Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes Of

January 8, 2005




The meeting was called to order by President Marv Richardson.  Present were 1st Vice President Brian Kozlowski, 2nd Vice President Scott Hayer, Directors, Marv Frayer, Al Isaac,  Don Papesh, Marty Perkins, Manager Gail White, Treasurer Priscilla Moore, Secretary Donna Forman.   The meeting opened with a pledge to the flag and a prayer by Brian Kozlowski.  Birthday wishes were sung to Manager Gail White.



Marv Richardson called for additions to the agenda and there were no additions.



Brian Kozlowski moved to approve the December minutes as written.  Seconded by Don Papesh..  Motion carried unanimously.



The treasurer reported that total income for the month of December was $13,552.79, expenses were $38,837.68 and the ending cash balance at December 31, was $148,638.74.  Marv Frayer moved to accept the treasurers report.  Seconded by Al Isaac.  Motion carried unanimously to accept the treasurer’s report.



President stated that he did not have anything to report.



Gail White reported that the only correspondence for December were Christmas cards which were displayed at the clubhouse.



Manager reported that Sat. January 15 would be the public hearing for the budget.  The bus stop facility would be ready for use on Monday January 10, the reason it was delayed a week was because the heater they installed was not what we wanted, so they are switching it out at their cost because it wasn’t what we had decided.  Everything in the building is on a timer so there will be no concern with switches and the children playing with them.   Security is scheduled to be there for the first couple of days just to make sure everything runs smoothly.  There is to be a ribbon cutting ceremony after the Board meeting to honor the volunteers that helped with the building and completion of this project.



Don Papesh made a motion to pay the bills.  Seconded by Scott Hayer.  Motion carried unanimously.



ACTIVITIES – Manager stated that there is a person who may volunteer for the vacated position of chairperson.

CAMPGROUND - Gary Cheadle reported that the campground is buttoned up for the winter, electricity is turned off and the pipes are drained it will remain shut down until April 1st.  If anyone wants to camp they just need to call ahead and the electricity will be turned on for that specific area only.

ENTRANCE – Greg Herndon reported that the committee is basically done for the winter months, the bus structure is complete but there is still finish work to be done, staining on the exterior and interior, trim work and some landscaping and ground work.  There are some projects in the planning stages for 2005, one of the projects discussed is maybe replacing the gatehouse subject to the Board’s approval and the funding availability.  The committee has an extended plan of things they would like to do over the next five years.  He brought drawings showing some of  the plans put together by the committee for anyone interested in seeing them.

 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COMMITTEE – There was no report in Chick Witchell’s absence, Gail stated that Tina Hayer will be filling in as chairperson while Chick is away.  There was no EPC meeting this week.

FUTURES – Gail stated that Tom Crook had called and told her that he had to work today, but he did want everyone to know that Feb. 8th is the next meeting.

NOMINATING –  Marty Perkins stated there was nothing to report.

SEEDLINGS/SAPLINGS – Joe Romine and Tina Hayer were both absent,  Scott Hayer reported that they are having their usual meeting after the Board meeting.

SECURITY – In Fred Witchell’s absence, Tom Forman reported that there had been 4 homes broken into, there was very little taken, all the owners were part time residents, he asked that if you observe anything unusual at your neighbors, please call security so they can check it out.  Security did check on all homes that do not have full time residents after New Year’s.  He reported that we do have about 4inches of ice on the lakes.  Security would like to remind all dog owners that your dogs cannot be left to run loose, there has been at least one dog every year that has had to be taken out of the lakes.


President reminded everyone to state their name and lot # and allow Brian Kozlowski to check the records for membership status.  Marilyn Lesperance, lot #332 on the income statement, $96,000 is budgeted for executive payroll, who does that pay? Manager Gail White answered that this pays the Manager, Doug Lake-maintenance and Priscilla Moore.  She also questioned why do we pay someone to be at the bus stop in the morning when there are volunteers.  Marv Richardson commented that the problem with volunteers is that sometimes they do not show up. Pat Graham, lot #1302 followed up to Tom Forman’s comment about dogs, she stated that there are 3 big dogs around her property every morning.  Tom stated that he would check into it.  Matt Lucas, lot #405 stated that he had written an article on the dark skies program; at the Board’s request, and had not seen it published in the Birch Bark.  He was assured by Gail that it did in fact appear in that month’s publication, she told him that she would pull it for him to look at.  He also commented that at the last board meeting it was mentioned that the plans for the entrance were in the office, Gail stated that what was said at that meeting was that the committee was working on a master plan and the Board had asked Greg to bring them in for anyone interested to look at.  He also stated that there is “black-rot/black-knot” pervasion through White Birch on many small shrubs and softer trees.  It will eventually kill the plant that it is on.  He stated that this is the time of year to take care of it by snipping the branches the growth is on and burning them.  Brian Kozlowski suggested that because of Matt’s knowledge, it would be a good idea to have a visual display of these type of things for people to come and look at.  Ann Hobart, lot #454 stated that there used to be a telephone tree where members could notify others of things taking place, Gail said it was discontinued because of misuse.  She also stated that at the last board meeting we were told that the Farwell School Superintendent would be at this board meeting, what happened?  Marv Frayer said that he was still trying to schedule him for a meeting, something else had come up this week and that is why he was unavailable.



A reminder that Sat. January 15 at 9:00 a.m. is the budget hearing.



No new business to discuss.




Don Papesh made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Al Isaac.  Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 9:50a.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Donna Forman