Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of

February 8, 2003




President Todd Graham called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  Present were 1st Vice President Tom Dorcey, 2nd Vice President Marv Richardson, Directors Bob Adair, Chuck Bailey, Larry Franklin and Scott Hayer.  The meeting opened with a salute to the flag and a prayer.



Marv Richardson moved to approve the January minutes as written.  Seconded by Tom Dorcey.  Motion carried.



For the month of  January 2003 the Treasurer reported income of $8,029.69 and expenses of $36,702.76.  Cash on Hand at January 31, 2003 was $41,456.50.  Marvin Richardson moved to accept the Treasurer's Report.  Seconded by Chuck Bailey.  Motion carried.



President Todd announced that during the transition period without a full time manager the established chain of command is that all questions and concerns will continue to be presented to the White Birch office.  Tim Fall will be in the office for one day a week.  Secretary-Treasurer will handle routine questions and concerns or will turn to the President or Board Members for major concerns.



The President thanked Sal Scozzari, Lot 1375, for his letter outlining his concerns regarding the bylaws.  Also received was a letter from Chick Witchell identifying those lots on which unlicensed vehicles remain.  Parked unlicensed vehicles are a violation of the Restrictions.  Consequently those violators will be receiving letters from the Environmental Protection Committee.



ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COMMITTEE - Ron Tagg, Chairman, reported there had been granted contiguous status for second lots for 3 homeowners and a dog kennel for another member.  A quiet month!!!

FUTURE PLANNING COMMISSION - Having accepted the resignation of Chairman Vonderheid, the President has appointed Merle Harmon, Lot 29, as the new chairman and the next meeting will be scheduled for March 8, 2003 following the board meeting.

ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE - a St. Patrick's Day party is being planned for March 15.  Menu will provide corned beef and cabbage to be cooked by Shirley Brandt, Lot 685 and Shirley Ferrell, Lot 397 and there will be a charge.  There will be no Valentine's party.

CAMPGROUND COMMITTEE - Fred Witchell has requested that all lot owners' boats be required to have lot stickers in order to be able to distinguish non-members fishing in and using White Birch Lakes.  He proposed purchasing signs to be displayed at the lakes stating that all boats must have lot stickers.  He has been looking into purchasing ingress and egress signs at the boundaries of White Birch Lakes property.

SEARCH COMMITTEE - Marv Richardson reported there were 14 people interested in serving on the committee.  There were 4 members-at-large selected from the list to serve.  Those selected were Anne Hobart, Lot 454, Marv Frayer, Lot 682, Don Kuester, Lot 656, and one other who will be contacted this week for confirmation.  Friday night the committee met for the purpose of narrowing down the 108 resumes.  This coming week it is possible that the list may be narrowed down to approximately the 20 best qualified applicants.  It is hoped, contingent upon background checks, that within the next 2 weeks the commission will be able to present the 6 best qualified applicants to the board.




Payables were reviewed.  Bob Adair moved to pay the payables.  Seconded by Chuck Bailey.  Motion carried.



The board is still waiting for bids for the construction of a new manager's addition to the clubhouse.



Marv Frayer, Lot 682, suggested that the board look into acquiring a defibrillator. Lincoln Township Fire Dept will be having a backboard training exercise in the pool on February 17 at 7 PM.  Pool attendants will be observing.

Steve Bryant, Lot 1, questions the board about what has been done about the invasion of non-members at Holiday Lake.  He was advised it would be covered under new business.



Concerning the use of Holiday Lake by non-members, a legal recommendation is to offer those persons associate memberships limited only to the use of Holiday Lake and to charge them a fee as stipulated by the board.  This proposal will protect the Association from adverse possession in future years.  Refusal of an associate membership will open the way to take legal action against illegal trespassers. 


Tom Dorcey moved that we enter into a licensing agreement with the adjacent property owners to protect the Association from adverse possession.  Seconded by Bob Adair.  Motion carried.

Tom Dorcey made a second motion that the licensing fee be equal to the membership fee for regular members.  Seconded by Marv Richardson.  Motion carried with a 4 to 2 vote.

Marv Richardson requested that Fred Witchell bring forward a plan as to placement and purchase of signs at  White Birch boundaries.



Bob Adair made the motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Marv Richardson.  Motion carried.



Respectfully Submitted

Priscilla Moore