried.


Al Isaac asked for time to recognize Dan Holzer for his efforts to maintain Angel Park every year and thanked him for doing so.


SECURITY:  Tom Forman thanked Bob Pelfry for his quick response of viewing tapes when a woman was missing.  She returned home safely.  Security has had complaints of barking dogs and dogs running loose.  Also, he sought advice of the Board on how to handle ATVs and rule enforcement.  (Marty Perkins suggested discussing this at the next security meeting).  Also there have been concerns about alcohol, dogs and glass bottles at the beaches.  Asked about Security’s authority on private property.  (Gail suggested contacting the attorney as well)



Activities:  Kristina VanPelt reported that $234 was made for the member’s picnic at the “store” during the yard sales and thanked all who donated their items and baked goods.  Reminded everyone of the Father’s Day breakfast on June 18th.  The next meeting will be the 15th of June at 7:00.  The parade will begin at 12:30 on July 3 and will be followed with a picnic including a live DJ.  Also she will be looking into whether a permit is necessary or not.

Entrance:  Theresa Turner stated that the flowers have been completed and thanked Mike Turner, Greg and Linda Herndan, and Terry Obrecht for all of their efforts.

EPC:  Chick Witchell stated that there were 3 improvements, one platform deck and one letter sent out for maintenance of a lot.  There are several more she has been watching to see if they remain maintained as well.  Also a structure that remains unfinished is added to next month’s agenda for further discussion.

Joe Romine is ratified by Al Isaac as Futures Committee.  Ratification carried.

Futures:  Joe Romine stated that he has not had many sign up to serve on the committee but he will contact those that are signed up the following week.

Seedlings:  Tina Hayer stated that the annual hotdog and lemonade stand raised $230.00.  The fishing contest was held with a 19” bass in first place, a 17 ½ “ bass in second and a 15 ½ “ bass in third place.  A Scavenger Hunt has been planned later this day.

Communications:  Terry Obrecht requested that the pictures from the recent events be sent to her for the website.  She also gave the budget report for the newsletter and stated that it is in good standing.  The newsletter will be going out a week earlier this edition in consideration of non-local members with the nomination information

Conservation:  Mike Turner thanked all of those who helped at Timber Lake.  He reminded everyone of the “Walk in the Woods” and also that the 4-H kids would be selling the bird houses and Wood Duck boxes next week.  Marty Perkins stated that the Conservation Committee came in under budget (Budget list provided) and that a swimming raft may be considered with the additional funds.

Nominating:  Al Isaac stated that there have been 10 candidates.  Eight have been approved to be the voting member of the lot and are in good standing with the Association.  Brian Kozlowski, Mark Connelly, Mike Turner, Marty Perkins, Al Isaac, Marv Frayer, Greg Herndan, and Marv Richardson.  Letters will be in the Birch Bark and the official slate will be read at the next meeting.  He requested that this be added to the agenda for next month.  Motion to accept all approved candidates made by Scott Hayer and seconded by Dave Conley.  Motion carried.  Al Isaac thanked Toni Passage for her efforts to find volunteers and also asked for clarification as to why Tellers and Nominating Committee members cannot be on both committees.

Teller:  Ken Passage stated there is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board and is still looking for anyone interested.  Teller Committee will be formulated after the nominations are set and will be appointed by the Board at the June meeting.

Campground:  Fred Witchell stated that the campground is up and running except for the four sites that are closed due to the electrical concerns.  Suggested painting lines on any areas where the electrical lines may be a concern.  He has received cards back for next year and reminded everyone that those must be returned in order to secure a place for next year.  An ATV destroyed a steel door at the maintenance building and will now need to be replaced.




Mark Connelly, Lot 277 asked how a member’s status will be verified when the list is not current.  Also stated that he did not believe that a permit is not required if it is a private function.  Stated his concerns that the bickering that has occurred in WBL has hence caused everyone to be punished.  Stated that red paint needed to be used to paint the power lines at the campground.

Carolyn Neil, #1094 thanked White Birch for the new newsletter and especially for sending it first class since this is the first time she has been able to receive it.  Also wanted a clarification as to why some people are allowed to use the pool during closed hours.  (Gail explained that some people with medical reasons use the pool in the morning for exercise and when children are not there)

Marv Richardson, #551 reminded everyone that there was a committee that formed a policy three years ago on ATVs and that a copy of this policy is available at the clubhouse.  Asked why the application for the Absentee Ballot won’t be in the next newsletter.  (Theresa Obrecht stated that she will put it into the next newsletter.)

