Board Meeting Minutes of April 13, 2002


President Gail White called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.Present were 1st Vice President Tom Dorcey, 2nd Vice President Todd Graham, Directors Bob Adair, Larry Franklin, Don Kuester and Marv Richardson and Manager Tim Fall.



Bob Adair moved to approve the March minutes.Seconded by Don Kuester.Motion carried.



For the month of March the Treasurer reported income of $191,862.76 and expenses of $33,978.84.Cash on Hand at March 31, 2002 was $175,533.54.Bob Adair moved to accept the Treasurerís Report.Seconded by Todd Graham.Motion carried.



A few letters, emails and phone calls have been received stating opinions and suggestions regarding a possible change to the existing White Birch logo.



ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL COMMITEE - Chick Witchell, Chairman, reported the following activity:3 Applications for tree removal, 3 for drives at campsites, 1 new residence and 1 huge house deck. The Committee

is working on packets to be handed to campers as the camping season begins.Campers will also be alerted to camping rules at the time they pick up stickers for trailers and off road vehicles.Information regarding building requirements for new homes is in process.She will stay after the Board meetings to review building requirements with new applicants as needed.

FUTURE PLANNING COMMISSION - A meeting is scheduled at the close of todayís Board Meeting.

CAMPGROUND COMMITTEE -Fred Witchell reported that the Committee will start this month to clean out the brushy area in back of the campground where a proposed emergency helipad is to be constructed.Property lines will have to be established to determine White Birch land ownership.



Spring maintenance is going well.As required the pool has been emptied and cleaned and is now being painted in compliance with new State Laws.Anticipate that the pool will be reopened on Saturday, April 20. The water system at the campground has been cleaned and is ready to go.Quotes at a good price have been received from McNeilly Construction for gravel.Lapham Associates have assured that they will get back on the lake benchmarks.Income for this year is coming in well.Regarding the amended restrictions proposals, at this time we have an adequate response from a majority of members. Enough votes have been received for ratification of the restrictions.Presently there are about 50-60 votes short of approving all proposed amendments.†† Thanks goes to the owners of Lot 60 for a very generous donation of exercise equipment, a treadmill, stationary bike and total gym located in the pool area.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - Payables were reviewed and discussed.Todd Graham moved to approve

payment. Seconded by Don Kuester.Motion carried.



Joe Romine, Lot 542, inquired about the status of home building in violation of lot line compliance.A discussion followed.The restrictions require a surveyor to develop a plot plan.White Birch has not made this a requirement. However wording in the new restrictions states that the Environmental Control Committee may require a plot plan where there is a question of the lot lines.††† Joe also reminded that the ORV season is about to begin..He suggested that as stickers are being issued vehicles be checked for noise level, safety certificates and knowledge of White Birch rules. The Manager is to check out the feasibility of purchasing a noise level machine and requesting volunteers to check vehicles as stickers are being processed.Barb Adair, Lot 60, has requested that anyone, having good usable exercise equipment not being used, consider donating it to the clubhouse to enhance the exercise area.Also any donations will be well received.†† Fred Witchell suggested that we set a date for roadside pickup in White Birch.Date will be published in the Birch Bark.Mike Dalka, Lot 467, inquired about the status of stop signs at corner of Elm, Wolfe and Beech and the no passing zone on northbound Old State Hwy.



Date of White Birch roadside pickup is set for Saturday, May 4, 2002.Bob Adair moved to remove a stop sign at Wolfe and replace it at Elm.Seconded by Tom Dorcey.Motion carried with one dissenting vote..Charles Hastings suggested the need for some sort of warning to be installed to alert motorists of the change.Dick Brandt. Lot 685, has suggested that the annual garage sale date be moved to Memorial Day weekend.Since the gates will be open for the hours of the garage sale, a signup sheet will be provided for volunteers to monitor the entrance of unauthorized ORVís during that period of time.Only vehicles registered to the lot owner are authorized in White Birch.Todd and Sherry Graham have volunteered to chair the annual parade and have requested a date.Web site will be up shortly.



Motion made by Tom Dorcey to adjourn.Seconded by Bob Adair.Motion carried.