May 13, 2006



Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.All directors present:Marty Perkins, Ken Passage, Al Isaac, Dave Conley, Marv Frayer, Scott Hayer and Dan Holzer.††


Pledge and prayer were given.


ADDITIONS TO AGENDA:Additions to New Business:Election procedures and internet service.


Motion to accept Agenda by Al Isaac and seconded by Marv Frayer. Motion carried.


Motion to accept April Minutes by Ken Passage and seconded by Dan Holzer with corrections.Motion carried.


TREASURERíS REPORT:Priscilla Moore stated that for the month of April the total income was $35,314.62 and total expenses were $59, 418.37 with a General fund of $65,087.61.Under the Development fund, the auditor moved the $40,000 set aside into the General fund leaving $13,000 in the Development fund that has been accumulated since the move.Discussion followed to make separate line item for fuel.Motion to approve Treasurerís Report by Ken Passage and supported by Dave Conley.Motion carried.


PRESIDENTíS REPORT:Marty Perkins thanked the twenty three volunteers who helped from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to clean up Timber Lake.


CORRESPONDENCE:(Letters available at office) A letter from Gary Farnham #637 stated concerns about the negative atmosphere of WBL, commended the current board for their efforts and requested everyone work together.A letter from Ray Johnson of Lot 507 stated that the President should retain strict order at the meetings including enforcement of restrictions stipulated to Comments from the Floor.Ellen Sipes, Lot 347 stated that the current newsletter has propaganda and politics and doesnít feel the newsletter should have such things.An anonymous letter was sent.Another letter was sent from Chick Witchell #648 concerning the audit and its costs and necessity.Also stated concerns that the Birch Bark is slanted.Stated concerns that the shed survey was not handled responsibly by the President.Voiced concerns about the election process and those handling the process.A letter from Mrs. Ronald Nethaway, Lot 653 stated that the comment from Mr. Perkins that this is the first audit held by WBL was not accurate and stated that there has been one every year.She further stated that she has concerns that the portable bathrooms at Timber Lake will be unsightly and that money is being wasted on a swimming raft since the last ones were sunk and destroyed.A letter from Brian Kozlowski #688 requested quick action addressing the proposal of Ken Passage for the Teller Committeeís procedure even if a special meeting is necessary.A letter encouraging the Sheriff patrol of White Birch was submitted by Christine and Bill Bailey, Lot #95.Gary and Yvonne Earnheart #629, next to the Timber Lake project, stated concerns that the BBQ grills are not used, the boats not taken care of and that animals are being allowed despite the signs.Also concerned with any smell that may result from the portable bathrooms that are going to be placed down there and any loss to their own ability to enjoy being outdoors.Stated that ATVs are down there often and perhaps a curfew should be in effect.In another letter she stated concerns about the PresidentĎs actions when he came to her home to discuss the porta-johns.


MANAGERíS REPORT:Gail stated that Priscilla had pointed out that the budget was off in the expenditure side by $1,000 and needs to be corrected.This can be done by deducting the $1,000 from the expenditure side from the Clubhouse maintenance and utilities since utilities will be down this year.(Will be added to New Business next month.)The wall is completed in the clubhouse.There were additional beams and boards that were rotten and an additional $900 was added to the initial bid.Thank you to Chick and Fred Witchell who dedicated a fruit tree in the courtyard in honor of Shirley Ferrell.Also Ray Johnson caught a 20Ē large mouth bass that he released.The road gravel was applied and brined.The campground bathrooms are completed. The water is on and the pipes repaired.Ferrellgas will be reimbursing White Birch for the parts and labor required for the repairs.There may be a wire that is compromised and therefore there are some problems at the campground.Also current RVs require much more energy than before and power distribution out there needs to be looked at and a balance needs to be brought up to national standards for a commercial usage area.A possible upgrade to the main service may be required.Ground fault protection needs to be added to the remote east area.An itemized bill from the auditing firm was requested and the firm asked for clarification.Motion by Scott Hayer and seconded by Marv Frayer to receive an itemized bill from McMahan and Thomson.Motion amended by Scott Hayer to not pay any additional money to the firm until an itemized breakdown of the additional amount has been received.Motion carried. Gail also has some questions about the 9090 Form and Marty Perkins suggested waiting for the breakdown.The 25 names on the foreclosure list which had been turned over to the attorney have resulted in eleven responses making arrangements.A letter from Attorney Dave Dreyer was received in regards to amending the Restrictions and Covenants stating that the original intent was to allow each lot a vote and a majority of the numbered lots is required to amend the Covenants and Restrictions.He also stated that in his opinion, the new revised language does not remove this requirement.(Letter available at the office).†† Mr. Jacobsonís office was contacted but no call back has been received.Requested a special meeting with the insurance company to discuss different insurance program options with an agent.A Tuesday night or Saturday morning will be scheduled.


