JUNE 11, 2005




The meeting was called to order by President, Marv Richardson all directors were present.



Brain Kozlowski moved to approve the May minutes as written. Seconded by Scott Hayer. Motion Carried



The treasurer reported that the income for the month of May was $25,477.29, expensive were $29,264.47 and the ending cash balance as of May 31, 2005 was $263,586.27. Marv Frayer made a motion to accept the treasurerís report, seconded my Don Papesh. Motion was carried unanimously.



Marv Richardson reports that this is last official board meeting, he is not planning on running for reflection.



A letter was received from Sandra Szekely, lot #546, concerning Teal Lake maintenance. Gail White received a copy of a letter that was sent to Fred and Chick Witchell, thanking them for all the help that contribute to White Birch from Pat and Jerry McCann.



Regarding an e-mail about the lot 219, this lot was supposedly marked for a park, Reiss Reality was notified to remove this lot from the listing and there is confirmation it has been removed. Estimates for repairs of the tennis court range from $1189.00 bare minimum to $9800.00 for more extensive repairs, depending on resurfacing or repairing. Two contractors will be coming to give estimates on the wall in the pool area. The lots in foreclosing procedures will be up for judgment the 20 of June. Latest rumor is we sold a piece of property, and the proceeds from that property went to Fred and Chick Witchell and their son. There has been no property sold for donations of monies to Fred and Chick Witchell for their son. Report from Dick Brant about garage sales, 45 garage sale sights were held this year, slight increase from 2004. The ad was placed in 3 local news media, and also advertised by the lighted sign donated by Don Papesh. A special thanks to all who helped and contributed to the 2005 garage sale.



Motion made by Scott Hayer and seconded by Brain Kozlowski to pay bills as listed. Motion carried unanimously.



Campground: Fred Witchell reports that campgrounds are ready to go. Bathrooms interiors and exteriors have been painted, picnic tables have been cleaned and repaired, we are 8 short of having enough tables for all camp sights. Would like the board to consider fencing in the budget for the storage area at the campground for next year.



Flowers have been planted at the gate and we encourage anyone going up there to help water them. There is still some finish work to take place on the bus stop, painting and staining on the trim work. We are looking for volunteers to help. The problem of water at the entrance was discussed with possible solutions.



Chick Witchell stated for this month we have 6 trees removals, 2 sheds, 1 attached garage, 5 driveways, 1 new residence, lot #754, total residence are now 298 with 1 pending. We still have a lot of junk vehicles, as of May 1 this year Lincoln Township has said all vehicles have to operative. Charles Hastings had an emission statement that all lot improvements and maintenance conform to high standards set forth by the covenants and restrictions. establishes policy to the committee itself or the board of directors. The committee can act on all obligations for lot improvements, building constructions, tree removal, driveway construction, and contiguous lots. The - committee is also responsible for enforcing camping restrictions, regarding the upkeep and maintenance of lots in a manner harmonious with the surrounding area and with the association as a whole. Marv Richardson stated that the EPC committee should suggest policy to be approved by the board. Brian Kozlowski suggested that EPC et the policy and approved by the board.



June meeting has not transpired yet.



We have 5 people running for the board, Brain Kozlowski, Don Papesh, Dave Conway, Ken Passage, and Dan Holzer. Absentee ballots are going out in the newsletter.


Seedlings and Saplings:

Joe Romine stated that the hot dog sale generated over $200 at the garage sales. Tina Hayer reports the fishing contest was a big hit, their were a total of 30 children who participated, and 19 aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents who helped. Our grand prize fish was 15.5 inch bass caught by Tyler Sutton who also took the first place in the age group 12 to 18. First place fish for ages 7 to 11 was a 15 inch bass caught by Alisha Foster. First place fish for ages 1 to 6 was a 12 inch crappy caught by Kattie Roth. The next meeting will be today at the clubhouse at 12:00, we will be having a scavenger hunt. Anyone wanting to help can call Tina Hayer 989-588-0496.



Things are pretty quiet, we still have a few problems with dogs, if someone loses a dog please call the clubhouse and let us know so we will know where to return it. People speeding and running stop signs are still a problem but it is improving. The issue was discussed that emergency vehicles have to return to the firehouse before they can go to an emergency situation, that it is standard policy. Discussion was directed to change policy concerning White Birch and emergency situations. Flags for ATV will be available Monday at the clubhouse.



We will not have the cub scouts for summer projects this year, but have learned the procedures for 2006. A committee for conservation is forming and we are looking for volunteers in various areas. Gail White reports that the kitchen at the clubhouse is getting a new facelift; the cupboards have been removed and will be replaced, repairs to the wall and a fresh paint job, and a new floor will be installed.



Pat Graham lot# 1302, Concerned with someone not paying assessments should not be allowed to go to meeting and make comments and tape recordings. The board recognizes that non paying members would be allowed to attend the meeting but are not allowed to make comments or have access to common grounds or clubhouse. Joe Romine addresses the use of the miniature golf course and the issue of charging children. Gail White said we were no longer charging for the use of the golf course, except for Joe Romine. Ann Hobart lot # 454 invites everyone to come to her nutrition class on Tuesday night on the 14 at 7:00. Debby Gerish lot #375 stated that liens are only good for a number of years. Bob Pelfrey lot # 527 commented on the rumor from the garage sale from a homeowner that a comment had been made about getting rid of the campers. Also consider haying the board meeting in the other room. Jim Shaw stated that a stop sign has been down off and on for 2 years and needs to be put up.



Marty Perkins made a motion to have the boats removed from off the ground at White Birch Lakes and have them taken to their owners or put in storage. If they are not removed we can put them in storage. Scott Hayer seconded the motion. Brian Kozlowski tabled the motion to wait until after the annual meeting so an annoujicement could be made that the boats be removed. The motion will be tabled until the August meeting. Marty Perkins suggested that Stewart Park needed some upkeep and could we get some volunteers to help. Brian Kozlowski suggested we defer the consumer property to go on the agenda for the August meeting.



Marv Richardson made a motion to authorize the paying of the bills on recurrent items before the board meetings to prevent late charges. The motion was seconded by Al Isaac. The motion was passed.



The emergency exit for the back of White Birch should be in progress by the end of July. An estimate and a plan need to be presented at the board meeting. Marvin Frayer made a motion that the allowance of $4500.00 be allowed for the construction of the entrance building. This motion was seconded by Marv Richardson. After discussion the motion was passed by 5 votes. The motion was made to allocate up to $1,000 for the remodeling of the kitchen by Al Isaac and seconded by Scott Hayer. The motion was passed. Motion made by Scott Hayer to accept the EPC admission statement with the changes, Marv Frayer supported, motion was passed.



Meeting Adjourned