January 14, 2006



Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.  All Directors present:  Marty Perkins, Ken Passage, Al Isaac, Scott Hayer, Dave Conley, Marv Frayer, and Dan Holzer.


Pledge and prayer were given.


ADDITIONS TO AGENDA:  Marty Perkins makes additions to agenda of Christmas bonuses and also of the handling of land properties and their sales.  Motion made to approve agenda by Scott Hayer and seconded by Al Isaac.


Motion made by Ken Passage and seconded by Dan Holzer to approve November and December minutes.  Motion passed.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Priscilla Moore states that for the month of December the total income was $14,604.40 and total expenses were $37,869.05 with a cash balance of $137,156.16.  $20,000 was moved from reserves to general account in order to pay bills leaving $52,000 in reserves which may be needed for February bills, therefore only leaving a small balance for the new year.  Clarification of permit cost and refund requested to be resolved when treasurer has opportunity to review records.  Road maintenance of snow removal, salt and fuel discussed.  Fuel listed as “other”.  Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report by Al Isaac and supported by Scott Hayer.  Motion carried.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Letter is available by Marty Perkins.  Marty Perkins states that as a board member he is entrusted to run the association according to the By-Laws and Covenants and Restrictions of which he takes the responsibility very seriously.  He further states that it is his responsibility to look into any questions of financial matters that may affect the membership in order to benefit the association as a whole despite any criticism that may occur.  States that he has and will continue in the future to do his responsibilities with the best of intentions for the association


Al Isaac requests that all members of the board become more unified without any personal attacks.  If there are any personal issues that need to be addressed, these issues should be handled personally.


CORRESPONDENCE:  (Letters available at office) Gail White reads a letter from Lenore Hayer about the workshop meeting held on January 6, 2006.  States that there is a discrepancy about the president’s mention at the meeting about payment on her lot and states that she has evidence of payment from the bank and manager.  Further requests an apology.  Also a letter from Chick Witchell, chairperson of EPC in regards to the association’s assessment fees to campers who leave their units on their property after the deadline.  States that she delayed sending out the letters informing campers due to some circumstances told to her by management.  Was told that the camper who received the letter despite these circumstances was satisfied with why he received the letter after meeting with Gail White.  Copy of letter mailed is attached and can also be found in the office.


MANAGER’S REPORT:  Gail states that the part for the gate arrived and will be installed Tuesday.  The company has agreed to give Doug some troubleshooting information and also some direction as to where he can go for further training to fix the gate in the future.  Gail contacted Doug Jacobson and received fax in regards to an update of contacts for collection and audit work of a non-paying member.  Letter available in office.  Thank you to those who helped with the clearing for the emergency exit.


Motion by Scott Hayer supported by Dave Conley to pay bill bills.  Motion carried.



Security:  Tom Forman states that there was a light post hit at the gate.  On January 3 the empty houses were checked for any problems with no concerns found.  On January 4, there was a B&E on Hemlock.  Sheriff Department was contacted.  Suggests that a reward of $500 be offered to find who is responsible.  Also requests that the neighborhood watch direct any concerns to security who will then contact the Sheriff Department.

Activities:  Toni Passage reminds everyone of the Super Bowl Party and the Chili Cook-Off on February 5.  They are discussing a St. Patrick’s Day Party as well.

Entrance:  Theresa Turner thanks all of those who helped with decorations and states that the next event will be Easter.

EPC:  Tina Hayer states that there was a tree removal, the approval of the emergency exit, and two requests for contiguous lot status.  Survey sent out in Birch Bark and awaiting return of those. Concern about a lot with foundation in place but nothing further for four years.  Committee requests the board to contact David Dreyer for the best way to handle this situation.  Marty Perkins discusses options offered by David Dreyer.  Also the option of a builder who can complete the project is discussed.

Futures:  Tom Crook absent.  Due to his schedule being very busy he requests that the board may want to attempt to find someone to chair this committee who can offer more time.  He states that he is not resigning but will step aside from his chair position once someone else can be found.  As another alternative he suggests that this committee be merged with the Conservation committee.

Seedlings:  Tina Hayer states that the raffle tickets for the cabinet donated by Herb Breen are available in pool attendant area.  Also restates that all of the money will go towards the playground equipment fund. 

Communications:  Terry Obrecht states that the website is in the process of updating. They are beginning to gather all of those that are interested in advertising in the Birch Bark.  Go to “Ask the Board” on the website for any questions concerning the Board Meetings or questions for the board.

Conservation:  Mike Turner states that the next meeting is January 16th.  February 22nd at 7:00 p.m., there will be an informational meeting on forest health for the membership in regards to gypsy moths and emerald ash borer.  Suggests ensuring the campers have enough wood provided to them so that they don’t bring any here. 

Campground:  Campground closed.




Mark Connelly, Lot 277, asks what the procedure is for taking back a lot.

Marv Richardson, Lot 551 states that after Mrs. Obrecht was made chairman there were entries made into her personal website.  Also commented that there were people who did not want paid advertisements in the Birch Bark several years ago.  Mr. Richardson also inquires about who will determine fees, an individual or the board.  Stated that he has received phone calls in regards to the recent audit with concerns about what the period will be that the audit will review (President Perkins answers 2004 and 2005).  Voiced concerns about people looking through deeds of members and that an officer of the board be the one to do this in the future if there are any concerns.