(PAYABLES APPROVAL):Restated that Ferrellgas will be reimbursing damages at the campground.The front entrance damage has been turned over to the insurance companies involved to resolve.It is restated that the money for McMahan and Thomson is restated should be withheld at this time.Motion made to pay the payables except for McMahan and Thomson made by Ken Passage and seconded by Al Isaac.Motion carried.


SECURITY:Bruce Rouston stated that there was a fire left unattended but there have been no break-ins or other matters to speak of.They will be patrolling daily to further ensure that everything remains secure.



Activities:Reminded everyone of the Motherís Day breakfast on May 14th.Also a fundraiser for the July picnic will be held during the annual yard sale.

Entrance:No report at this time.

EPC:Chick Witchell stated that there had been 4 tree removal requests.There have also been requests for a shed by a current resident, a garage and a new log home as well.Letters will be going out to remind a few owners to clean up their property.

Futures:Tom Crook absent.Joe Romine stated that he is putting a sign up sheet on the board, putting something into the Birch Bark and will start calling people interested.

Seedlings:Tina Hayer stated that the annual hotdog and lemonade stand will be held at the Clubhouse during the yard sale.This is the main fundraiser that the Seedlings and Saplings hold.

Communications:Terry Obrecht stated that the newsletter will be put together on Thursday, May 25th and the next meeting will be Monday, May 22nd.

Conservation:Mike Turner absent.Marty Perkins stated that Mr. Turner has a Walk in the Woods planned which will be announced in the Birch Bark.

Nominating:Al Isaac stated that there have been no formal notifications received yet to run for the Board and he needs these along with a short biography sheet for the Birch Bark.These will be verified at the office for good standing and then forwarded to the Birch Bark.Also needs one or two more volunteers for the Nominating Committee.

Teller:Ken Passage stated there is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board.Still looking for anyone interested.Teller Committee will be formulated after the nominations are set and will be appointed by the Board at the June meeting.

Campground:Fred Witchell stated that there were about 6 campers that used the campground last month.Also stated that after all of the campers leave they will attempt to trace the wire problems.Requested that everyone drive slowly since there will be 22 more campers moving in shortly.Requested that campers remember to turn in their cards so that they can get next years.



Ray Johnson of Lot 507 suggested that a third party that holds no interest in White Birch be used to handle all aspects of the election.

Fred Witchell #648 read an incident report which stated that Marty Perkins asked a patrol officer in White Birch why he was patrolling and why Fred was riding along with him.Officer Wilson stated that he patrols for domestic violence, drunk driving and reckless endangerment and so forth and that the Sheriff Department had patrolled for three years in White Birch.Officer Wilson stated that Fred had knowledge of the area in response to why Fred was riding with him.(Letter available at the office)Fred Witchell asked whether the Board wants the Sheriff Department to patrol.(Marty Perkins responded that he did not request the patrol to leave but asked for jurisdiction information for the purpose of answering those that have asked this information from him.)

A letter from Greg Herndan #533 requesting signatures addressed to Sheriff Goyt was read thanking the Clare County Sheriff Department and stating that they are welcomed into White Birch by those undersigned.Gail White stated that a call from Sheriff Goyt was received by her and she assured him that patrol is requested and appreciated.

Terry Obrecht, #251 stated that clarification needs to be received from the Sheriff Department if they are going to patrol because we have issues such as golf carts and ATVs that follow different rules because they are on private property and if the Sheriff Department has jurisdiction out here these may not be allowed.

Pat Graham #1302 addressed Mr. Perkins about the statement about the audit in the Birch Bark.

