March 14, 2009


I. Call to order: President Steve Bryant called the meeting to order at 12:00 p. m. Board members present were President Steve Bryant, 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, 2nd Vice President, Brian Kozlowski, Director Al Isaac, Director Sharon Bridges and Director Linda McNeil, Director, Brian Heiden absent due to his water tank flooding his home. Also in attendance, Supervisor Dawn Holzer and Secretary, Elaine Carrasco.


Invocation by Director Isaac.

Pledge of Alliance led by President Bryant.


II. Additions to the Agenda: Director Bridges adds to the Agenda, gatehouse lights, road lights and annual yard sale. Director Perkins adds closed session regarding a letter from our lawyer. Director Isaac adds under new business, insurance. Director McNeil adds the April meeting.


III. Approval of Minutes: (1) Director Isaac moves to approve the minutes with an amendment to include that #13 was never voted on, second by Director McNeil, all in favor.


IV. Income Statement-Treasurerís Report: (2) Director Perkins moves to accept the Treasurerís Report as stated, second by Director McNeil, motion carried.


V. Presidentís Report: President Steve Bryant reports on our financial status and the savings on closing the pool.


VI. Supervisorís Report: Supervisor Dawn Holzer reports on the gate house lights, the gate, the flag lights, the cameras and the road lights, eliminating the need to add these items to the Agenda.


Payables Approval: (3) Director Perkins moves to pay the bills, second by Director McNeil, carried.


VII. Committee Reports: Chris Van Pelt reports on the activities committee. Dennis Karlson reports EPC activity, Director Bridges reports on campground and President Bryant reports for the safety committee.


(4) Director Kozlowski moves that the Executive Committee and office personnel develop a report that can be placed in the office for the membership that shows under the line items what the money was spent on and bring that information back to the board at the May meeting for board approval, supported by Director Bridges all Ayes, with exception of Director Perkins, motion carried.


(5) Motion by Al Isaac with a second by Director Kozlowski that the escrow account document from 2001 be copied and presented to all board members at the next Workshop and this issue be resolved and reported to the membership, amended by Director Perkins to revert to the year 1995, withdrawn by Director Isaac.


(6) Director Perkins motions that the Executive Committee form to look into the matter of the Escrow Account and documents so that we may bring them back to the board with their findings, support by Director McNeil, all in favor, carried, amended by Director Kozlowski that prior to the Board Meeting, this document and investigating information be shared with all board members. Motion carried.


(7) A motion by Director Kozlowski to rescind the previous motion in the February meeting regarding passing charge card fees on to the membership. Roll call results in all ayes. Carried


(8) Nominating Chair, Director Perkins nominates Director McNeil to be the Nominating chair, support by Director Kozlowski, President Bryant appoints Director McNeil as nominating chair, all in favor.


(9) Director Perkins moves to start the annual audit proceedings with Weinlander Fitzhugh, amended to include using another person beside Jolene, support by Director McNeil, carried.


(10) Director Isaac motions to accept the low bidder to be our insurance carrier, support by Director Perkins, amended to include like and similar coverage, motion carried.


(11) Director McNeil motions to change the April meeting to April 18th at 10 a.m., supported by Director Perkins, carried.


(12) Director Bridges motions that Dick Brandt be the yard sale coordinator, second by Director Perkins, carried.


(13) Director Kozlowski moves to have the board vote on and confirm the business of the severance package issue. Support by Director Perkins, motion carries.


(14) Director Kozlowski moves that the board vote on the confirmation of the instructions to our Attorney pursuant to the letter of March 13, 2009, seconded by Director Perkins, motion carries unanimously.


(15)Motion to adjourn by Director Kozlowski, support by Director Perkins, carried.


Adjournment at 3:30 p.m.