Kathleen Kozlowski, Lot 687, asks that everyone should respect one another and to be more careful about how information is released in order to maintain the respect of those involved.

Tina Hayer, Lot 538, asks what the procedure is of changing a form letter.  Questions whether a letter can be changed after board approval.

Mark Connelly, Lot 277, asks about the “Other” column versus the “Back Assessments”.  Feels the “other” column is not as much of a concern as the amount of back assessments that are owed.  Marty Perkins suggests that the process for obtaining these and property liens will be published so that everyone will know how the procedure works.

Anne Hobart, Lot 454, asks if there is a standard procedure once the lot is taken back and feels everyone should be made aware of this procedure.  Also, compliments Terry for an excellent newsletter.

Phyllis Willoby, Lot 582, asks Dan Holzer why the motion was made to remove Chick Witchell as the EPC Chairperson .  (Dan responds that he felt that she has misrepresented White Birch and the Board)

Tina Hayer, Lot 538, wondered when it was decided to send out the Birch Bark First Class (Mr. Perkins responds that this was decided at the formation of the committee.)

Brian Kozlowski, Lot 687, would like to remind the board that not only does the board represent White Birch but also on a business level.  Therefore, the Board needs to act on a professional manner no matter what intentions a member may have.

Janet Rose, Lot 28, offered White Birch some wood in her yard for the campers.  No one has gotten it yet.

Matt Lucas, Lot 405, comments on bettering the security of White Birch.





Received two bids to fix the pool wall.  These consist of repairing damage underneath, new windows and installing a one foot overhang on north wall.  Discussion to the extent of damage and as to whether the entire wall needs to be replaced or whether it can be repaired without removing it all.  One bid suggests removing entire wall and the other suggests repairing the existing wall.  Motion made by Al Isaac and seconded by Scott Hayer to accept Hershberger bid.  Motion carried.




Motion made by Scott Hayer and seconded by Marv Frayer to table issue of removing Chick Witchell from the EPC until she returns.

Original motion to remove Chick Witchell rescinded by Dan Holzer.

Scott Hayer removes motion to table motion.

Mike Turner, Conservation chairperson, discusses proposed projects.  Would like to educate White Birch in matters of conservation.  Timber Lake beach park needs improvements.  Improvements suggested for beach sand in swim area and for a more defined swimming area with buoys, and rafts.  General maintenance and improvements such as bike racks, replace picnic grills, reduce erosion by grading drive and rock removal.  Also the parking area needs posts to designate the area to park in.  A porta-potty should be placed at Timber and Holiday Lake at least temporarily to determine usage.  These would be cleaned once a week by the people they are rented from.  These would be seasonal and placed and removed by the company as well.  Lakes should have E Coli testing to determine whether the area is safe for swimming.  This should be done once a month.  Garbage cans should be placed where people fish and at the parks in order to prevent the garbage that is always left at these areas. 

Discussion from the floor about the amount of things that get destroyed by members.  Also about the importance of these things that are proposed by Mike.  Further discussion about the stairs and improvements to accessibility.  The beach sanding will be the only item that requires a DEQ permit.  Discussion of the cost and budget.  Motion made to accept proposal as a master plan for Timber Lake by Scott Hayer and seconded by Dave Conley.  Motion failed.  Motion made by Dan Holzer and seconded by Ken Passage to accept the proposal as a package as it is listed by Mr. Turner with an adjustment to the proposed budget of $4,500.00.  Motion carried.


Motion made by Scott Hayer and seconded by Marv Frayer to maintain current assessments.  Motion carried.


Motion to approve 2006-2007 budget by Scott Hayer and seconded by Marv Frayer.


Marty Perkins entertains a motion to have a public meeting for the budget.


Scott Hayer withdraws his motion to accept the budget and also the motion to maintain current assessments as this cannot be made until the budget is passed.


Motion for public hearing for the budget made by Ken Passage and seconded by Dave Conley.

Meeting to be held on January 31st at 7:00.  Motion carried.


Ratification of Christmas bonuses to employees.  Ratification carried.


Marty Perkins reads the procedure of the By-Laws for the handling of property liens and sales.  Discussion as to the past practice of the handling of these properties.  Mr. Perkins suggests that any property transactions that come to the office should come in front of the board.  Motion made by to appoint Gail as executer in signing properties after bringing it in front of the board.  Seconded by Marv Frayer.  Motion carried.  Priscilla asks what properties these will entail.  Marty Perkins explains that this won’t change those circumstances in which a policy exists such as liens but rather that the board be informed of any decisions regarding all other property transactions.


Suggestion to set fees for classified ads at $15.00 a month for a business card size ad.  Motion to accept this suggestion for fees by Ken Passage and seconded by Dave Conley.  Motion carried.  Discussion that this may need to be adjusted at a later time accordingly.


Motion to adjourn made by Al Isaac and supported by Dave Conley.  Motion carried.