Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes Of

February 12, 2005




The meeting was called to order by President Marv Richardson.  Present were 1st Vice President Brian Kozlowski, 2nd Vice President Scott Hayer, Directors, Marv Frayer, Al Isaac,  Don Papesh, Marty Perkins, Manager Gail White, Treasurer Priscilla Moore, Secretary Donna Forman.   The meeting opened with a pledge to the flag and a prayer by Brian Kozlowski.



Marv Richardson called for additions to the agenda and stated that he had one to insert, just before the adjournment, the Board would be going into closed session for some legal updates.



Don Papesh moved to approve the January minutes as written.  Seconded by Marv Frayer..  Motion carried unanimously.



The treasurer reported that total income for the month of January was $10404.64, expenses were $37,165.03 and the ending cash balance at January 31, was $122,529.36.  Marv Frayer moved to accept the treasurer’s report.  Seconded by Brian Kozlowski.  Motion carried unanimously to accept the treasurer’s report.



President stated that he did not have anything to report.



Gail White reported that there was no correspondence to report for the month.



Manager reported that there had been a meeting to get neighborhood watch started, security people met with Sgt. Bailey of the Clare County Sheriff’s Dept. just to make sure we go about setting it up right.  The first thing that needs to be done is to notify people, it was decided that the best way to do that would be to send a notice out with the statements in March, so that everyone would be aware that we are doing a neighborhood watch and that those who are interest in participating can respond so we can have a list of interested people, then we can get everyone together for another meeting at which time Sgt. Bailey will come back and help get the program started.  Manager feels that we should have the program up and running by this summer.  She stated that Marilyn Lesperance has already expressed an interest in this area.  On another topic, she stated that the Clinton County Road Commission is putting a grader up for auction on Feb. 20, she just heard about it on Feb. 11.  It is a 1996 and is in excellent condition, Doug Lake is going to be in Lansing on Monday, Feb. 14 and he is going to take a look at it, Marv Frayer stated that he is going along also.  She would like to put in a bid for it and if we get it that would be great.  It was decided that since it will be a sealed bid, that it should be discussed during the closed session.



Brian Kozlowski made a motion to pay the bills.  Seconded by Don Papesh.  Motion carried unanimously.



CAMPGROUND - Gary Cheadle was not available to give a report, but the Manager reported that the campground was so well organized and it had been pretty quiet, there was really nothing to report.

ENTRANCE – Greg Herndon was not available to give a report, the Manager stated that they are holding off on any plans until the new budget goes through.

 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COMMITTEE – Tina Hayer reported that a new residence had been approved on Cedar Ct. lot #198, the owner has applied for a garage, but she did not have the specs for it so the garage has not been approved and the owner is aware of this.  They also approved a new roof and a contiguous lot status for lot #437 & 438.

FUTURES – Matt Lucas filled in for Tom Crook he reported that under association investments one of the topics was the future land purchases by the Association and some strategies were discussed. The property values section, the dark sky program, they would like to resubmit some information in the Birch Bark.  Under the topic of organizational growth, they discussed high speed internet and talked about the possibility of member access at the clubhouse which might make it more convenient for those who don’t have access in their homes.  The communication between the committee and the board was discussed, the question came up as to whether or not there was an active scope of work for the board that once a committee brings an idea up and it is put on a list, is it accepted, rejected, round filed or sent back to the committee for future reference.   

NOMINATING –  Marty Perkins stated that he had talked to a few people who were interested in running, he also emailed a letter to Gail to announce that elections are coming up and that anyone interested needs to submit a letter by June 1, to either himself or the office.  He has a committee together for counting the ballots.  He also mentioned the new term limits as set forth at   last year’s annual meeting.

SEEDLINGS/SAPLINGS – Tina Hayer reported that last month the children made felt pendants                                                                                                            from supplies that were donated by several members.  Today they are having a pizza party and are going to make Valentine cards and cookies and distribute them to some of the members who are unable to get out.

