Unapproved Board Minutes of

June 12, 2004




The meeting was called to order by President Marv Richardson Present were 1St Vice President Scott Hayer, 2 Vice President Bob Adair, Directors Chuck Bailey, Larry Franklin, Marv Frayer and Brian Kozlowski, Manager Gail White and. The meeting opened with a salute to the flag and a prayer by Chuck Bailey.



Chuck Bailey moved to approve the March minutes as written. Seconded by Bob Adair. Motion carried unanimously.



The Manager reported that income for the month of May as $26,330.65, expenses were $36,218.37 and the ending cash balance at May 30, 2004 was $285,227.88. Chuck Bailey a motion to accept the Treasurerís report. Seconded by Mary Prayer. Motion carried unanimously.






A letter was presented from Merle Harmon resigning from the Futures Committee



We are making progress.


  1. The gate is open. We still have a few numbers that did not load properly. People have been very good about letting us know and the problems are corrected as we are notified, Actually we only had 2 people who got irate, most were understanding.


  1. Campground was f Memorial Day weekend, Bathrooms were open and all went fairly smoothly. We did have a problem with the amount of trash left by the dumpster. After checking we discovered the biggest offenders were not the camp but homeowners who use the opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. W need to control the situation, Maybe we will need to resort to surveillance cameras but for now we are encouraging everyone to let us know if you see anyone dumping at the campground.


  1. Easter Seal Association has donated an oversized wheelchair, walker and cane to White Birch for use by any handicapped individual.


  1. Barbara Adair has begun researching and compiling a book of policies passed by the boards over the years. We hope to have them all in one place for easy reference.


  1. We checked out the heavy equipment auction for graders however, of the three they had, 2 were in as bad condition as the one we have and the third was not large enough. Doug is working on getting a part for the grader we have so we can limp through the summer, This will buy some time and allow us to look for a used grader.


  1. Our Insurance carrier has informed us that if we designate ORV trails our liability would be extremely high and they probably wouldnít even want to write it. The Department of Labor establishes the rules but they are exempt from most of the liability.


  1. We have applied for a bulk permit for non-profit status through the Post Office. However it appears we will not qualify under their ďtype of organizationĒ choices. ).


  1. We have had requests for a list of unpaid assessments, per our by laws which state ďThe Association shall, upon demand at any time, furnish a certificate In writing signed by an Officer of this Association certifying that the assessments against a specific Lot remain unpaid or have been paid as the case may be. A reasonable charge may be made by the Board for the issuance of these certificates. Such certificates shall be conclusive evidence of payment of any assessments stated to have been paid as the case may be. A reasonable charge may be made by the Board for the issuance of these certificates.Ē I request the board establish a policy for charging per page for information requested. This item is on todayís agenda under new business.


ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - Chuck Bailey made a motion top the bills. Seconded by Bob Adair. Motion carried.



ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COMMITTEE - Chairperson Chick Witchell reported 4 tree removals, 2 campsites approvals, 4 driveways. 1 new residence and 2 other lot improvements. Having problems with residents keeping lots clean. Sending letters to those lot owners with 2 campers on one lot.

FUTURE PLANNING COMMITTEE - Al Isaac reported the Committee has about 8 members now. They have discussed the goals of the committee and have identified the issues. Immediate concern is identifying an additional exit from White Birch. Also signs posting fire danger.

ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE - Shirley Brant reported on successful Garage Sale 42 signed up. Next activity is Fatherís day breakfast June 20. A parade is planed for July 3 with picnic following at campgrounds. Annual meeting will be July 17.

CAMPGROUND - Fred Witchell reported 7 trailers still in campground, people have been notified and will be moving them. Pavilion rental is getting full for summer weekends. Those wanting to keep the same storage site need to contact the office

SECURITY - Fred Witchell reported about matrice being left in road., ATVís are registering and getting their flags, Had trouble with the hill at the old maintenance building. All boats that were abandoned were auctioned on Saturday, May 29. Had more dog complaints, fines are being sent.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE - Brian Kozlowski reported that the committee met. A decision was made to count the absentee ballots on Friday evening prior to the annual meeting. After the balloting is completed at the annual meeting, the committee wants to bring the ballots back to the clubhouse for counting and then report the outcome.

BYLAWS COMMITTEE - Chairperson Anne Hobart reported nothing new..

SAPLINGS AND SEEDLINGS - Tina Mayer reported that the children made $260.00 selling hotdogs etc. on Memorial weekend. There is a meeting today at 12:O0.to make doorknob hangers.

ENTRANCE COMMITTEE - Greg Herndon, the committee did meet and are in the process of preparing a recommendation for the board.



Motion by Bob Adair supported by Scott Mayer to accept the recommendations for changes by the by Laws committee, excluding the two issues that are being presented as ballot proposals. Motion by Larry Franklin to table motion supported by Marv Frayer, discussion held, Marv Frayer withdrew his support to table, motion died for lack of support. Vote was taken on the original motion, roll call vote Bailey, aye, Frayer, aye, Franklin, aye, Kozlowski, aye, Hayer, aye, Richardson, aye, Adair, aye motion carried.


Chuck Bailey presented the bids for the pool wall: Three Rivers Construction, wall repair $6,881.00 with additional building $$60,220.00. Buchanan Builders, wall repair $5,750.00 with additional building $57,550.00, Al Davis construction bid on entire project for $55,525.65. Motion by Chuck Bailey to accept a bid for the repair of the wall and table any discussion on an additional room. Supported by Larry Franklin, motion carried. Motion by Marv Frayer to award the bid to Buchanan Builders to repair the wall supported by Bob Adair.

Campground septic, motion by Marv Frayer to accept County wide Septic to repair septic at campground for an amount not to exceed $2,400.00 supported by Brian Kozlowski. Motion carried.


CCI Proposal that was tabled from last meeting. Tabled motion was to seek FCC approval for a communications system. †Motion was made by Marv Frayer to bring the motion back to the floor, supported by Scott Mayer. Motion carried. Vote on original motion. Motion carried.



Holiday Lake lease for use of WBL property around lake. Motion by Chick Bailey to assess the WBL members in good standing that own property on Holiday Lake $1.00 per year. The non WBL members will be assessed $50.00 per year in supported by Scott Hayer. Motion failed. Motion by Chuck Bailey to enter a lease with WBL members in good standing that own property on Holiday Lake and set the assessment at $1.00 per year. Supported by Scott Hayer, motion carried. Scott Hayer suggested that we prepare a contract document for an option to purchase the properties around Holiday Lake. Motion by Bob Adair to enter into a 1ease agreement with non WBL members who own property on Holiday Lake and set the assessment at $100.00 per year and include an option to purchase, supported by supported by Marv Frayer. Motion failed. Motion by Brian Kozlowski to enter into a lease agreement with non WBL members who own property adjacent to Holiday Lake and set the assessment equal to the current amount. Supported by Chuck Bailey. Motion carried. Motion by Scott Flayer that we negotiate with the non WBL owning property on Holiday Lake for an option to purchase their property, supported by Marv Frayer, motion carried.

Chuck Bailey requested that during the annual meeting, ballots should not be taken off site for counting. Brian Kozlowski pointed out that the ballots would be available for any one to count and they donít want a repeat of what happened last year. Scott Hayer suggested getting a canopy and rope off an area for counting at the campground. President Richardson polled the board to determine where they would like the votes counted. 5 members wanted it left at the campground and 2 wanted to bring the votes to the clubhouse. It was suggested that the area by the fireplace at the campground could be used.



Chuck Bailey made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Marv Frayer. Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM.


Respectfully Submitted


Gail L. White

General Manager