Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes of February 10, 2001



Gail White, President, called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  Present were 2nd Vice President Jay Farr, Directors Linda Brabant, Doug Bradley, Don Kuester and Roy Miller and Manager Tim Fall.  Pat Zakalowski was excused.



Linda Brabant moved to accept the January minutes.  Seconded by Jay Farr.  Motion carried.



Treasurer reported income for the month of January of $11,539.59 and operating expenses of $21,434.05.  Cash Balance at January 31, 2001 was $38,178.45.  Doug Bradley moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Seconded by Linda Brabant.  Motion carried.



With correction of amount due AT&T, motion was made by Linda Brabant to approve payment of payables.  Seconded by Jay Farr.  Motion carried.



One letter was received from a lot owner, a copy of which is available in the Manager’s office.



CAMPGROUND COMMITTEE – Jay Farr reported that the committee is continuing discussion of the caretaker vs no caretaker, pavilion and parking spaces.

COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS – Committee is continuing to review and update draft of new Covenants and Restrictions. 

NOMINATING COMMITTEE – Linda Brabant is again requesting names of anyone interested in running for the board.  She may be contacted at (517) 588-3410 or (810) 979-7074.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE – 4 new homes are pending at this time. There are new residents on Lot 688, contiguous lot status has been requested for Lots 534 and 864.  Concerns have been voiced about the size of some accessory buildings which have been built.  The Committee is working with Lincoln Township 0rdinances and found guidelines to address accessory buildings.  Lincoln Township will be enforcing these requirements.

FUTURE PLANNING COMMITTEE – A meeting is scheduled for March 3, 2001 at 10 AM at the clubhouse.



The keypad at the entrance has been replaced in order to reduce key-in errors.  So far no problems with frozen pipes or sewer lines at the campground.  It appears that no major repairs are needed at this time.  The soffit and facia may need to replaced in the near future.  The pavilion can be built without allocating extra funds in the budget.  The pool will be closed for about a week sometime in the next 30 days for acid washing.  Road costs for sand and salt are running higher this year because of weather conditions.  A bid will be going out for the stainless steel sliding salt spreader running at a bid cost of $7,000 to $8,000.  Michigan DOT gave an opinion as to legality of patrols within White Birch stating that it is legal to patrol – their opinion is that tickets can be issued in White Birch.  He is awaiting a tentative ruling from the Attorney General’s office in Lansing re enforcement.  Responses to questionnaires regarding a storage building have been mostly negative until such time as White Birch is debt free.



The President requested that handouts of committee guidelines be reviewed and returned with any comments within the next couple of weeks so they can be finalized.  



Joe Romine, Lot 542, requested clarification of comments concerning new draft of Covenants and Restrictions.  He also discussed formulating some kind of a plan to keep track of videos and items donated to the White Birch clubhouse library.  Many of these borrowed items have never been returned.



February being a quiet month, there is no new business.



Motion to adjourn made by Linda Brabant.  Seconded by Don Kuester.  Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted


Priscilla Moore