Board Meeting Minutes

Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of June 9, 2001



President Gail White called the meeting to order at 9:AM.Present were 1st Vice President Pat Zakalowski, 2nd Vice President Jay Farr, Director Don Kuester and Manager Tim Fall.Directors

Roy Miller and Linda Brabant were excused.



Pat Zakalowski moved to accept the May minutes.Seconded by Don Kuester.Motion carried.



For the month of May, Treasurer reported income of$17,587.75 and expenses of $25,400.96.Cash Balance at the end of May was $161,358.13.Jay Farr moved to accept the Treasurerís Report.

Seconded by Don Kuester.Motion carried.



Pat Zakalowski moved to approve payment of payables.Seconded by Jay Farr.Motion carried.









CAMPGROUND COMMITTEE Ė Jay Farr reported all projects are moving along fine.Photos of

the Pavilion are on display.Cement for the Pavilion floor will be poured next Saturday, June 16th.

ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Ė Pat Zakalowski reported that planning for the parade is progressing

well with some surprises in the offing.Please be sure to attend.

FUTURE PLANNING COMMITTEE Ė Fred Witchell reported that the committee has been looking

at the fenced-in old maintenance building as a potential place for storing boats for the winter with a nominal storage fee.He suggested that contact be made with teenagers to survey their preferences

for summer activities such as sports or some form of entertainment here at White Birch.Also we

have need for a Welcoming Person to contact new home owners and some form of recognition of

the death of long time home owners.Dorothy McArthur volunteered and has been appointed.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE Ė Chick Witchell reported that Lots 691, 767 and 1013 have been approved for driveways and campsites, as has a new garage at Lot 1369 and a new residence at Lot 552.



Over the Memorial Day weekend there was substantial increase in problems with ORVís and blatant disregard of vehicular laws.Law enforcement was called.Past due accounts continue to be received.Water level in lakes has risen somewhat with the exception of Teal Lake.

New and revised state inspections of campground and pool require some minor adjustments to the facilities.Information on Oak Wilt and Anthracnose has been circulated.MSU is to send a representative to identify the extent, if any, of Oak Wilt in White Birch.Special thanks is given to

Mo Lombardo for organizing and getting the work done on the Campground Pavilion. A list of the volunteers will be published in the White Birch Bark.Re: law enforcement-contact has been made

with DNR legal department and local law enforcement and we have been informed that White Birch

has the right to enact law enforcement.



Dorothy McArthur, Lot 30, stated that she is taking up a collection for one of White Birchís residents, Lucille Levandoski, who died on Friday, June 8, 2001.Mrs Levandoski was one of the original homeowners in White Birch.Joe Romine, Lot 542, stated his concern as to the possibilty of liabilty

in allowing ORVís to drive on vehicular roads.Philip Stopke, Lot 1320,questioned if White Birch

has the right to usurp certain motor vehicle codes, does it have the right also to usurp the authority in regards to building restrictions.Tom Crook, Lot 517, commented, based on information discussed at

this meeting, that if we do not use some type of law enforcement the privilege of running ORVíS,

golf carts and go-carts could be jeopardized.†††† Ann Hobart, Lot 454, suggested that signs be posted

and information be available at the clubhouse defining the rules and regulations and penalties regarding ORVíS etc.Gary Cheadle, Lot 1010, stated that every ORV has to have a state sticker and state stickers will not be issued for repeat violators.He also requested how no response to the Amended Covenants and Restrictions will be counted. That will be addressed at a meeting of the full board.†† Discussion followed concerning problems with visitors and the membersí responsibility for their guests.


As empowered and requested by the Board, the Environmental Committee has presented the Regulations

Regarding Accessory Structures Placedin White Birch Lakes and the Environmental Control

Committee Violation Fines. Don Kuester made a motion to vote on the Regulations Regarding

Accessory Structures Placed in White Birch Lakes.Discussion of the Structures Placed and

Violation Fines supported by Jay Farr. Both issues were discussed.Motion was defeated to

approve the Regulations Regarding Accessory StructuresPlacedin White Birch Lakes.Jay Farr

made the motion to approve the Environmental Control Committee Violation Fines.Seconded by

Don Kuester.Motion carried. Discussion needed on clubhouse roof and the possibility of

purchasing tables for the pavilion. List of roof bidders, when complete, will be presented at a future

meeting.Approval is given to order tables for the Pavilion.Funds are available in the budget

and from individual donations.Don Kuester made a motion that the manager invite law enforcement

into White Birch to enforce State of Michigan Vehicular Codes.Seconded by Pat Zakalowski.

Motion carried.


Motion to adjourn made by Pat Zakalowski.Seconded by Jay Farr.Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted


Priscilla Moore