Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of April 14, 2001.



1st Vice President Pat Zakalowski called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  Present were 2nd Vice President Jay Farr, Directors Linda Brabant, Don Kuester and Roy Miller and Manager Tim Fall.  President Gail White was excused.



Linda Brabant moved to accept March minutes.  Seconded by Roy Miller.  Motion carried.



Treasurer reported income for the month of February of $165,157.18 and operating expenses of $35,290.85.  Cash balance at the end of March was $155,428.90. Roy Miller moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Seconded by Don Kuester.  Motion carried



Motion was made by Linda Brabant to approve payment of the payables.  Seconded by Don Kuester.  Motion carried.



No report.



No board correspondence.



NOMINATING COMMITTEE – Linda Brabant reported there are 4 people definitely interested in running for the 4 open board positions.  2 others have not responded at this time.  Anyone interested needs to submit a letter of introduction and objectives for White Birch as a potential board member so that this information may be circulated in the White Birch Bark for those members who choose to vote absentee.


ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE – Chick Witchell reported new homes going in on lots 105, 1172-3 and 1364.  Contiguous status approved for lots 171-2 and 2 new garages on lots 372-3 and 251.  Letters have gone out to campers charging fines for non-removal of campers.  Old 1988 Camping Rules are being updated and re-formatted.


CAMPGROUND COMMITTEE – No report for March.


COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS COMMITTEE – Date to be set for Board Discussion.   See New Business.


FUTURE PLANNING COMMITTEE – Don Kuester reported that Joni Farr has submitted her resignation as Chairman of the Committee.  Thanks to Joni for her years of service.  Fred Witchell will be assuming the duties as interim Chairman.


ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE – The Easter egg hunt is scheduled for today at 11:30.  Request is still going out for people to plan and help with the June parade.  Mother’s Day

Free breakfast is in the planning stages thanks to Fred Witchell and helpers.


MANAGER’S REPORT – Farwell School Board responded stating that they will consider busing in a private community when there are enough students to fill a bus.  Re: The Entrance Gate – Good idea to pause after you enter to give gate sensor time to close gates in order to eliminate unauthorized vehicles sneaking in behind you. Campground hot water is back on and painting is half done.  Painting to be completed by week ending April 21.  May 12 is the earliest date that campers may be back on their own property for the 2001 summer season.  There are no exceptions.  Trailers should be off the campground by May 19.  Quotes for Clubhouse roof replacement are being received.  Privacy screens are installed in the men’s dressing area and will soon be installed in the men’s shower area. Swim lessons are scheduled for June. Gravel orders for road repair and maintenance are being developed in order to advertise for bids.

Lake issues – White Birch Lake has risen to near appropriate level.  Both Timber and Holiday Lakes are well below desired level.  A meeting is scheduled for week after next with the Michigan Lakes and Streams Association to discuss the possibility of recovering Teal Lake.  This information will be submitted to the Board at the next meeting. Good cooperation has been received from members for payment of current and past dues.



Quotes for all of the building costs for a pavilion at the campground have been submitted.

Copies of the quotes are available at the office. If you want to help with volunteer labor, please advise the Manager prior to the building date.  Jay Farr made the motion to accept the proposal.  Seconded by Roy Miller.  Motion approved. 



Charles Hastings, Lot 78, commented on the need to improve on the conditions of the boat storage at the lakes.  He suggested that we either replace the 4 x 4 stands, which have fallen over, or to consider some alternative means of storage and to enforce the collection of the boat storage fee.  Fred Witchell, Lot 648, offered information about possible storing of boats at the old maintenance building.  Thomas Crook, Lot 517, asked that the Manager clarify the 14-day out of season policy for trailers on owner’s lots. He also asked if the presence of the Sheriff, could change any of the liberties of White Birch concerning use of golf carts, 4 wheelers etc.  Brian Kozlowski, Lots 640 & 704, discussed the pros and cons of contracted Sheriff patrol in private associations.  Gary Cheadle, Lot 1110, commented about the increased capacity for storage of trailers because of care taken while parking in a minimum of space.  Fees charged for winter parking will be used to improve the trailer storage area. 



The WBL Board members will meet with the Restrictions Committee on April 28 at 9:00 AM.  This meeting will enable the Board to gain an understanding of the rational behind the Restrictions Committee recommendations. Linda Brabant made a motion to accept the idea of discussing area business incentives for White Birch members.  Seconded by Don Kuester. Consideration of whether to charge a fee for reservation of the pavilion for reserved parties will be a new business item next month.



Motion to adjourn made by Jay Farr.  Seconded by Linda Brabant.  Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted


Priscilla Moore