February 14, 2009 Meeting Minutes



I. Call to Order:

††††††††††† President Steve Bryant called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m.Board members present were President Steve Bryant, 1st Vice President Marty Perkins, 2nd Vice President Brian Kozlowski, Director Al Isaac, Director Sharon Bridges, Director Linda McNeil and Director Brian Heiden. Also in attendance, Elaine Carrasco, Secretary.


Invocation led by Director Isaac.

Pledge of Allegiance led by President Bryant.


II. Additions to Agenda:

††††††††††† (1) Director Kozlowski moves to have the item of supervisor to be taken out of order and to be considered at this time, support by Director Bridges. Motion carried.


††††††††††† (2) Director Perkins moves to go into closed session to interview applicants for the supervisorís position, seconded by Director Heiden. Motion Carried.


††††††††††† (3) Director Bridges motions to amend previous motion by Director Perkins to include reasoning by each Director as to why interviews should by in closed session as opposed to in the open membership meeting. Second by Director Kozlowski.


††††††††††† Roll call to Director Perkins original motion for an executive session results in: Director McNeil aye, Director Bridges nay, Director Perkins aye, Director Kozlowski abstains, Director Heiden aye, Director Isaac abstain, motion carried.


††††††††††† (4) Director Perkins motions to hire Dawn Holzer at the rate of $13.00 for 28 hrs a week as of March 1, 2009 as Supervisor, seconded by Director Heiden. Board vote results: Director McNeil aye, Director Bridges aye, Director Perkins aye, Director Kozlowski abstains, Director Heiden aye, Director Isaac aye, motion carried.


††††††††††† Additions to the agenda: Director Bridges adds financial security, minutes in the Birch Bark.Director Perkins adds to the agenda, campground host. Director Kozlowski adds assessments, the gate and clarity of board action. Director Isaac adds electrical escrow account issue.


††††††††††† (5) Director Perkins motions to approve Januaryís minutes, second by Director Isaac, all in favor, motion carried.


††††††††††† (6) Motion to accept the Treasurerís report by Director Perkins supported by Director McNeil, motion carried.


††††††††††† (7) Payable approval motion by Director McNeil, seconded by Director Perkins. All in favor, motion carried.


††††††††††† Committee reports:

††††††††††† Tammy Mitchell reports on the activities committee.

††††††††††† Ken Passage gives the By-laws committee report.

††††††††††† Dennis Karlson reports for the EPC.

††††††††††† President Bryant reports on security.

††††††††††† Sharon Bridges reports on campground.


††††††††††† Comments from the floor available at the office.


††††††††††† (8) A motion to move $10,000.00 from the development fund into the general checking account for general operational expenses by Director Perkins, seconded by Director McNeil, motion carries.


††††††††††† Electrical Escrow Account Issue is moved to March Agenda as requested by Director Isaac.


††††††††††† (9) Motion to accept the 2009-10 budget proposals by Director Perkins, supported by Director McNeil. Motion to amend Directors Perkins motion to include $1000.00 for gate repairs in the budget.Motion carried.


††††††††††† (10) A motion by Director Perkins to allow the Lincoln Township Fire Dept. to use our clubhouse and our lake for a training session on March 15, 2009, between 10 and 12noon with insurance approval letter, seconded by Director McNeil. Motion Carried.


††††††††††† (11) Director Bridges moves to have all persons signing checks to be bonded at association cost, supported by Director Kozlowski. Vote results: Director McNeil aye, Director Bridges aye, Director Perkins nay, Director Kozlowski aye, Director Heiden nay, Director Bryant aye, motion carried.


††††††††††† (12) A motion by Director Bridges that all persons who are not employees and bonded not be allowed in the office area, behind the desk. Director Kozlowski suggests amending the motion to:volunteers who are not employees or bonded not have access to sensitive documents and financial records, Director Bridges amends her motion. Roll call: Director McNeil nay, Director Bridges aye, Director Perkins nay, Director Kozlowski aye, Director Heiden nay.Motion fails.


††††††††††† (13) Director Kozlowski moves that all minutes of the executive committee sessions be distributed to all board members, supported by Director Bridges.


††††††††††† (14) Director Perkins moves to advertise for a campground host to clean up the campgrounds and bathhouse, in exchange free full hookup camping and which may also include a small salary for other services, supported by Director Heiden.Motion carried.


††††††††††† (15) Director Kozlowski makes a motion that the WBLRA Board of Directors support promote and promulgate the official policy that any Member may elect to pay their assessment on a monthly basis as of March 1, 2009, with such monthly payments amounting to $33.00 per month, supported by Director Bridges, we will not except credit card payments on the monthly plan. Motion carried.


††††††††††† (16) Director Kozlowski moves that anyone paying with a credit card pay the appropriate fees that are charged back to the association for the use of that card, seconded by Director Bridges. Motion Carried.



It was motioned to have the charges to White Birch added to those who pay their Assessments by credit card. Although it is stated in the enclosed minutes, no charge will be added. Due to our Merchants agreement with the card companies, we are not allowed to charge a fee. It will be brought to the next BOD meeting.


††††††††††† (17) Motion from Director Perkins to adjourn, seconded by Director Bridges. Motion carried. Meeting adjourns at 4:10 p.m.


Elaine Carrasco