March 11, 2006



Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.  Directors present:  Marty Perkins, Ken Passage, Al Isaac, Dave Conley, Marv Frayer, and Dan Holzer.   Excused:  Scott Hayer


Pledge and prayer were given.


ADDITIONS TO AGENDA:  Additions to New Business:  Add Nominating and Teller Committee to Committee Reports.  Also add appointment of Assistant Treasurer to New Business.  Ken Passage requested adding the Board meeting agenda to the website to New Business.


Motion to accept Agenda by Ken Passage and seconded by Al Isaac. Motion carried.


Motion to accept February Minutes by Dave Conley and seconded by Dan Holzer.  Motion carried.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Priscilla Moore stated that for the month of February the total income was $10,175.12 and total expenses were $28,487.49 with a cash balance of $93,578.44.  Also provided bank reconciliations for four accounts for any of the Board members who wish to review them, with the reminder that they can not leave the office.  Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report by Marv Frayer and supported by Dan Holzer.  Motion carried.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Marty Perkins commends the road maintenance crew.  After the heavy snowfall White Birch was passable while Old State was not.  Also reminded everyone that if anyone has questions for the board they can be asked by writing a letter to the newspaper and submitting it to Terry Obrecht titled “Ask the Board” or find it on the website.


CORRESPONDENCE:  (Letters available at office) Helen Calhoun thanks the Seedlings and Saplings for the Valentines and cookies and thanks Tina and Joe for directing this group.  Also a thank you from Dave and Barb McColl to Priscilla, Gail, Tim and Doug for helping them with their furnace problem.


MANAGER’S REPORT:  List of those that are facing foreclosure that will be passed to the attorney was given to Board.  Also, the new pool cover has already been showing an improvement on the dehumidifier, temperature and even the amount of chemicals that have to be used.  Discussed with the Board the procedure that will be taken for any of the foreclosed properties.  The new version of QuickBooks was received and Gail and Priscilla had some training on it Thursday.  The Farwell Superintendent requested to speak at a Board Meeting about the Hadley Override in order to inform the community about what it is and what effect it would have.  (The Board agreed to this under the condition that it is informational only and requested that it be added to the agenda).  Gail also stated that there has been a problem at the bus stop with children running across the road in front of cars at the gate. She requested that parent’s park at the bus stop instead of White Birch Lane for safety reasons.  (Suggestion made to submit this request to the Birch Bark.) The pool will be closed for the week of April 10th for repairs and cleaning.  Intends to have it open on Good Friday. (Marty asks if the ceiling can be looked at and Gail stated that she will speak to Doug.)  Gail wanted to thank all of those involved in having a Barbershop Quartet serenade her as well.  She really appreciated and enjoyed them.


(PAYABLES APPROVAL):  Priscilla asked Mike Turner about a delivery to ensure that the product was received before payment is made.  Marty requested to hold off on paying for the audit until an official report is received.  Motion by Ken Passage supported by Marv Frayer to pay bills.  Motion by Ken Passage and seconded by Marv Frayer to pay payables as amended.  Motion carried.


SECURITY:  Tom Forman states that things are quiet except for the usual spring problem of dogs running.  Stated that there have been many complaints and that fines will be given to those who continue to let them run.  If dogs run in from outside of the Association, Animal Control will be called.  (Marty Perkins stated that he found the lost dog from elsewhere that was on the poster at the gate and the owner was very grateful.) 



Activities:  Toni Passage resigned as chairperson but intends to remain on the committee.  Stated that they have been working on having a General Store at the bus stop for the weekend of the garage sales in May in order raise money for the July party.  They are accepting any craft or baked items for this.

Entrance:  No report at this time.

EPC:  Chick Witchell and Tina Hayer absent.  Chuck Hastings stated that there was one request for a contiguous lot.

Futures:  Tom Crook absent.  Committee intends to come up with a plan for a nature trail along the common area between Hemlock and Laurel.  They would like to complete this plan in stages beginning this Spring with the removal of deadfall.  The second stage includes the consideration of memorial benches made out of recycled milk jugs along the trail.  The third stage would be planting of shrubs and plants.  They are hoping for some volunteers to assist in this project and are looking for ideas to help this trail stay a walking trail and not a motorized one.