Sal Scozzari, #1375 asked if someone with multiple lots can have multiple votes and stated that he feels this is not a good practice.  Also commented that By-Laws are important and should be reviewed every year.  The last one was three years ago.  He stated that the initial By-Laws were set up for a corporation.  He believes that White Birch is incorporated for liability purposes but that White Birch cannot be a democratic organization until the By-Laws are addressed.

Jerry Bridges, #158 suggested that documentation of lots with homes and those with campers be updated continually for addressing issues. 

Deb Garrish, #373 stated that she is entitled to multiple votes due to the multiple dues she is entitled to pay.

Greg Herndan, #533 suggested seeking a legal opinion on the health permit issue.  Also suggested removing the pool table in order to obtain more room for the meeting.  Also asked what means members have to address concerns of the board if the entire board sees the question and answers the question.

Tim Toner #620 stated his discontent with the minutes and their proper placement in the Birch Bark and while he agrees with Dave Conley he still feels it is necessary to come to the meetings to state his discontent until the minutes are properly placed.

Linda McNeil, Lot 770 asked if there was any funding for a new bench at Angel Park.

Kathy Lutz of #225 offered to donate the bench.

Becky Krzyzanowski, #1309 stated that she works for the Gladwin County Health Department as a food inspector.  She stated that if the event is open to the public such as the yard sale then a permit must be obtained.  (Tina Hayer stated that she spoke with Steve King who told her it is a liability concern).  Becky also stated that even if it is a private organization that anyone from the public can buy a lot and that the campground also provides an opportunity for anyone to attend a food event.  Therefore it is in the interest of White Birch to obtain a permit for any of the events.

Brian Kozlowski, #688 stated that it is not necessary to obtain bids for the electrical problems at the campground according to past practice.  Stated that due to the urgency of the situation that the board should act upon the current bid.

Matt Lucas #405 stated that he had read that the audit was a full financial audit but while he was reading some of the paperwork at the office he did not see anything about a full financial audit and would like to have clarification about whether it was a financial audit or whether it was a full financial audit.

Barbara Passage of #163 stated her discontent with Ken Passage being on the board but that she was not allowed to run for the board.  She requested an explanation from Al Isaac.  (Al Isaac explained that her name is not on the deed and therefore she could not satisfy ownership concerns).

Tina Hayer, #538 stated that a committee should be formed to go through an equalization list to determine proper owners of lots.  Suggested that it would be too much work for the office to do it alone.  (Determined that a meeting of volunteers will proceed with this process)

Walter Sonnichson #1377 stated that if someone lives in White Birch and pays for the membership then they should have the vote.  Also stated that it is not a law to register a deed in the state of Michigan and therefore he agrees that some of these things need to be cleared up.  (Scott Hayer stated that the By-Laws do clarify this issue.) [Marty Perkins stated that this is on the agenda]

Chris VanPelt, #1095 suggested that it be required to register the deed at the office even if it doesn’t need to be done at the state.

Pat Graham of #1302 stated her concerns that Correspondence not being read at the meeting is censorship. (Marty Perkins explained that it needs to be in the office a week prior to the meeting in order for the entire board to see it.)

Tom Dorcey #1122 welcomed signs.

Don Papesh #857 asked when the lot was deeded (Barbara Passage answered June 17) and asked Marty Perkins when the cut off date was (Stated June 1 but that Roberts’s Rules give some allowances).  Stated that Robert’s Rules are used selectively and should be used in their entirety.  (Gail White stated that June 1 is the cut off and the allowance is to only to settle a dispute).

Kathleen Kozlowski, #688 stated that the board should have addressed these issues after the last election.

Terry Obrecht, #251 stated that there is a problem currently with 61 lots and this is not only a problem with the newsletter and voting but also with the payment of dues if owners cannot be determined.  Suggested that people be required to register at the office.

Sal Scozzari, #1375 restated concerns with more than one vote for multiple lot owners.

Deb Garrish #373 restated her entitlement to more than one vote.


Ken Passage moved to close Comments from the Floor, seconded by Dan Holzer.  Comments from the Floor closed.



Motion made by Dave Conley and seconded by Dan Holzer to gravel the road at Timber Lake with the additional money left from the Timber Lake budget in the amount of $1,198.76.  Motion carried.