SECURITY – Tom Forman reported that they had been working with Clare County Deputy’s and Detectives on the recent break-ins, the Board of Directors put up a $1,000.00 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person (s) responsible for the break-ins .  The Clare County Review published a front page article about the reward, people started calling with tips which were passed on to the Sheriff’s department.  On Sat. Feb. 5th at approximately 1:00a.m. an apartment in Clare was raided and three suspects were arrested from the tips that had been received, they were actually in possession of some of the stolen goods and confessed to the break-ins.  He has received four subpoenas to appear in court regarding these arrests.  On Sunday Feb. 6th, security was called to Mockingbird Circle with a complaint about someone driving recklessly in a truck and pounding on people’s doors and windows.  We were given a description of the truck and after viewing the tapes at the guardhouse, identified a tow truck removing a truck Sunday morning, after numerous calls to local towing company’s they were able to find out who removed the truck, the tow truck driver said they were called out by Clare County Sheriff’s Dept. to remove the truck from the road and the driver of the truck was taken into custody.  Monday Feb. 7th was a bad day for ice on the roads; there were a few cars and trucks that had slid into the ditches because of the icy conditions.  Doug was out with the grader sanding the roads; he did the best he could considering the circumstances.  There were no serious accidents reported.  Gail said she would like to compliment security for all their efforts and hard work.  There were a lot of hours put in working with the Sheriff’s Dept.  It was kept under wraps very well, giving the deputies a chance to do what they needed to do.  Marv Richardson stated that it was nice to know that some of these people were now out of commission and maybe our property owners could rest a little easier now.


President reminded everyone to state their name and lot # and allow Brian Kozlowski to check the records for membership status.  Marilyn Lesperance, lot #332 provided copies of the old neighborhood watch along with a copy of the residents and what section they are in.  She questioned if we would still be paying security when the neighborhood watch goes into action.  Marv Richardson responded with an affirmative answer.  Mary Grant, lot #647 voiced an interest on the subject of the high speed internet, Al Isaac stated that SBC is going to upgrade to fiber optic for all the phone lines.  Ron Tag, lot #246 commented on the communication sources, referring to the White Birch Bark and the website saying that they are both absolutely useless.  Tom Dorcey, lot #1122 stated that all the minutes are on the website except for the current month, he puts them on himself, he also commented that maybe we could find a developer to buy property and have it become a part of White Birch.  Marv Richardson stated that Bill Ferrell had been doing an outstanding job with the Birch Bark, but due to his wife’s illness he has decided to resign.  Gail White stated that Pat Graham has volunteered to take over in this capacity.  Chuck Hastings, lot #78 stated that from his understanding the Birch Bark and the website are done on a volunteer basis and that members should be more patient.  Pat Graham, lot #1302 volunteered to be one of the people to help trim the “black rot” from the trees, it was stated that this is the time of year to be doing this.  Marilyn Lesperance asked why Doug was not out at 5:00 on Monday morning putting salt and sand out before people had to be out going to work.   Marv Richardson stated that he was not out at that time and was not aware of the condition of the roads.  Tom Forman, lot #495 stated that he talked to Doug that morning and the reason he wasn’t out early was because he was waiting for the rain to subside a little, as hard as it was raining it would just wash the sand away.



A motion was made by Brian Kozlowski to accept the 2005-2006 budget, it was seconded by Marv Frayer.  Motion carried unanimously.



Reward-A motion was made by Brian Kozlowski, seconded by Scott Hayer to support the $1,000.00 reward offered by the Board.  Motion carried unanimously.

Managers Contract-Motion was made by Don Papesh to accept the manager’s contract, seconded by Marv Frayer.  Motion carried unanimously.

Lease agreement with SBC-Motion was made by Marty Perkins, seconded by Brian Kozlowski to enter into agreement with SBC.  Gail White gave a brief explanation of the agreement, a representative from SBC contacted her stating that our phone lines at this point are pretty much used up, any new incoming residents wanting phone lines would present a problem.  SBC is going to upgrade all of the phone lines, they came to us asking for an easement to put their equipment, there is a piece of property by Teal Lake that White Birch owns that will be used for this easement.  Motion carried unanimously.

EPC Forms-There was some discussion and confusion as to the forms, the Board decided to refer them back to the committee and have them consolidate the forms and turn them back in.

CLOSED SESSION-Motion was made by Brian Kozlowski, seconded by Al Isaac to go into closed session for the purpose of discussing legal issues.  Motion carried unanimously.  Closed session began at 10:30a.m.

BACK IN SESSION-Meeting was called back into session at 11:25a.m.  Motion was made by Marty Perkins to have the manager place a bid for the grader with Clinton County, seconded by Marv Frayer.  Scott stated that there is no doubt for the need of a road grader, he just thinks the timing is bad.  Marv Richardson stated that the President will vote on this issue because he wants people to know where he stands.  Motion passed with 5 yes votes and 2 no votes.


Brian Kozlowski made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Al Isaac.  Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 11:30a.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Donna Forman