Seedlings:  Tina Hayer absent.  April 8th will be an Easter Egg Hunt and are looking for donations of bags of candy.

Communications:  Terry Obrecht absent.  Stated that everything is going well and that the next meeting will be April 27th at 7:00 p.m.  All articles are due March 15th due to Scott Hayer’s schedule but after that the normal due date of the Friday following the Board meeting will resume.  Newsletter will be put together March 23rd.  Members have requested that all board approved permits such as contiguous lot status, tree removals and so forth, be placed on the website for members to download.  This can be quickly implemented and requested that the board review these documents in order that this can be done.  There was a policy and procedures for assessments posted in the Birch Bark and website in which there is a conflict with a later provision made by the current board and requests that the previous version be removed in order to not mislead members.  (Gail stated that a disclaimer should be made instead of removing it entirely and this is agreed upon)

Conservation:  Mike Turner stated that the buoys and grills have been received.  Also reiterates some discussion from the conservation speaker who came to speak about the emerald ash borer.

Nominating:  Al Isaac stated that he reviewed the Election Committee’s report and recommendations.  He is requesting anyone who would like to be a part of this committee to let him know and that this request should be posted in the March Birch Bark.  Anyone who wishes to run for the Board will have until June 1st, 2006 to decide, but those names that they have by the May edition of the Birch Bark will be posted in both the May and June editions so that there are two opportunities for members to see this.  Requested that those who wish to run write a letter stating their position and intentions and send this to his e-mail so that membership status can be verified and it will then be forwarded to the Birch Bark.

Teller:  Ken Passage stated that he intends to wait until after June 1st to select the Tellers in order to ensure that anyone who may end up on the Board won’t have to be removed from the committee and thus allowing everyone who meets the criteria to be considered.

Campground:  Campground closed.




Joe Romine, #542 thanked everyone for the prayer, flowers and phone calls during and after his surgery and he is doing well.

Sal Scozzari, #1375 suggested that a chipper could be bought or rented for the trail.  Also commend those involved on the shelter for the kids.  He has campaigned for that for years and is happy to finally see it happen.

Marv Sieger, #1114 requested everyone attend the Spaghetti Supper to support the V.F.W. and also purchase the raffle tickets.

Ray Johnson, #507, suggested that the planting for the nature trail be limited to Michigan native plants.  Also stated that Animal Control won’t pursue an animal that will not willingly come to them but suggested that if someone can safely and humanely capture the animal they will pick it up.

Joe Romine, #542 also reminded everyone he is selling tickets.

Todd Graham, #957, asked if there are intentions to have private property markers along the nature trail. (He is told that this is the intention).








Motion to table the audit report for a month.  Motion to table by Marv Frayer and supported by Al Isaac carried.

Drawing for table moved to end of meeting.

Ken Passage stated that both he and Gail worked on the draft for the application for the absentee ballot.  Stated that they have two versions to choose from but that he feels his has a little more information and suggests that this is the one to be used.  Motion to accept the proposed application for absentee ballot by Ken Passage and seconded by Dave Conley carried.  The application will come to the office with attention to the Secretary on it and Carrie Forfinski will review the member’s status.  Dave Conley stated that there should be something on the outside of Birch Bark pointing out that the application is enclosed.

Carrie Forfinski appointed as Assistant Treasurer only in the event of Priscilla’s absence, appointments, back up for meetings and at Priscilla’s discretion.  Ratified by Ken Passage and supported by Dave Conley.  Ratification carried.

Ken Passage requested that everyone needs to be more proactive for what is going to be on the upcoming agendas for the Board Meetings and post it on the website.  This will allow the membership a better opportunity to see it on the website and review the issues that are going to be discussed at the meetings.  Motion to put the tentative agendas on the website by Dave Conley and supported by Dan Holzer.  Motion carried.

Raffle for the table to occur after adjournment.


Motion to adjourn made by Al Isaac and supported by Marv Frayer.  Motion carried.