Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of

May 14, 2005



The meeting was called to order by President Marv Richardson. Present were 1St Vice President Brian Kozlowski, 2nd vice President Scott Hayer, Directors, Marv Frayer, Al Issac, Don Papesh and Marti Perkins Manager Gail White and Treasurer Priscilla Moore were present. The meeting opened with a salute to the flag and a prayer by Bryan Koslowski.



Red Cross/CPR Training

Discuss a date for the quarterly review of the budget.

A motion to transfer funds for the purchase of the grader.



Scott Hayer moved to approve the March minutes as written. Seconded by Marv Frayer. Motion carried unanimously.



The treasurer reported that income for the month of April was $37,991.83, expenses were $5 1,035.25 and the

ending cash balance at April 30, 2005 was $267,104.97. Don Papesh made a motion to accept the

Treasurer’s report. Seconded by Scott Hayer. Motion carried unanimously.



President received a call from the Bertha Lake Association President Fred Hickocks who is trying to set up a dialog with a gas company. As per our discussion at the work session it sounds like there is some interest in talking with the gas company to see what it would take to get natural gas in this community.



A letter was received from Donna Forman submitting her resignation as Secretary. The President read a letter from Marilyn Lesperance regarding a negative view of the White Birch neighborhood watch. Scott Hayer read a second letter from Pat Graham praising the Manager and volunteers for their efforts and contributions and discrediting the rumor mills of negative members. A letter was received from Gary Cheadle, Campground Chairperson, .submitting his resignation and the reason for same. Another letter was received from “A Very Sincere Member” read at the request of the members present. The content of the letter was to chastise the members who continually spread untrue rumors and constantly criticize the Board, the Manager and the employees.



We have taken delivery of the grader and a representative from Clinton County came to give training on the grader to Doug Lake. The campground is ready the floors are painted, new walls have been installed and water is running in spite of two pipes broken this week. Thanks to the hard work of Carl Sipple and Jerry Reha. Thanks to Gary Cheadle and Fred Witchell for their hard work power washing the picnic tables, replacing boards and painting. The entrance gate, which had been open, has been repaired and is now functioning. At Holiday Lake there have been reports of beavers. DNR has issued a permit to trap beavers. Scott Woods is working to update the official White Birch website. We are setting appointments to get quotes on the cost of resurfacing the tennis courts. Rustin Pond Service will be treating the lakes the last week of May or the first of June depending on the weather. There will be a follow-up treatment within 4 weeks. Signs will be posted 1 - 3 days prior to treatment.


There has been a rumor floating around that the EPC Chairman Chick Witchell has been receiving a salary of

$14,000 to $15,000 for her services. For the record and in public one comment I want to make is to put this




Welcome back to campers.

Priscilla and I request a more complete audit this year than has been done in past years. We contacted a larger firm, Weinlander, Fitzchugh PC. CPA firm. They have given us a quote of approximately $2,000.00.



Motion Kozlowski, support Papesh, To pay bills as listed. Motion carried unanimously.



Campground — Gary Cheadle: Bought $267.00 worth lumber to repair tables at campground. 18 completed few more to do. Short 8 tables to cover all campsites. Campground will be ready for campers. New sign telling camper to check in. This will be reinforced.



Looking at possibility of new gate house



10 tree removal, 7 driveways, 3 decks, I contiguous lot, 4 new campsites, 2 garages I septic and 1 cement slab. Total residents are now 297.



May talked about preservation of lakes including bench-marking. Would like direction. Property values

were discussed. Recreation- ski hill? Organizational growth and promoting White Birch. Next meeting is

June 7, 2005 at 6:00.



Have 3 letters so far for board position. Meeting on 5/24 at 11:00 at clubhouse.



Serving hotdogs during garage sales, fishing contest on 29 Scavenger hunt on June 11, 2005 .July 2’ parade float decorating, parade is on 7/3 at 11:00. I-lot dogs chips and lemonade at campgrounds. Need volunteers, call Tina Hayer.



Reminder that dogs must be kept in yard or on a leash, this will be enforced. The first time will be a warning and the second time will be a $100.00 fine. The neighbor watch is now underway working close with the sheriffs department. The break-ins have stopped. Changes in security are Jim Shaw has decided not to work security this year. We now have Tom Forman, Fred Witchell and Loretta Ardine. The radios that have been donated to White Birch are being programmed and we should have them by the end of next week.



Doug Smith addressed the question that the only way a speeding ticket could be issued in White Birch is that if the proper signs were up on the roads. Brian Kozlowski answered this as not true it has to be a misdemeanor in their presence for the police to take any action. A traffic violation is a civil infraction and has to be created on dedicated roads or roads open to the public, these roads are not public. Doug addressed the question of needing more speed limit signs up in White Birch , that he would like to see the speeders stopped and a speed limit sign on Wolf lane. Scott Hayer commented that drag racing had been seen between Lake and Oak Run at the stop signs. Tom Forman commented that the police would not pick and choose which laws we want them to enforce if we want them to enforce them they will enforce all of them with the removal of the gates. Brian Kozlowski replied to entertain the idea of more speed limit signs in White Birch to help remind us there are speed limit in White Birch. Gail White and Brian Kozlowski suggested taking down license plate numbers of speeders and reporting them. Walter Sonnichsen commented that Gary Cheadle had been a great help to the campers and had done a great job at the campground, and would like the board to talk to him and ask him to reconsider his resignation. Chick Witchell suggest that the treatment of the lakes be done to correspond with the fishing contest. Mary Perkins comments about garbage dumpster at the campground and should the residents of White Birch and the campers on their lots be allowed to put household garbage in them.

Gail White replies that the garbage dumpster is for all campers, with all large items by residents be placed by the roadside for pickup. Marti Perkins suggests that everyone try and use the garbage pickup but if missed on occasion that the dumpsters could be used by residents.




Marty Perkins addresses the issue of the boats at the lakes lying around and do we need more boat racks, he made the motion that boats not be allowed to be stored on the ground at the lakes. The motion was seconded not to allow the boats to be stored at the lakes by Scott Flayer adding that we would have to supply a source of storage elsewhere. Marvin Richardson suggests tabling this for the next meeting until we have a little more information. Motion is made to table the issue of the boats stored on the lake until the next meeting, seconded by Scott Hayer and passed by the board.




Gail White addressed issue of truck maintenance, white truck needs repairs for rust; cost would run about $1500.00. Mary Richardson entertains a motion to authorize or not to authorize motion. Brain Kozlowski makes a motion to contract the painting and rust removal for the pick up truck set by board discussion, seconded by Don Papesh. After discussion, motion was made by Brain Kozlowski that the costs not exceed $1000.00, motion was seconded, and amendment was added and motion was passed. A motion was made by Brain Kozlowski that the workshop session is set on Thursday, the week preceding the board meeting at 6:30 p.m. or an established time. Motion failed after discussion. Mary Richarson addresses audit of funds. Motion made by Scott Flayer to transfer 27,500.00 from general ledger account to development fund set aside into a new income line, that’s called “transfer from set aside” item number 0007 for the purchase and repair of grader and increase expenditure item E400.6 1 by same amount as to cover payment of grader and repair. Motion passed. A motion made to accept a new audit for up to $2000.00 from Weinlander, Fitzchugh PC. Motion passed. Mary Frayer made a motion to contract Red Cross or American Heart for CPR training of up to 10 staff members, with a limit of $500.00. Motion made by Don Papesh to set a date for quarterly budget review, possibly in June. Motion was dropped after discussion and time would be set aside to review budget at the next work session.




Mary Richardson made the motion to adjourn, Marty Perkins seconded the motion, meeting adjourned.