Jerry Nalezaty #541, stated that she spoke with the Sheriff Department and was told that the department can issue tickets for things such as not wearing safety helmets, spousal abuse calls or any other such conflicts, and driving while drinking.Also stated that she saw two men run a stop sign while driving too fast on ATVs and expressed her concern of an accident occurring.

Joe Romine, #542 asked what will be done with the firewood that comes through with campers.

(Gail stated that she was told that the wood should be burned completely and Marty Perkins

suggested further investigation)

Ray Johnson of #507 suggested that the DNR be contacted immediately.

Sharon VanOverbeke #1111, asked what the system is if Security stops ATVís (Fred Witchell

explains the fine system)

Ann Hobart, #454 suggested that the emergency entrance should be moved upon as soon as

possible with the dry weather and fire danger upon White Birch.

††††† Priscilla Moore of Lot 71, urged that the electrical problems be taken care of immediately and that the manager received a lot of abuse by campers who could not receive power.

Tina Hayer of Lot 538 stated that she has concerns about the Birch Bark.The shed issue has not been addressed to be put on the ballot with the Board and therefore was inappropriately placed into the Birch Bark.Asked Mr. Perkins about this issue along with the information about the audit that was also in the Birch Bark.She stated that she has recently placed her home for sale due to Mr. Perkins.

Todd Graham of #956 stated that in the beginning with Additions to the Agenda and the request for approval of Joe Romine that other Board members be encouraged to add anything they wish to add.

Terry Obrecht of #251 stated that the Hayer home has been for sale for quite some time prior to the incident spoken of.


Comments from the Floor closed.


Dave Conley made a motion to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Dan Holzer.Motion opened for discussion.Role call requested.Motion failed.Dave Conley and Dan Holzer excuse themselves from the meeting after statements about the poor conduct of attendees.


Scott Hayer requested to add an issue to the agenda that requires immediate action.Motion made by Al Isaac and seconded by Scott Hayer to add an issue that required immediate action to the agenda.Motion carried.


Marty Perkins requested a recess but then left the meeting.







Scott Hayer read the By-Laws regarding the requirements for a member to be on the Board.Requested that Ken Passage have his voting privileges removed on the Board until an investigation of his eligibility can be conducted to prove his ownership and status of the voting member of his property.Five votes are required.Motion made by Scott Hayer and seconded by Marv Frayer to table issue until the next meeting and to be placed on the agenda under Unfinished Business.Motion carried.


Letter to Dick Brandt:Motion made by Scott Hayer to approve a special edition to include a historic account by Dick Brandt of White Birch and seconded by Al Isaac.Concerns about the expense that could be incurred without knowing the extent of the account are discussed.The proposal by Dick Brandt was to have a series with a space dedicated in the Birch Bark for a period of time.Ken Passage stated that the amount of space needs to be discussed first to determine whether a series, a special edition, or placing it on the website instead is the best option.Scott Hayer rescinded his motion.Al Isaac made a motion to request Mr. Brandt write the history and bring it to the board for review of how it should be published.Seconded by Scott Hayer.Motion carried.


Gravel for Timber Lake:Gravel for the road into the park had been estimated to be $1,000 and the cost is going to an additional $1,000.Marv Frayer requested an estimate about what has been done and what has yet to be completed with an itemized report.Motion to table issue by Al Isaac and seconded by Scott Hayer.Motion carried.


Shed issue on ballot:Further investigation is requested before any decisions are made in regards to township and legal issues.Motion made Marv Frayer to contact the attorney (Support of motion inaudible due to floor discussion).Motion withdrawn.Issue tabled.


Motion by Al Isaac to accept Teller Committee recommendations for election procedures and supported by Marv Frayer.Suggested having a checks and balance at the election while handing out the ballots.Also suggestions on the handling of absentee ballots were discussed.Request for identification be shown for verification upon receiving a ballot as well.Motion carried.


Internet service:Ken Passage requested a comparison of cost for dial up internet service and satellite internet be made and brought to the next meeting.


Motion to adjourn made by Al Isaac and supported by Marv Frayer.Motion carried.




(Those not stating lot numbers and names cannot be published due to status verification purposes, please remember to do so.)


All letters and correspondence should be made available to the office by those responsible for reading them at the meeting.Anonymous letters can not be included due to concerns of member status.