Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes Of

April 9, 2005



The meeting was called to order by President Mary Richardson. Present were 1st Vice President Brian Kozlowski, Directors, Mary Frayer, Al Isaac, Marty Perkins Treasurer Priscilla Moore, Secretary Donna Forman, Manager Gail White. Absent were 2 Vice President Scott Hayer and Director Don Papesh. The meeting opened with a pledge to the flag and a prayer by Brian Kozlowski.


Mary Richardson called for additions to the agenda and there were none.


A/Isaac moved to approve the March minutes as written. Seconded by Marv Frayer. Motion carried unanimously.


The treasurer reported that total income for the month of March was $234,017.20, expenses were $60,729.00 and the ending cash balance at March 31 was $282,761.88. Marv Frayer moved to accept the treasurerís report. Seconded by Al Isaac. Motion carried unanimously to accept the treasurerís report.


President stated that he had nothing to report, but Marv Frayer did have something he wanted to bring up. Marv Frayer stated that they wanted to offer a class for workers/helpers of White Birch, it would be a CPR, first aid class, He has talked to a gentleman out of Traverse City, he is willing to teach the class at a cost of $50.00 per person There was some discussion about contacting MMR and possibly calling the hospital to inquire if they offer any training of this nature.


Gail started out by welcoming Priscilla back. She stated that she had talked to Sgt. Bailey from the Clare County Sheriffs Dept to set up a meeting for the neighborhood watch, it will be May 6 at 2:00p.m. This information will be announced in the Birch Bark. Highway cleanup is set for April 23 at 9:00a.m., Gail noted that Gary Brown has been in charge of this for several years and has done a great job of organizing and getting volunteers out for this event. Gail stated that we had received an award for highway cleanup last year (even though we couldnít do it because of construction). On another topic, Gall stated that our bid was accepted and we did get the grader from Clinton County, it did need a repair which was going to cost $1000.00, so she deducted $1500.00 from our bid. It is being repaired this weekend and we will arrange to bring it up next week.


Marty Perkins made a motion to pay the bills. Seconded by Brian Kozlowski Motion carried unanimously.


CAMPGROUND - Gary Cheadle reported that we are getting back into operation, the restroom facilities have not been opened yet, the porta-potty will remain through May so that work can continue on the showers. Fred and Gary have been getting the picnic tables together for the boy scouts to work on, they have been power washing them there should be only 10 tables that will need to be built or repaired. They would like to have a work team at the campground on Tuesday April 12 at 11:00am. There was some discussion about the bath house facia/soffits needing repair. Doug and Jerry were looking at that and decided that it is a maintenance issue. ENTRANCE ó Greg Herndon was not available to give a report. Gail stated that they are discussing ideas about planting some flowers to dress up the entrance.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COMMITTEE ó Chick Witchell stated that there had been four requests for tree removals, two requests for contiguous lots and one request for new residence on lot #894. She stated that there are still some vehicles without licenses so letters will be going out to those lot owners. She also noted that now that the snow is gone, there are a few lots and residences in need of some clean-up and is hoping the owners will take care of it, or letters will have to go out on this issue also. We now have 294 houses and l pending.

SEEDLINGS/SAPLINGS-Gail commended Tina for the wonderful job she did with the Easter Egg Hunt, there were a lot of children and everyone enjoyed themselves. Tina did present a written report of some upcoming activities for the summer. There is a meeting scheduled today after the Board meeting.

FUTURES óTom Crook was out of town and there was nothing to report at this time. NOMINATING ó Marty Perkins stated that there was nothing to report.

SECURITY ó Tom Forman reported that things have been pretty quiet and that security has been but back to save money. During spring break they patrolled one complete round each day, security will be picking back up next month when the campers start going back on the tots. They are working on putting some extra radios into security, the radios were donated by Russ and Theresa Abney, lot #1313. The gates have been broken twice, one time the person called and told us what happened and the other time they used the surveillance camera to identify the responsible party, they were notified and sent an invoice Fred and Tom have to go to court on April 13 regarding the break-ins.


President reminded everyone to state their name and lot # and allow Brian Kozlowski to check the records for membership status. Mary Rack, lot #647 suggested that some of the students from the drafting class at the high school could be of assistance to Chick with her plans to make a new map showing lots and residences. Pat Graham, lot #1302 questioned that It CPR classes are offered for workers could it also be available for members who want to pay the fee and take the class. She also stated that on Memorial Day week-end in connection with the garage sates she plans to have a bake sale to benefit Fred and Chickís son. Marilyn Lesperance, lot #332 questioned why it took so long for Gail to do something about the gates when she knew about it months ago. Mary Richardson responded that Gail has been working on the issue and there have been problems that she is trying to work through. Marilyn responded that she had called twice and the only reason Gail did anything was because Marilyn had Al Isaac tell her about it. Fred Witchell, lot #648 reminded everyone that there is no burning until further notice, he stated that there are signs on the gates to this effect. Mary asked how his son was doing, Fred responded that he was doing better, they finally got him into a hospital for surgery on his broken jaw. Mary Stated that there is a benefit pancake breakfast on Sunday April 10 at the clubhouse for Fred and Chickís son. Matt Lucas, lot #405 what are the chances of getting a no outlet or dead-end street sign on Ironwood, he also asked the Board if anyone had checked into the dark sky website, he would like to see another article in the Birch Bark regarding this Issue. He also wanted to know if there had been any decision made on the tennis courts. Pat Graham expressed her concern about items placed on the bulletin board at the entrance, there was some discussion about perhaps using sliding Plexiglas doors to prevent the wind from ripping notices off the board. There was even some discussion of re-locating the bulletin board.


Boy Scout Clean-up-Marv Richardson asked if we had heard any more on this issue, Al Isaac stated that he had not heard back from Mike and will try again to contact him.


Millage Issue-Brian Kozlowski stated that it was his opinion that the Board should not be taking a position on issues of that nature, elections in the county, school board or millage elections, those are issues for individual voters and individual members to decide. The Board has to represent all the property owners in White Birch, without the vote of the membership to support such an issue, it is improper for us to do that. Brian Kozlowski made a motion that the Board neither support nor oppose the millage issue. Seconded by Marty Perkins. Pat Graham apologized and took responsibility she stated that her intent was to use it as a reminder because the millage was coming up. Mary Richardson stated that in the future we should hold a forum and invite both sides to come in and present their views on the issues at hand. Marty Perkins pointed out that the Board meetings were not the proper place for these type of discussions, there should be a scheduled time and members notified so that they can make the decision to come and hear the issues. After much discussion on this issue a vote was taken and the motion passed with 4 yea and I nay.

Boats Stored on White Birch Lake-Marty Perkins stated that there was an abundance of boats stacked up around the gazebo on the lake, we need to find out who owns these boats and ask them to be removed. Mary Richardson stated that other Board members feel the same way and suggested that this issue be put on the agenda for the next work session and come up with some ideas of how to solve this problem. A motion was made by Marty Perkins to table until next meeting. Seconded by Marv Frayer. Motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Man, Prayer to adjourn, seconded by Al Isaac. Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 10:15a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Donna Forman