According to the poll as to whether the shed issue should be on the ballot there was 92 yes and 33 no.  A motion was made by Dan Holzer and seconded by Ken Passage to put the shed issue on the ballot with the wording, “Should the White Birch Lakes Recreational Association Covenants and Restrictions be amended to permit the building of permanent sheds no larger than 120 square foot (10’ x 12’) on lots where no residence has been built specific language and details to be approved by the Board of Directors after the committee reports recommendations after the election if so amended”.  Al Isaac requested township clarification.  Scott Hayer stated that he has concerns about the costs of changing the By-Laws and how to inform the membership about the shed issue.  Gail White asked to amend the motion to state should we allow the shed and then the Covenants and Restrictions will be changed at a later date.  Ken Passage and seconded by Dave Conley move to rescind their previous motion.  Motion carried.  Motion made to accept the shed issue on the ballot and to later work out the details if the membership would like to change the Covenants and Restrictions.  Motion carried.  Al Isaac requested that a written opinion come from the township.


 Letter to determine ownership of property:  Scott Hayer stated that there have been several instances in which he felt Ken Passage should not be eligible to be on the board.  The first in which the warranty deed stated June 17 and the June 1 deadline.  (Marty Perkins stated that this was already reviewed and voted upon.)  The second item would be his concern of co-ownership of the lot between Ken and his wife and his brother and sister-in-law.  Scott stated that he doesn’t believe Ken’s status of being the voting member has been determined between the family members.  He requested that the Passage’s make this determination in order for Ken Passage to remain on the board.  Al Isaac read a letter from Barbara Passage requesting to be a nominee for the board stating that her husband and she are co-owners of the lot.  Scott Hayer made a motion to suspend Ken Passage’s voting privileges until Ken can provide legal documentation stating that he is the voting member of the property and seconded by Marv Frayer.  Ken Passage explained the circumstances in which he chose to run for the board stating that his brother Allen Passage gave him the approval do so.  He further explained that the deed only had his own name and his brother’s name upon it and later Ken’s wife Toni was added.  Barbara Passage is not on the deed.  Ken further stated that he has a letter from an attorney stating that Allen and Barbara Passage have accepted an offer purchasing the property in full from them.  Roll call:  Marv Frayer: Yes – Dan Holzer: No – Dave Conley: No – Scott Hayer: Yes – Al Isaac: No – Ken Passage: No


Appointment of Tellers:  Angela Bendell, Jim Neil, Sharon Swanson, Todd Graham, and Shirley Brandt.  Motion to ratify Teller Committee by Dan Holzer and seconded by Marv Frayer.  Ratification carried.


Tennis courts already discussed and agreed upon.




Gail White requested a motion to adjust budget due to an error of $1,000 to be corrected by removing it from pool maintenance area of the budget.  A motion was made by Dave Conley and seconded by Dan Holzer to adjust the budget.  Motion carried.


Dan Holzer made a motion to accept a bid from Northland Electric seconded by Scott Hayer to repair the campground.  Dave Conley stated his concerns that the campground is in the red every year and is a losing proposition and he isn’t comfortable putting another $28-$29,000 into it.  Priscilla Moore stated that revenues are down and further discussion occurs about which area of the budget that the money can be withdrawn from.  Dave Conley asked if this could be done next year.  Gail White suggested doing the work in phases.  Marty Perkins asked about the reserves in which Priscilla answered this would nearly empty the account.  Al Isaac suggested waiting for the budget review in July prior to the Annual Meeting in order to review the issue.  Motion to have Northland Electric continue the work, perhaps in phases, carried.


Bids from Ferrellgas, Amerigas, Progas and Stanley for propane contract were read.  Motion to accept Stanley at White Birch resident’s cost of $1.509, White Birch Lakes Association propane $1.559 with a $.05 discount if payments is received in 10 days and current Stanley customers will be $1.599 per gallon discounted to $1.549 if paid in 10 days, by Marv Frayer and seconded by Dan Holzer.  Motion carried.


Al Isaac asked about the cost that was agreed upon for the audit of $4,000.  He asked to make sure that there wasn’t any room for a large amount of additional costs to occur due to his concerns with the wording of the agreement.


Ken Passage stated that Ann Hobart had suggested that poll watchers that should be allowed to watch, observe, and take notes from a reasonable distance during the count at the election.  These watchers would be chosen by the candidates to offer extra checks and balances.  The Tellers committee could offer this in their recommendations after their first meeting.


Motion to adjourn made by Al Isaac and supported by Dan Holzer.  Motion carried.




(Those people not stating lot numbers and names cannot be published due to status verification purposes, please remember to do so.)


All letters and correspondence should be made available to the office by those responsible for reading them at the meeting.  Anonymous letters cannot be included due to concerns of member status.