May 10, 2003



The May 10, 2003 meeting was called to order by President Todd Graham at 9:00 am All board members were present.


For the month of April the Treasurer reported income of $34,479.68 and expenses of $31,969.80, leaving cash on hand of $222,497.04. Moved and carried to accept report.


PRESIDENTS REPORT: Secretary-Treasurer Priscilla Moore was presented an appreciation plaque for "Service above and beyond the call of duty" for her hard work during the manager transition. Our entrance gate is inoperative due to a programming glitch. Proximity cards will work, but entering a code will not. The manager and several volunteers have been working to get the program back online. Ron Tagg had resigned as Chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee and replaced by Chick Witchell, lot #648, who stepped down from her security position. The new head of security is Fred Witchell, who brings a lot of experience with safety and rescue to this committee.


A by-laws committee had been appointed consisting of nine members: Salvatore Scozzari, lot #1375, Chick Witchell, lot #648, Thomas Forman, lot #495, Barb Adair, lot #60, Theresa Obrecht, lot #251, Joe Romine, lot #542, Marvin Richardson, lot #550, Todd Graham, lot #957 and the committee chairperson Anne Hobart, lot #454. Operating under the supervision of the manager, a Birch Bark staff consisting of Phyllis Begole, lot #6638, Bill Ferrell, lot #397 and Joe Romine, lot #542 has been appointed.


As stated at the April board meeting, membership privileges include, but are not limited to, the use of the clubhouse, pool, lakes, campgrounds, pavilion, serving on a committee, voting, and obtaining property improvement permits. Suspension of membership will remain until all assessments are paid in full, or a monthly or quarterly agreement has been signed and adhered to. Assessments still outstanding for this fiscal year amount to $178,125. The amount outstanding for all previous years is $585,658, for a total of $760,783.


CORRESPONDENCE: Don Kuester, lot #656, expressed his position on the usage of White Birch Lakes by non-members. He asks that anyone agreeing that the practice is in violation and should be corrected . Contact him or send an e-mail to He is also circulating a petition to this effect. Joe Romine, lot #542, advised that he has been in contact with All State Lock concerning installing an electric door lock at the pool entrance to prevent unshowered person, and others who avoid pool attendants, from entering the pool area.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: Environmental Protection Committee - Chick Witchell presented her report on approvals. Four new houses bring our residences to 277. Letters were sent to members who have parked junk cars and unlicensed vehicles on their lots. Removal has been good. Concerning canvas structures she referred to page 8, Section J which prohibits the use of temporary structures. Campers are asked to fill out a camping registration form. Stickers will be mailed , delivered, or can be picked up at the office. Future Planning Committee - Merle Harmon reported that their primary goal is to research and present recommendations. Form the results of last year's questionnaire they concluded to focus on lake improvement, campground lots, and ORV designated areas. Campground Committee - Fred Witchell reported activity had increased at the campground and that personnel are helping and giving out information on how to register. Unidentified boats have been removed from the lakes and put in storage. Contact him if you are missing a boat. Nominating Committee - Marv Richardson reminded anyone interested in running for the Board this year to send a letter of intent to the office by the end of this month to be included in the June issue of the Birch Bark. Security Committee - Fred Witchell said the duties of the security personnel have been modified and include watching for and reporting any violations of White Birch rules and regulations and identified violators will be dealt with. ORV's and similar vehicles must bear White Brich sticker and ORV operators will be stopped and given pertinent rules. For complaint of speeders furnish a license plate number and the police will be contacted for information about the owner who will be contacted. Activities Committee - The manager read Shirley Brandts report. The "Chub Club" has been started. Garage sales are scheduled for June 21. There are flyers giving details. Shirley needs someone to chair the July 4th Parade and Picnic. Contact her is interested. By-Laws Committee - Anne Hobart stated the charge to the committee is to look at the entire set of by-laws and to recommend revisions to the board.


MANAGER'S REPORT: The Birch Bark staff has met twice. Bill Ferrell agreed to be the editor. We are considering a format change to four columns and pursuing a printer to do the printing, folding and sealing, or some combination thereof, as well as bulk mailing. The goal is to have an issue each month following the board meeting. Members comments will be welcomed in a column called "Outta the Mailbox". At the





campground the new water heater has been installed, the shower floor is peeling badly and concerning the leasing of a grader or purchasing a better one. Brining of the roads will be done before the Memorial Day weekend. Broken windows in the office have been replaced. New mats have been placed in the shower area to help alleviate slip and falls. The parts for the Teal Lake pump have been ordered. There has been some success with people making arrangements for paying assessment fees. Arrangements are being made to rewrite the existing mortgage to lower the interest rate from 8.75% to 1% above the prime cap. The manager needs a resolution from the board authorizing someone to sign for White Birch. The 2004 card membership stickers are ready for members in good standing.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: A collection policy for White Birch Lakes was presented. There was a discussion concerning the necessity for building privacy walls in the men's shower area. A price of $1,095 plus freight has been submitted for purchase. Motion to buy passed. Chuck Bailey moved that the manager pursue the refinance loan and be given the authority to sign all pertinent papers. Motion carried. Marv Richardson made a motion for the manager to obtain a White Birch credit card. Passed. Following a discussion the manager is to obtain bids as to the purchase of an electric lock for the pool area. Larry Franklin moved that there be a non-renewal of access gate codes except to businesses and legal entities and to issue proxy cards to all members. The motion was tabled and sent to the Security Committee for proposals and recommendations. Members are asked to send their opinions to a card system only.


COMMENTS FROM THE FLOOR: Bob Pelfry, lot #527, suggested giving contractors an access code synonymous with lot where they are working and when the work is completed delete the number. Dave Obrecht, lot #251, stated his concerns with the amount of past assessments owing. He suggested lowering assessments to keep more paying members rather than losing paying ones due to high assessments. Theresa Obrecht, lot #251, stated her concern about the financial position of the Association and submitted her version of the revised budget which was circulated among the board. Barb Adair, lot #61 commented that responsibility of monitoring and overseeing ORV's should be given to one committee only. She also felt assessments were fair. Debbie Garrish , lot 373 and 374 offered her services as a volunteer for whatever was needed. Tom Smith, lot #318, entered his complaint about speeders on Wolf Lane. Sal Scozzari, lot 1375, would like to see a shelter for the school children as they wait for the bus. He objected to the board giving authority to the manager to sign for financial commitments. Chuck Adams, lot #68, commented about speeding on Mockingbird and described his experience with 2 speeding vehicles, whose license numbers he turned in. He also stated his objection to a dumpster lodged at a residence on White Birch Lane. Joe Romine, lot #542, explained the procedure for finding out who is using a proximity card. He commented on the issue of getting volunteers and that very few persons sign up leaving the same people to do the work. Don Kuester, lot #656, proposed that on the use of lakes that each guest must be accompanied by a member in good standing, that watercraft must have a sticker, the member must be liable for the actions of the guest, and in the event the member cannot accompany the guest, a member must get a one day, non-renewable, pass for the guest. Terry Obrecht, lot #251, submitted a letter disagreeing with the inclusion of board members and employees on the by-laws committee. Sal Scozzari added his agreement. Shirley Ferrell, lot #397, commented about how long it took to get enough people to sign up for the by-laws committee. She said in her experience there had been a slow, little, or no response to requests for volunteers.

(The minutes of this meeting may be obtained in their entirety from the White Birch or by contacting the office.)